Indiana Department of Correction Plans to Overhaul COVID-19 Website

The Indiana Department of Correction is promising to be transparent when it comes to COVID-19 cases in its facilities. Its website lists how many offenders have tested positive at each facility but not the total number of tests taken, while other states like Ohio have more detailed breakdowns.

During state officials’ COVID-19 press conference Wednesday, IDOC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kristen Dauss said the department is in the process of updating its website. “We have looked at the information Ohio has put out and are using a very similar format to get information out to all Hoosiers,” she said.

The Westville Correctional Facility has seen the biggest COVID-19 outbreak in the IDOC with 128 offenders testing positive. That’s more than half of the total number of cases in the state’s prison system. Dauss said the department is having daily phone calls with area hospital, EMS, and government officials.