Culver Town Council Agrees to Join HGAC to Purchase Equipment

The Culver Town Council members are moving ahead to join HGAC to get the best prices on equipment. 

The council members voted in favor of a motion to allow Council President Ginny Bess Munroe to sign the papers with the purchasing consortium.  The Culver-Union Township Fire Department is interested in a bid through Rosenbauer, a Minnesota company, for an aerial fire truck. 

HGAC gathers bids from all over the country and then all state and municipal governments can agree to be a part of the consortium to get a state bid on equipment. 

A bid for an aerial fire truck has not been approved at this point.  Fire Chief Terry Wakefield said donations for the truck are still coming in which are appreciated.  The Historical Society will be doing a program on the fire department this summer and it could be an opportunity to help gather funds for the new fire truck. 

Culver Beach Lodge Construction Plans Complete

The construction plans for the Culver Beach Lodge are now complete.  The project is ready to go to bid, according to Town Manager Jonathan Leist.

“They’re posted online for any interested bidders,” commented Leist.  “The bid opening is scheduled for March 28.  Anyone interested must submit a bid by 10:30 a.m. on the 28th.  Steve Park is our architect on that and has some concern about trying to attract multiple bidders to it.  It’s kind of a project that’s in the middle zone where it’s too small for the larger contractors, but kind of too bid for some of the smaller, local ones.”

The bids will be taken under advisement at the March 28 bid opening meeting to be discussed further at the April 9 Culver Town Council meeting.

Leist said the Culver Beach Lodge project is part of the Stellar Communities Designation program plans that were approved for the Town of Culver with funding from the state.

The Culver Beach Lodge will undergo a major renovation with new plumbing, restroom fixtures, and electrical updates.  The main floor will also under go a major facelift with an addition on the street side to allow for a new staircase and elevator.    

The project is anticipated to begin this spring with plans to work around the summer schedule at the Culver Town Park with completion in the fall.