Culver Officials Explore Funding Options for Cavalier Sports Park Trail

Culver Town Council members were informed about a plan to potentially remove that the alternates listed for the Cavalier Sports Park project when they met last Thursday.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said that when the bids were being considered, the cost of non-construction expenses was unintentionally left out which resulted in a shortfall of about $48,000 in the project budget.

In order to help make up the difference, Leist recommended utilizing about $20,000 of unspent Community Foundation funds and then dropping the two alternates; the installation of an entry sign and a walking trail around the park.

Councilman Bill Cleavenger asked what it would cost to keep the trail on as a part of the project. Leist noted that the estimated price for the ADA accessible gravel trail that they intended to install would be about $15,365.

Cleavenger asked if any money from the Culver Redevelopment Commission would be available for that portion of the project.

Initial Design Plan for Cavalier Sports Park project

Councilman Rich West, who also serves on the CRC noted that he can’t speak on behalf of the entire Commission but felt it was a reasonable request to bring before them at their next meeting in September.

Town Manager Leist noted that in order to keep the trail on as a part of the project, the contractor would need to be informed as soon as possible so he asked for a decision to be made during the council meeting.

After some more discussion, Council President Ginny Bess Munroe sorted out the details that were presented and provided an example motion that would fit the desired outcome.

She explained, “So the motion would be that the Town Council would approve of still doing the trail alternate as a part of the contract and that it would be paid for by the Town Council in the event that the CRC does not support it financially.”

A motion to that effect was made and received unanimous council approval.