Culver “BEAR” Program Aims to Identify Needs and Develop Solutions for Local Businesses

Providing support to local businesses is a priority in Culver. Town Manager Jonathan Leist made a statement earlier this month, explaining that Culver is dedicated to planning projects that will help the community grow and improve the quality of life in the area. He went on to say that officials are now turning their focus to another important part of the community, small businesses.

In order to show their dedication to helping local business owners, the Town of Culver is teaming up with the Culver Main Street Corporation as well as the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation to launch the Culver Business Expansion and Retention (CBEAR) program. Continue reading

The Deadline to Sign Up for the Knox 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program is Coming Up Soon

With the weather improving many people may be looking to spruce up the area around their house or business. Luckily for citizens of Knox, there is still about one week to get involved in the city’s 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement program.

Mayor Dennis Estok issued a reminder about the upcoming deadline at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Estok explained, “The 50/50 program for residents and commercial, the due date for that is coming up pretty fast so if anybody is going to enter it, they have to come up and get the application and have it in by May 4th to be a part of that program.” Continue reading

Knox City Council Moves Forward with Bond Process Required for Fire Truck Purchase

Steps were taken by Knox City Council members this week to finalize financial arrangements related to a pumper truck that will be purchased for the Knox-Center Township Fire Department.

An appropriation hearing was held and two ordinances were considered on final readings when members met on Tuesday.

These steps were necessary so that when officials are ready to make a payment for the truck, the General Obligation bonds that are being used to finance the purchase will be sold and then the money can be appropriated to pay the fire truck company. Continue reading

NJ Town Council Considers Request from Local Independent Filmmaker Seeking Facility for Indoor Scenes

A local independent filmmaker came before the North Judson Town Council last Monday, seeking permission to utilize a building in town for an upcoming movie he plans to make. Jacob Dessauer told council members that he is seeking a facility to utilize where he can construct disposable sets for indoor scenes.

“I’m filming an independent movie around North Judson and my property out in English Lake.” He went on, “I was wondering if the Town owned or knew of any spaces roughly 18×12 foot with a 9-foot ceiling just as a minimum that they would be able to donate or loan for a certain period of time.” Continue reading

Starke County COAD Addresses Inconsistencies with Communication Systems Utilized by Emergency Personnel

When Starke County COAD met for the first time Tuesday night, a question from one of the county’s amateur radio operators prompted a discussion about the communication systems utilized by the county’s emergency personnel.

Hamlet Fire Chief and Starke County Council President Brad Hazelton explained that some emergency personnel, such as the Sherriff’s Department, use radios that run on the 800 megahertz spectrum while others, like the fire departments, utilize very high frequency, or VHF technology. Hazelton said, “We can talk to EMS, because they’re VHF and 800 but the police are only 800 and we’re only VHF.” Continue reading

Knox Mayor Reschedules City Council Meetings for the Month of May

Knox City Council meetings for the month of May had to be rescheduled so Mayor Dennis Estok filled council members in on the changes when they met Tuesday night.

Typically, Knox officials hold their city council meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. However, in May, the meetings will be held on the second and fourth Thursday which will be May 10th and May 24th. Continue reading

North Judson Brush Pick-Up Begins Today, Fire Hydrant Flushing to Occur in May

North Judson Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann addressed a few important dates that residents should keep in mind in the coming weeks at last Monday’s town council meeting.

In response to a citizen question, he stated that the town utility department will start brush pick-up on Thursday, April 26th. Horstmann said they won’t be able to accomplish it all in one sweep, so additional brush pick-up will need to take place after today. Continue reading

Starke County EMA Director Holds First Community Organization Active in Disaster Meeting

Starke County Emergency Management Agency Director J. Nier hosted a meeting with community members who interested in participating in a group focused on local disaster preparation and response efforts.

Church representatives, members of the medical community and concerned citizens were among the individuals who attended the first Community Organizations Active in Disaster or COAD meeting on Tuesday night.

Director Nier explained that Starke County COAD was actually established a while ago. However, she said when she took the position in October of last year, the group had been inactive for some time. During the flooding event in February, she realized that there were certain needs that were being unmet so she’s attempting to revive the organization. Continue reading

Knox Mayor Alerts Council Members and Residents of Ongoing Work Downtown

Knox residents are being asked to remain patient as Reith Riley crews conduct sidewalk reconstruction as well as roadwork in the downtown area.

During Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Mayor Dennis Estok informed members and meeting attendees that ‘no parking signs’ have been placed in various spots around town and they will be moved to other areas as work continues. Continue reading

Date and Fee Established for Annual Town Wide Garage Sale in North Judson

Requests pertaining to the date and permit fee for the North Judson town-wide yard sale were brought before the town council during their meeting last Monday.

