Culver Superintendent Shares Plans to Tackle Jr/Sr High Cafeteria Project

When the Culver Community School Board met last week, Superintendent Karen Shuman shared a few updates about a remodeling project that will be tackled in the near future.

All three elements of the project; lighting, furnishing and flooring, would be focused in the cafeteria at the Junior/Senior High School building. According to Principal Brett Berndt, certain elements of the cafeteria date back nearly 50 years. During a previous school board meeting he mentioned how the floors have not been renovated since they were installed in 1968. Continue reading

WorkOne Kids’ Coat Drive Distribution Scheduled to Start Today

WorkOne is working hard this holiday season to show their continuous commitment to our communities.

Aside from the educational and occupational assistance they provide year round, during the month of November, the Knox and Winamac locations have been hosting kids’ coat drives to collect winter apparel to help local children in need this time of year.

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North Judson-San Pierre Schools Partner with Cheryl Lyn Welter Family Charitable Foundation

North Judson-San Pierre is the latest school to form a partnership with the Cheryl Lyn Welter Family Charitable Foundation. Harold Welter provided the NJSP School Board with an informative presentation when they met Tuesday night.

Welter explained to board members that the foundation was established in memory of his daughter Cheryl who passed away in an automobile accident her senior year. He provided a bit of background, saying she was a major people person and had been accepted into Purdue University’s School of Child and Family Counseling.

He said Cheryl’s love of helping others and interest in children inspired him to focus the foundation’s mission on helping students at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

Another reason they decided to go with this kind of assistance is because Harold saw a lack of available resources that allowed teachers to apply for immediate assistance. The fund was created as a way to keep teachers from having to pay out of pocket for various things like school supplies, field trip fees and other little items that can really add up after awhile. Continue reading

After Months of Deliberation, North Judson Town Council Adopts Animal Ordinance

A matter that has been addressed vehemently in multiple North Judson Town Council meetings over the past five months has been settled, with the Ordinance for the Housing and Maintenance of Animals in the Town of North Judson receiving its final reading at Monday evening’s meeting.

The ordinance was approved on the third reading and adopted with a 3 to 1 vote with Council members Jane-Ellen Felchuck, John Rowe and James Young voting in favor and Council President Wendy Hoppe opposing.

Sarah Burkett, the citizen who obtained more than 300 resident signatures in favor of substituting or amending the ordinance that was in place, asked when the newly adopted ordinance would go into effect. Continue reading

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Provides School Board With a Few Project Updates

At last night’s North Judson-San Pierre School Board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin provided board members with a brief update about a current project that is nearing completion and another project that will be addressed in the near future.

First, she alerted board members that the pool repairs are nearly complete. Employees with the company Buddenbaum & Moore Commercial Pool Services have finished replacing the faulty main drain boxes and pipes have been set. She said this week they are re-tiling. Once all the tile is laid, the curing period will take approximately one month. Continue reading

Culver Community Schools Benefit from the Season of Giving

Culver Community School Board members approved multiple donations when they met earlier this week.

A large donation that was up for board approval was from a local family who provided $10,000 to the band program this year and promised to donate $5,000 annually for the next three years.

Superintendent Karen Shuman stated that much of the donation money from this year will be used to purchase instruments and band chairs but some funds could potentially go toward redesigning the band room as well. Continue reading

Knox City Council Receives Estimate for Community Center Flooring Renovations

The Knox City Council members received a few updates about the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center renovation project when they met last week.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston informed council members that work on the roof is complete and the satellite was reinstalled. Mayor Dennis Estok went onto say they received the estimate for the flooring work that will be tackled in the near future. Continue reading

Earl Beem Jr. Sentenced to Two Amended Counts Following Guilty Pleas in Starke Circuit Court

On Monday, November 20th 35-year-old Earl Beem, Jr. appeared in Starke Circuit Court where he pleaded guilty to two counts; Amended Count I: Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in Methamphetamine and Amended Count II: Conspiracy to Commit Trafficking with an Inmate.

