NJ Officials Consider Using Community Crossings Funds for Roadwork Expected to Follow Sewer Separation Project

North Judson Town Council members were recently informed about a way they could obtain some additional funding and move some money around with during the ongoing Wastewater Treatment Plant and Combined Sewer Overflow project.

Fleis and VandenBrink Senior Project Manager Mitch Hansel told council members that as it stands, they have money budgeted from their utility project grant to cover roadway patching after the sewer separation work is complete.

However, in order to have the option to allocate those funds to other expenses associated with the Wastewater project, Hansel recommended applying for a Community Crossings Matching Grant to cover 75 percent of the cost of the roadwork. The town would subsequently be responsible for a 25 percent match.

Hansel mentioned that instead of just patching, they could bid the project out to have the roads repaved as well.

Town Utility Superintendent Joe Leszek said that the roads where construction work is ongoing, Franklin and Main Streets, are in need of repairs beyond patching.

He noted that the only reason they didn’t incorporate them into the last Community Crossings request is because they knew they would be torn up for the sewer project.

Hansel added that contractors will already be in Town for some other work and he would see if they could arrange for those projects to be tackled at the same time.

Hansel intends to bring an associated fiduciary letter and design contract to the Council’s next meeting on Monday, February 3rd. The application for the next round of Community Crossings Grants is Friday, February 7th