Winamac Town Marshall Mark Hoffman Addresses Recent Projects at the Department

Winamac Town Marshal Mark Hoffman has been quite busy since he took over for Mike Buchanan, whose retirement officially went into effect on July 1st.

Hoffman has been shadowing Buchanan over the last few months since his retirement was announced in February. Marshal Hoffman told town council members on Monday that there were a few projects that he wanted to get taken care of that have been completed. Continue reading

Knox City Council to Hold Public Hearing Over Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Tonight

The Knox City Council members will hold a public hearing over a project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant when they meet tonight.

Members are also expected to consider three resolutions. One resolution has to deal with wastewater system improvement bonds and another would authorize application submission and local match commitment in regards to a WDW application. Continue reading

NJ Town Superintendent Tracks Down Semi-Driver Who Bent Street Sign

North Judson Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann told council members on Monday that a semi-driver who mowed down a sign in town was found.

Horstmann explained that with the help of Justin Davis, he was told who was responsible for bending the sign at the corner of Lane and Sycamore Streets. The man was located and he provided Horstmann with a check to have the sign replaced. Continue reading

Winamac Park Board Considers Potential Art Project at the Park

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Winamac Park Board members considered a request for a potential art project at the park when they met on Thursday.

Park Board member Brad Zellers said that a woman came into the Town Manager’s office, asking if a group of students would be permitted to paint the animal spring-riders at the park.

The board members immediately mentioned that those rides will be taken out when the park improvements are tackled in the future. Continue reading

Knox Board of Works Receives Update About Pearl Street Structure

Top: 6 N. Pearl as of Thursday, July 15th Bottom: Structure Design with Renovations

A progress report on a Pearl Street property was provided when Knox Board of Works members met last Wednesday.

Neighborhood Development Project Manager Rosie Levya provided the update and handed out the schematics of what is planned for the disheveled structure that stands at 6 N. Pearl Street. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Approves Updated Fee Schedule Ordinance

An ordinance updating the Town of North Judson’s schedule of fees was brought before the council members for consideration Monday night.

The fee schedule was originally adjusted to include a gas-line inspection fee of $50, at the request of Building Inspector Jeff Abrams. Some additional changes were made to the document after Town Superintendent Marshall Horstman noted that the fees for the utility crew haven’t seen an update for many years. Continue reading

Knox City Council Considers Economic Revitalization Area Request from JW Hicks

Knox City Council members held a public hearing and considered a resolution related to the designation of an Economic Revitalization Area in the Industrial Park when they met last Tuesday.

The request came from JW Hicks, Inc, as an expansion project unfolds at their Knox location. Founder James W. Hicks discussed the anticipated cost for the project. Continue reading

Lease Agreement Between the Town of North Judson and Fourway Computer Products to be Amended

North Judson Town Attorney Justin Schramm asked for some language to be added to a lease agreement between the Town and Fourway Computer Products during Monday night’s town council meeting.

At a previous meeting, the President of the company, Roland Houin, asked the council to consider upgrading the existing equipment installed on the town’s water tower next to Norwayne Field and removing any redundant or unutilized electronics to make better use of the space. Continue reading

Upgrades Needed at Pacific Lift Station Brought to the Attention of Knox Board of Works

Knox Wastewater Superintendent Kelly Clemons informed Board of Works members last Wednesday that an integral lift station that services much of the Industrial Park needs some upgrades.

The superintendent explained, “Our Pacific lift station, we want to rebuild the valve box in that. While we’re doing this we want to add a bypass so if the pumps go down, the power goes down or something happens we can get that water moved down the line.” Continue reading

Knox Mayor Reports Pearl Street Paving Has to Wait Until Aging Pipes Are Replaced

Paving on Pearl Street that was originally listed as one of the Community Crossings Grant projects for the City of Knox will have to wait.

Mayor Dennis Estok told city council members last Tuesday that the brick road on Pearl Street that was originally supposed to be paved cannot be included in this year’s grant application due to some older pipes that are underneath the road. Continue reading