Winamac Town Council Seeking Member for Planning Commission

Winamac Town Council members voted unanimously to appoint JoLynn Johnston to the open Winamac Economic Development Committee seat when they met Monday night.

Additionally, members discussed the open democratic seat that’s still available on the Winamac Planning Commission.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger mentioned that the position is not limited to those who live within the town limits, all Pulaski County residents are eligible to apply. Continue reading

Financial Update Provided During Knox City Council Meeting

The Knox City Council received a financial update from Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston this week.

On Tuesday night, Houston informed the council that the City of Knox is in pretty good financial shape since they had more money at the end of 2017 than they started with at the beginning of the year.

Later, Houston explained that at the start of 2017, the city had around $3,994,645 and it ended the year with $4,146,321. That’s a net gain of $151,676 or a 3.8 percent increase. Continue reading

Winamac Clerk-Treasurer Inquires about Updating Code of Ordinances Book

Winamac Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger proposed updating the town’s ordinance book during the town council meeting Monday night.

Berger explained that American Legal Publishing is the company that takes care of updating their code of ordinances book. She informed the council members that the last update cost around $3,000 and took place back in July of 2016.

Since about 18 months has passed, she asked council members if they’d like to update the book again. Continue reading

Knox Citizen Voices Concern Over Heavy Trucks on Henry Drive

A member of the public voiced her concern about large trucks traveling on Henry Drive during the citizen’s comments portion of Tuesday night’s Knox City Council Meeting.

The resident said she understands that there are certain larger city vehicles that must come down that way, but she feels heavier semis that frequent the street are contributing to a road issue.

The resident of Henry Drive stated, “I noticed there is a huge crack that’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger from the big trucks going down. And I know that the garbage truck has to go down the street but there are big semis and delivery trucks, so why can’t they go on 8?” Continue reading

Knox City Council Approves Fire Truck Purchase

The Knox City Council members voted unanimously to move forward with the purchase of a pumper truck for the Knox-Center Township Fire Department.

With the motion, members also permitted city officials to communicate with Umbaugh about obtaining a bond for the purchase of the fire truck. Mayor Dennis Estok said that Shawn Cain from KIRPC informed him that no grants are available at this time, so financing for this purchase will come the bond. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Members Schedule Interview Date to Fill Town Marshal Position

At Monday night’s Winamac Town Council meeting Town Marshal Mike Buchanan announced his resignation to council members.

He said the resignation will go into effect on July 1st. The council thanked him for his years of service to the community and commended him for the great work he’s done as the head of the Winamac Police Department.

Marshal Buchanan didn’t have any suggestions for his replacement but he did recommend adding Reserve Officer Alec Berger to the full-time force to replace whoever takes over as town marshal. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Approves Quote for Renovation Work Needed at the Utilities Complex

On Monday, Winamac Town Manager Brad Zellers informed town council members of some renovation work that must be done at the Utilities Complex.

The electric department is now utilizing the space in that building that used to be the police station. So far they’ve done some in-house work such as painting, organizing and taking care of smaller details.

Zellers explained that there are some issues with the garage on the east side of the building that will require them to seek outside assistance. Continue reading

North Judson Police Department Plans Future Events

The North Judson Town Council members heard some future event suggestions from Town Marshal Kelly Fisher during their meeting last week.

Fisher said they’re considering a “Canine Mud Run” as a potential summertime fundraiser. She said it would be like any other mud run but they would invite individuals to bring their dogs along.

She said the police department plans to team up with the park board to have community-centered events every month. Continue reading

Looking for FAFSA Assistance? Don’t Miss College Goal Sunday at Plymouth High School

College-bound students looking for financial assistance will need to fill out a FAFSA and unfortunately, many people find the process time consuming or confusing.

However, there’s no need to stress, as free financial aid assistance is just a few weeks away with College Goal Sunday.

At 2 p.m. ET on February 25th financial aid professionals will be volunteering at 40 sites across the state, assisting Hoosier students with filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This year’s nearest College Goal Sunday site is Plymouth High School. Continue reading

NJ Town Marshal Updates Town Council on Department Renovations

Renovations to the North Judson Police Department are underway. The town council members recently approved Town Marshall Kelly Fisher’s request to convert the conference room into a training area.

At Monday night’s town council meeting, Marshal Fisher informed members that two old radiators were recently removed with the help of the utility department.  Continue reading

Watch Level Travel Advisory in Effect in Starke County

The Starke County Emergency Management Agency announced that Watch Travel Level advisory has been issued for Starke County roadways due to potentially dangerous conditions.

Starke County EMA Director J. Nier provided a release stating that all county roads maintained by the Starke County Highway Department could be snow or ice covered and hazardous winds may cause significant whiteout conditions and drifting. Continue reading