North Judson Town Council Approves Health Insurance Contract for 2020

During both of their meetings in November, North Judson Town Council members reviewed health insurance information.

The Town’s insurance broker John Howard from the Wealth Care Group told members at their first meeting of the month that their existing plan with Anthem would no longer be available but the company offered a proposed plan in place of that.

The same type of coverage was offered in the proposed plan but it also included an increase to the deductible which would go from $700 to $1,000.

Howard stated that he reviewed other plans and found that sticking with Anthem was the most economical option that would have the least amount of impact while keeping the same coverage.

Health insurance document

He explained, “That proposed plan right there, even though it is a 12 percent increase is actually cheaper than the alternatives from United Health Care even at their best coverage. It was about $380 cheaper.”  

Howard mentioned that employees will still be able to visit doctors inside or outside of the network. He also highlighted the fact that there was no cost increase to certain components of the employee benefit structure such as the short-term and long-term disability, vision and life insurance coverage.  

When members met for their final meeting of the month, they cast a unanimous vote to accept the proposed plan from Anthem.