Oregon-Davis to Utilize Two ELearning Days Due to Student, Staff Illness

Students from the Oregon-Davis School Corporation will be utilizing eLearning Days on Thursday, Feb. 13 and Friday, Feb. 14 due to the high number of illness experienced by students and staff members.

Superintendent Dr. Don Harman said action will be taken by the custodial staff during the time the schools are empty.

“We’re going to thoroughly clean our buildings.  We’re hoping that the buildings will be able to lay dormant.  They will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant.  More importantly it will allow our staff and students to get rest,” commented Dr. Harman. 

With an additional planned day of closure on Monday, Feb. 17 already set in the school calendar, administrators hope that staff members and students have adequate time to overcome illnesses they are experiencing. 

Dr. Harman added that it’s been difficult finding substitute teachers to fill in due to sickness.  Bus drivers have not been immune to illness either as corporation officials have been calling in substitute bus drivers to fill in on routes.