Knox Director of Building and Code Compliance Addresses Culver Road Property

Knox Director of Building and Code Compliance Kenny Pfost recently discussed a property located at 504 E. Culver Road with Board of Works members.

Director Pfost said he’s been coordinating with the property owner’s son since he is the power of attorney for the owner who currently resides in a nursing home.

He explained the property was initially cited as unsafe and noted that work is being done to bring it into compliance.

Pfost said there were some pieces of equipment and piles of wood on the side of the house that have been removed and stated that a boat that was sitting in an unacceptable area has been moved to a permissible spot in the back driveway along McGill Street.  

He added that it’s also apparent efforts have been made to clean up the front of the house and the porch.

Pfost indicated that while the progress made so far looks good, he will continue to monitor the property to ensure that they maintain what has already been done and continue moving forward to keep it in compliance.