Updates on Economic Projects Given to Starke County Government


A report given by the Starke County Economic Development Foundation updated the Starke County Council members and Starke County Commissioners on a few projects.

The sale of the Stelrema building on U.S. 35 north of Knox that would become a manufacturing home to the Gary Poppins Gourmet Popcorn company is not yet finalized. According to SCEDF officials, the contract is still on the table, but both sides have not agreed to sign to the terms.

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ADA/Title VI Implementation Plan Presented to Starke County Commissioners


Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler presented a plan to the Starke County Commissioners this week on updating some ADA requirements in terms of communication.

Ritzler commented that the American Disabilities Act forms on the website are outdated and he’s been in touch with the IT Director to work on getting those forms changed and add some required elements to the website.

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Starke County Council Discusses Ambulance Finances

Starke County EMS officials approached the Starke County Council members Monday night to request a transfer of funds to cover ambulance repair costs.

Starke County EMS Director Travis Clary informed the board that an inactive rotation roster for primary and backup ambulances as led to a large amount of breakdowns recently. The costs for repairs have gotten to the point that funds have gone into the red with constant work being done.

There are five ambulances on the fleet: three primary and two backup.

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Culver Redevelopment Commission Discussed Theater Proposals

The Culver Redevelopment Commission members discussed a proposal from SRKM Architects during their meeting Monday afternoon.

The proposal outlined several actions the company could do to help the commission reach a decision about how to proceed with the theater. A structural assessment would be included along with a business plan, a chance to set up a public hearing to gather comments on potential uses for the building, marketing plan, preliminary budget, and more. The cost would be $8,530.

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Child, Dog Owner Bitten in Dog Attack

A Knox boy was injured Thursday evening after being attacked by a dog at the Jellystone Campground in Plymouth.

After an investigation, Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies say the boy went to a neighbor’s lot when the dog bit him. The 10-year-old was transported to the hospital for the injuries he sustained in the incident. The owner of dog was also bitten when he attempted to assist in the attack, according to police. The owner refused medical assistance.

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Three Arrested on Drug Charges in La Porte

An in-depth investigation by the La Porte County Drug Task Force resulted in the arrest of three people on charges of dealing cocaine.

Police say 34-year-old Carl K. Adkins, 44-year-old Stephanie Berg and 24-year-old Brandon Zachary were arrested on arrest warrants after investigating a resident complaint about suspicious activity at 214 Ohio Street in La Porte. Those warrants were executed Monday morning where officers were able to collect evidence, according to a press release.

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La Porte County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Inmate Death


A 35-year-old woman was found unresponsive in her cell in the La Porte County Jail on Saturday night.

Police say that around 10 p.m. CT a jail supervisor was conducting routine cell checks and inmate counts when Andrea Roberts was found inside her cell and not responding to the officer. The jail supervisor attempted resuscitation efforts. Roberts was transported to the La Porte Hospital where she was pronounced dead a half hour later, according to police.

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Starke County Council, Commissioners to Meet Tonight


Newly installed Starke County EMS Director Travis Clary will be before the Starke County Council tonight to discuss a transfer request and an amendment to the 2017 salary ordinance. Starke County Coroner Dannie Hoffer will present an update on autopsy fees, the annual Starke County Economic Development Foundation monthly report will be given as well as an appropriation for SCILL and the council members will set a date for the county budget workshop.

The Starke County Council will meet at 5:30 p.m. CT.

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Culver Redevelopment Commission to Consider Movie Theater Proposals

The Culver Redevelopment Commission’s meeting this evening will include discussions surrounding the possible purchase of the movie theater.

The town council last week voted to present the redevelopment commission members proposals for the theater from the Troyer Group and SRKM that include plans for a public meeting to gather comments on the uses for the theater, a preliminary project budget for outlaying the capital costs for repairs on the building, a structural engineering assessment of the building, and a basic outline for a business plan with annual expenses versus revenue expenses for whatever concept may occupy the building.

