West Central School Board Discusses New CDL Requirements

The West Central School Board members considered an amendment to the corporation’s policy concerning CDL testing.

Superintendent Dan Zylstra said information needs to be reported on a national level on CDL drivers in safety sensitive positions.

“We need to submit information to this clearinghouse which is a national database,” said Zystra.  “If one of our drivers is in an accident or found to fail a drug test, then that goes into this database and you van verify that throughout the country.”

In addition, Zylstra said testing requirements will also change.

“They also increased the testing requirements where now you have to randomly test 50 percent of your drivers per year.”

Zylstra said that will increase costs for the school corporation for drug testing for that mandate. 

The school board acknowledged the first reading of the policy as presented.  The adoption of the policy will be considered during the next board meeting in March.