Culver Town Council Tables Decision to Remain in Opioid Litigation

Town of Culver officials recently received word that they are in a class action notice in a multi-district litigation against opioid distributors and manufacturers. 

Town Attorney Jim Clevenger explained to the Culver Town Council members that the county joined a multi-district litigation a while back as there was an increase in opioid deaths in recent years.  The claim was that the defendants made opioids too readily available not knowing the addictive traits and the danger of overdose. 

Current activity has shown that there is liability on the action of the opioid manufacturers and distributors and the Town of Culver could benefit from that. 

Clevenger stressed that the town doesn’t stand to make a big profit on this outcome, but funds could be used toward education and treatment to those affected by opioid abuse identified by the Marshall County Health Department.

Clevenger received paperwork last week that the town could sign if the council members voted to opt out of the lawsuit.  He recommended that the town stay in the lawsuit. 

The council tabled a decision as two council members were not in attendance to provide input in the matter.  The deadline to reach a decision is Nov. 22.