Starke County Commissioners Adopt Two Ordinances

The Starke County Commissioners adopted an ordinance and amended another last week.

The ordinance deals with the registration of sex or violent offenders in Starke County.  It states that the annual fee for sex or violent offenders registering in Starke County shall be $50.00.  The ordinance also allows the county to charge a $5.00 fee each time a sex or violent offender registers a change of address with the Starke County Sheriff’s Department.  Ninety percent of the fees will be placed into the Starke County Sex and Violent Offender Administration fund and 10 percent will be transferred to the State of Indiana per Indiana code. 

The second ordinance concerns the alarm ordinance.  It would require all residents with alarm systems to register with the county.  An amendment to the original alarm ordinance would result in a written notice given to a first-time false alarm call, a warning letter on the second occurrence, a $50.00 fine for three to four calls to a false alarm, and $100 for each additional occurrence. 

Any fines collected can be deposited in the Sheriff’s Retirement Fund. 

The commissioners suspended the rules and approved the ordinances on additional readings for adoption. 

Before the fines can be assessed, both ordinances will need to be published.