Starke County Commissioners Agree to Employee Health Incentive Program

Employees of Starke County government may see some incentives if they respond positively to a wellbeing program.

Auditor Rachel Oesterreich told the county commissioners this week that Cigna gave the county $10,000 for incentives in order to help employees to live a healthier lifestyle.  She proposed participating with CHC Wellbeing to help to accomplish that. 

She said the program would be free to employees who partake in the county health insurance and a $95 cost to those who do not have the county’s insurance.  However, the county would pay for those sign-up costs for those interested 15 employees who don’t have the county’s insurance out of the insurance line item in the budget.

She said about 50 employees are interested in a walking platform within the program where walking challenges could spur in different departments.  The county could spend the $10,000 from Cigna to buy prizes that include Fitbits, gift cards, TVs, or other items.  The cost would be $15.40 per employee which would be paid for by the commissioners. 

The commissioners agreed that the program would be beneficial and approved a motion to participate with CHC with the walking platform as an additional program.  The total payment would be about $2,200 out of the insurance line item in the budget.