North Judson Town Council Approves Constellation of Starke Inter-Local Agreement

North Judson officials took another look at the Constellation of Starke Inter-Local Agreement when members Monday night.

Developing an agreement that outlines how the various municipalities that make up the Constellation of Starke will function as a cohesive unit is a requirement of the Regional Stellar Communities Designation Program.

It provides a guideline for how things will be handled internally moving forward.

North Judson Town Council members were presented with the agreement at their first meeting of the month but waited to act on it until Town Attorney Justin Schramm had a chance to assess it.

Schramm noted that he didn’t see anything wrong with the document stated that as long as Town officials are good with committing to their local match, it seemed like it was ready for approval.

Back in September, the council passed a resolution stating that if the Stellar designation is received, the Town would be willing to provide a local match of up to $361,600.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe indicated that the document is essentially a commitment to continue with the Stellar process.

He explained, “This is pretty much based around designation and carrying out our regional development plan.”

The NJ Town Council provided unanimous approval. The Knox City Council, Hamlet Town Council and Starke County Commissioners all approved this agreement during meetings earlier this month.

Now that everyone has signed on, the document can be submitted to Stellar program officials for review.