Winamac Town Council Approves Multi-Phase Purchase of Dump Truck

The Winamac Town Council approved the purchase of a new dump truck at the recommendation of Water and Street Superintendent Jeremy Beckner when members met Monday night.

However, rather than buying the vehicle all at once, it will be paid for in two separate phases.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger explained that there is a certain amount of money that’s currently available in the budget that can be utilized to purchase the chassis, which is essentially the frame of the truck.

Berger stated that the remainder of the purchase would have to wait until 2020. That second phase is where the bed, saltbox, and snowplow would be added.

Council members motioned to approve the multi-phased purchase of the dump truck, contingent upon the company accepting the fact that the second payment wouldn’t be made until next year.

Superintendent Beckner mentioned that there’s a chance to cost of the equipment could increase between now and 2020 noting that it would depend on when the items are ordered. He said if that’s the case, he’ll bring in new quotes to be considered at that time.