Top Priority Safety Projects Identified by Hoosier Schools Funded Through SSSG

All Indiana schools that applied for funds through the Secured School Safety Grant program were recently notified that all eligible items listed as top priority requests have been fully funded.

Looking at the $19 million in grant funds that have been provided by the Indiana Secured School Board combined with the matching funds that the schools have committed, more than $35 million will be invested in school safety this year in Indiana.

Locally, the Knox Community School Corporation received a total of $16,560, North Judson-San Pierre Schools were awarded $24,537, Culver Community Schools were awarded $25,000 and the Oregon-Davis School Corporation received $39,035.

Altogether, 429 Hoosier schools will be able to improve safety measures thanks to this grant offered through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Governor Eric Holcomb commented that he is proud this critical grant program can meet the top safety needs of school districts across the state. He added that this is the latest evolution of how our state partners with local schools to address the topic of school safety to help parents, students and staff feel safe and secure each day.