Culver Park Department to Adjust Hours of Operation

Hours of operation at the Culver Beach Lodge will change this summer.

Park Superintendent Anna Campbell Nowalk told the Culver Town Council last week that people want to get out on Lake Maxinkuckee in the morning when the water is calm. The extra activities with additional rentals plus activity with the sailing group left the staff struggling to keep up with visitors first thing in the morning.

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Starke County Council Tables Payment to U.S. 30 Coalition

The Starke County Council members want more information about what will be offered to Starke County in the proposed U.S. 30 freeway project before they pay $10,000 toward consultation fees for coalition efforts.

Councilman Dave Pearman asked Larry Wickert from the Starke County Economic Development Foundation about the payment as it was requested. The funds would come out of the commissioner’s County Economic Development Income Tax Fund. Wickert explained that six out of the seven counties involved in the proposed U.S. 30 project pay into the coalition. La Porte County is the only county that doesn’t pay. Wickert believes that U.S. 30 would stay rural in La Porte County and not see an impact. The county has the toll road for a focus.

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Culver Town Council to Research Use of Bank Building

A task force will come together to research the possibility of utilizing space inside the First Farmers Bank and Trust building on Main Street in Culver.

The Culver Town Council members, along with officials from the Culver Redevelopment Commission, Marshall County Economic Development Corporation and Utility Superintendent Bob Porter previously toured the building and thought there may be a benefit to using the space.

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Bids for Housing Development Project to be Opened in March

The Culver Town Council members will open bids for the Sand Hill Farms workforce housing development project in March.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist explained to the council members last week that Engineer Mark Sullivan will have design plans ready for bidders on Wednesday, Feb. 28. A notice will be published so bidders have time to get them in by the deadline.

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Culver Town Council Discusses Interlocal Agreement

The Culver Town Council members reviewed an interlocal agreement between the town, Marshall County and Marshall County Building Commissioner Chuck DeWitt.

It was the same document presented to the county commissioners last week for approval. Town Manager Jonathan Leist explained then that the agreement allows DeWitt to assist Culver with needs during county business hours on an annual basis. The fee was increased to $3,000 to bring it in line with the same services to the Town of Argos.

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Three OCRA-Funded Projects in Culver Reviewed for Application Submission Today

Three projects that will be funded with grant money from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs recently were reviewed by Culver Stellar Community members and Shannon McLeod from Priority Project Resources last week. Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the town council members this week that the overview of the applications for those projects are due today that include plans for the Culver Beach Lodge, Cavalier Park and Lake Max programming. The applications will undergo state and environmental review and historical preservation aspects.

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Starke County Closing in on Zero Deficient Bridges

The Starke County Highway Department is working toward a goal of having zero deficient bridges in the county.

The effort has shown as there are only two that remain on the list. Referring to the Phase 2A report that pertains to bridge inspections, Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler told the county commissioners they are mindful of a couple of areas to make sure they don’t worsen too quickly.

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Kankakee Valley REMC, Jasper County REMC Looking into Consolidation

Kankakee Valley REMC’s headquarters located in Wanatah, Indiana

Two neighboring not-for-profit electric cooperatives are looking to join forces to benefit cooperative memberships, the employees and the communities they serve.

Kankakee Valley REMC and Jasper County REMC have worked successfully together for a number of years and the boards of directors are conducting a thorough financial evaluation before coming to a possible agreement, according to REMC officials.

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Culver Town Council to Meet Tonight

The Culver Town Council will meet tonight where council members are expected to open bids for the Damore Amphitheater. Amphitheater plans call for a covered stage and four rows of tiered grass seating with concrete retaining walls to be constructed in the Culver Town Park. Additional open seating areas would be available around the stage and under trees. The project was the recipient of a crowdfunding grant as well as grant funds from the Marshall County Community Foundation and state grant funding.

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Starke County EMS Trying New Dispatch Program, Researching Grants

The Starke County EMS staff is trying out a new program that acts as a live radio streaming device, according to EMS Director Travis Clary.

“Basically, this turns your smartphone or any other thing into a live radio streaming device,” said Clary. “It’s great for off-duty members, especially with a size like ours with mainly part-time people. They can hear the call live. It’s pretty neat and again it’s just a trial thing. We’re just seeing how it works with our IT Department.”

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Starke County Commissioners Discuss Appointments, SCEDF Contract

The Starke County Commissioners are attempting to complete their appointments for the year.

At the last meeting, the commissioners appointed Todd Leinbach to the Board of Zoning Appeals, but he doesn’t reside in the proper jurisdiction. He actually lives in the incorporated town of Hamlet and the person appointed must live in an unincorporated area of the county. The commissioners voted to rescind his appointment. Instead, Leinbach was appointed to an opening on the P.E.T.A.B.O.A. Board.  Continue reading