Governor Holcomb Plans to Keep Restaurants Closed for In-Person Dining

Indiana restaurants will officially be limited to carry-out and delivery for another week, although residents are already being asked to stay at home anyway. Governor Eric Holcomb had closed the state’s restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to in-person patrons until the end of March.

On Monday, he announced that he plans to issue another executive order to extend that to bring it in line with his more recent stay-at-home order. It runs at least through April 6.

State health officials don’t expect the number of COVID-19 cases to peak until mid-to-late April or later. During Monday’s press conference, Governor Holcomb said the stay-at-home order, which he’s been calling “hunker down Hoosiers,” could be extended, but he hasn’t made any final decisions. “We’ll adjust to the facts on the ground in the State of Indiana on a day-in, day-out basis, weekly basis,” Holcomb said.

Picking up food is considered an essential activity under the current order.