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Lake Maxinkuckee Amphitheater Plans Moving Forward

Now that most of the funds for the Lake Maxinkuckee Amphitheater have been gathered, officials can move forward with making the plan a reality.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the town council last week that the plans for the construction phase of the project will be presented this week. Construction may begin in October of this year and be complete in April of 2018.

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Knox School Board to Consider Superintendent Recommendation

The Knox Community School Board will consider a recommendation for a new superintendent when they meet tonight.

The board held a public hearing on the superintendent’s contract last week where only one comment was received concerning the lack of the action of a rollover with the contract. The board will also approve that contract tonight during their regularly scheduled meeting.

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Starke County Sheriff’s Department Investigating Accident


Deputies from the Starke County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a single vehicle accident on Toto Road and 300 East. The incident happened Friday night.

Officials told WKVI News that one person was transported to the hospital.  No other details are available at this time. More information will be released when it becomes available.

Culver Community School Corporation Releases Registration Information

The administration and staff members at the Culver Community School Corporation are ready to welcome students for the 2017-2018 school year.

Registration for students in kindergarten through 12th grade is Tuesday, July 18 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Wednesday, July 19 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET at the Middle/High School Media Center. Parents may pre-register online now by using the Harmony account. An application for free and reduced-price lunches may be completed during online registration, although paper applications will be available during registration. Income verification is required. For more information, call the corporation at (574) 842-3364.

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La Porte Police Investigating Distribution of Counterfeit Bills

The La Porte City Police Department is investigating the distribution of counterfeit $100 bills at local businesses on Thursday.

The first incident happened at Marco’s Pizza where a woman reportedly paid for her order with a $100 bill. A press release notes that after further examination, the employee thought that the bill might be fake. La Porte Police confirmed that the bill was indeed counterfeit.

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Culver-Union Township Fire Department Searching for Firefighters

Culver-Union Township Fire Chief Terry Wakefield told the Culver Town Council this week that he is searching for yet another firefighter. He received another resignation this month.

This is the third time he’s notified the council of the need for firefighters. His first plea to accept applications came in March when his department was down to 18 firefighters. There are only 15 on the roster at this time. He said previously that the department used to see around 23 to 25 firefighters on staff. Continue reading

Culver Lake Fest Begins Today

The annual Culver Lake Fest celebration begins today with events beginning at 4 p.m. ET at the Culver Town Park.

This year’s Grand Marshal of the parade is Elisabeth Davis. She will be 100 this year and she continues to work in the office at Culver Military Academy. She’s been working there since 1936. Yes, Elisabeth Davis has been employed one of Culver’s largest employers for 81 years. According to an article dedicated to Mrs. Davis’ rich history in in the Culver Lake Fest guide, Jeff Kenney writes that she attended school in Culver and took typing and shorthand which helped her gain employment at Culver Military Academy.

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Culver Town Officials to Strictly Enforce Smoking Ban at Culver Beach


The Culver Town Council members addressed the issue of smoking at the Culver Town Park and beach when they met Tuesday night.

Park Superintendent Anna Campbell said the ban is difficult to enforce. She does mention to violators that smoking is prohibited, but the authority is not always met with compliance. She noted that there are several posted signs that warn residents that smoking is prohibited at the Culver Town Park and beach. A call will be made to police officers if residents are not complying with the ordinance or if there are threatening circumstances. But for those smokers out, if you´re facing a drug test, you can find Whizzinator for sale here.

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Three Arrested for Dealing Heroin

A traffic stop in Knox on Tuesday morning resulted in the arrest of three Knox residents for allegedly dealing heroin.

Knox City Police officers performed the stop at the Marathon gas station at Lake Street and U.S. 35. Police say during the traffic stop they witnessed James R. Landrum, Jr., 29, attempt to hide items underneath the back seat as he was exiting the vehicle.

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