Billing Clerk Jennifer Vanek asked council members if the annual sale could be held on the first Saturday in August, which will be the 4th. She also requested that the yard sale permit fee, which typically costs $10, be reduced to $5 for the event. Continue reading

KHS Life Skills Class is Hosting Their 2nd Annual Color Run Fund Raiser This Saturday

The Knox High School Life Skills Class is hosting their 2nd annual Color Run this Saturday and there’s still time to sign-up!

The Color Run is an untimed 3-mile fun run for all ages and fitness abilities. Along the route, runners pass through vibrant “color zones” where powered-dye if playfully thrown at the participants. The course will end with a “finish fest” that will feature a DJ, door prizes and a cook-out hosted by the National Guard.

Event organizer Tiffany Hoar, said they’re already expecting two times more participants than last year! As the teacher for the Life Skills class at Knox High school, she works with students who have mild and moderate cognitive disabilities. Continue reading

Community Group Aimed at Preparing for Future Natural Disasters Meets This Evening

Community members aimed at addressing needs during a natural disaster will be meeting this evening to establish some guidelines for emergency events.

The Starke County Community Organizations Active in Disaster group will be looking at future needs and reviewing some things that may have been overlooked during the most recent mass emergency when we experienced major flooding in February.

Emergency Management Agency Director J. Nier, Starke County Council President Brad Hazelton and other officials will be obtaining and delivering information about where individuals can be adequately housed during a disaster, potential donation locations and establishing the chain of command for certain issues. Continue reading

North Judson-San Pierre School Board to Consider General Obligation Bond

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin recently informed school board members that the school’s existing debt is about to drop significantly in 2019. First covered during their work session on April 4th, Zupin reviewed the matter during last Tuesday’s school board meeting.

She said in order to maintain the school’s current rate, additional debt has to be taken on.

She explained, “The debt service fund is for annual debt obligations and really is helpful for schools because it’s a way for us to maintain our school facilities, buy some equipment and make sure that we have what our students need.” Continue reading

Knox City Council Meets Tonight

An appropriation hearing will be held over the 2018 General Obligation Bond issue when Knox City Council members meet tonight at 7 p.m.

Additionally, members will consider two ordinances on second and final reading. One ordinance is to authorize the sale of the general obligation bond for the fire truck and the other will approve the appropriation of the bond. Continue reading

Downtown Additions Discussed During North Judson Town Council Meeting

Picture Source: Town of North Judson FB Page

North Judson Town Council members considered the purchase of 30 new banners from OTES Signs and Graphics when they met last Monday.

Councilman James Young explained that the town already has the mounting brackets and hardware needed to hang them, so they would just need to buy the banners themselves. He said the price for all 30 banners came to $960, which breaks down to $32 per banner.

He added that the look of the new banners would be consistent with existing signage, “With a design that would look similar to what we have coming into town, it just says ‘Welcome to North Judson’, something bright and colorful.” Continue reading

Reminder That Work Will Start Today on US 35 Railroad Crossing in Knox

Motorists are reminded that work will begin today on the US 35 railroad crossing in Knox. The Mayor’s Office recently issued a press release to alert residents that Norfolk Southern will be closing the crossing for repairs and maintenance.

This closure will be in effect beginning today, Monday, April 23rd at 8 a.m. Depending on weather conditions, the crossing is anticipated to re-open on Thursday, May 3rd at 5 p.m. Continue reading

North Judson Book of Codes and Ordinances to Undergo Reviews

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe and Code Enforcement Officer Joe Leszek plan to go over the town’s book of ordinances soon to check for any necessary revisions or amendments.

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe said that the last time ordinances were put together was in 2007, so the codes are overdue for some review. Aside from retracting any outdated or unneeded codes and updating existing ones, Leszek said there also needs to be something added that implements consequences for repeat offenders or people who fail to comply after a warning has been issued.

The Code Enforcement Officers explained, “We write somebody a ticket, that person doesn’t pay the ticket and they don’t take care of the violation or they do the pay the ticket but they still don’t take care of the violation, so where do we escalate from there? Is there a fee? First offense is $50 and the second offense goes up to whatever amount Marshal Fisher or the board finds appropriate.”

Continue reading

Researchers Provide Findings From Opioid Study at Healthcare Foundation of La Porte Presentation

Three researchers from the Center for Health Policy at Indiana University’s Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health presented their findings from the La Porte County Opioid Study at the Purdue Northwest Westville campus on Thursday.

Among the researchers was Policy Analyst Harold Kooreman who discussed the staggering statistics that were gathered while working on the study. He shared the most recent snapshot of what the opioid crisis looks like in America. Continue reading

Culver Police Department Participated in Increased Impaired and Dangerous Driving Patrols in March

In March of 2017, the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day had the highest number of crashes involving impaired drivers.

Last year, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration purchased more than 1,755 portable breath tests for Indiana law-enforcement agencies and an additional 836 devices are being purchased this year. Continue reading