Hamlet Reschedules Town-Wide Yard Sale, Continues Waiving Utility Bill Penalties

Hamlet’s town-wide yard sale has been pushed back by a couple weeks due to COVID-19. The town council agreed Wednesday to move the event to June 5 and 6. The hope is that there should be less restriction on events and gatherings by then.

While Governor Holcomb’s Back on Track Indiana plan doesn’t specifically address garage sales, neighboring Marshall County plans to start allowing them on May 24.

During state officials’ COVID-19 press conference Friday, State Health Commissioner Dr. Kris Box said she hadn’t previously considered the issue. “If you do go to garage sales or if you have one, please wear a mask,” she said. “Please have lots of hand sanitizer out and available for people. Please wash your hands frequently, and make sure that people social distance.”

Box said she didn’t think people over the age of 65 or those with other risk factors should have garage sales. Holcomb said he might add more guidance to future versions of his Back on Track plan.

In other business Wednesday, the Hamlet Town Council voted to continue waiving utility bill penalties during the month of May.