Night and Day Difference at Locust Drive Property Noted During Knox BOW Meeting

Knox Director of Building and Code Compliance Kenny Pfost addressed progress made at a property on Locust Drive during the most recent Board of Works meeting.

Pfost stated that there is a night and day difference at the property. He said major improvements have been made, noting that that excess vehicles were removed and other violations have been addressed.

Pfost added that they got rid of trailers that were on the property and said that even though that wasn’t a part of the initial order, it has reportedly improved the appearance.

He said all that remains is some organization and then the property will be brought into compliance. Director Pfost asked to give the owner about two more weeks to complete the work and then recommended that the Board of Works waive the $900 in penalty fees once it’s done.

The owner was in attendance and asked what still needs to be done and Pfost said he could meet him at the property to go over it.

The owner reported that that he’s unable to walk around his yard because of a medical problem and his grandmother stated that he is under a doctor’s care due to the stress caused by this situation.

She said Pfost could coordinate with her about the remaining issues and they exchanged contact information.

Mayor Dennis Estok noted that if the property is brought into compliance, members will officially consider waiving the fees at the next Board of Works meeting. He said that since only a few things remain, he expects that they’ll be able to do that.