The individuals who were also in court for the case were the defendant’s attorney Nathan Pearson, Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Mary Ryan, Honorable Judge Kim Hall, as well as the Deputy Sheriff and the Court Reporter. According to a plea and sentencing order provided by Court Reporter Delainah Hewlett, prior to the defendant’s plea, The Court discussed the specifics of the plea agreement and the defendant’s rights. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Approves Recommendation for Fourth Full-Time Officer

Chief Deputy Frank Thomas, Police Chief Kelly Fisher, James Dulin & Officer Rico Simpson (photo provided by Peggy Bohac)

Town Marshal Kelly Fisher recommended appointing James Dulin to the open position at the North Judson Police Department during last night’s North Judson Town Council meeting.

According to Fisher, the hiring process included a physical agility test that was structured after academy exit standards, a written exam and point-based interviews conducted by a seven person panel.

The panel included all three full-time officers with the NJ PD, a retired resident with past law-enforcement experience, a former Chief Deputy, a current officer with the Starke County Sheriff’s Department and Councilman John Rowe as the town council’s liaison. Continue reading

Winamac’s Love Your Community Project Almost Finished for the Season

Work on the downtown restroom facility near the Winamac Parkway is almost done for the season.

The Town of Winamac received $10,000 through the Pulaski County Community Foundation ‘Love Your Community Place-making Grant.’ They decided to spend the money constructing public bathrooms in the area, with hopes of bringing more community events to the area in the future. Continue reading

North Judson-San Pierre School Board Meets Tonight For Work Session and Regular Meeting

The North Judson-San Pierre School Board will receive a Capital Project update from a representative with the architecture firm Fanning Howey when they meet tonight.

Harold Welter will attend the meeting and provide a presentation about the Cheryl Lyn Welter Family Charitable Foundation. Board members must also act on a donation from Church of the Heartland. Continue reading

Starke Pulaski Habitat for Humanity Thanks the City of Knox


At a Knox City Council meeting last Tuesday, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston told members that Starke Pulaski Habitat for Humanity sent in a letter thanking the city for their help on the McIntire home that was recently being constructed in Knox.

“We waived the water and sewer taps and the building permits and gave them a variance on the lot size,” Houston said, “so they wanted to thank everybody and they said it was a hand-up not a hand-out.”

The City of Knox wasn’t the only one to help with the construction of the new house. A variety of volunteers from all over have given countless hours to help complete the structure. Continue reading

Knox City Council Talks Plans to Alleviate Side Walk Obstruction Issues

The topic of vehicles obstructing sidewalks has been discussed during council items at a few Knox City Council meetings recently.

In past meetings council members discussed the possibility of creating an ordinance to prohibit parking on sidewalks. At their meeting last Tuesday, Council Member Jeff Berg presented everyone with an existing ordinance that addresses side walk obstruction. Continue reading

Winamac Police Station Project Nears Completion

At the Winamac Town Council meeting last Monday it was revealed that the renovations to the new police station are nearly complete.

Employees with various departments have been working hard to complete aspects of the project that relate to their various positions. Town Manager Brad Zellers reported that since town employees were utilized for much of the work, they were able to save around $70,000 on the project. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Meets Tonight

The North Judson Town Council will receive a presentation from Larry Wickert, Board President of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, when they meet tonight.

The council members will revisit their discussion of town employee health insurance renewal.At their last meeting, their insurance broker John Howard presented them with a packet that they agreed to review and further discuss at tonight’s meeting.

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Starke County Community Foundation Holiday Open House

The Starke County Community Foundation is holding a holiday open house on November 28th in conjunction with Giving Tuesday.

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is celebrated annually as Giving Tuesday. It follows the popular shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is held as a way to kick off the charitable season. The initiative is meant to inspire individuals to give back locally.

Next Tuesday, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. come down to the Starke County Community Foundation office facility located in the former North Judson-San Pierre middle school office suite at 950 Campbell Drive. You can enjoy some holiday treats and learn about this year’s impact. Continue reading

North Judson Police Department Finds Fourth Full-Time Officer

The North Judson Police Department has been in the process of finding an additional officer to complete their force.

Back in September, North Judson Town Marshal Kelly Fisher told Town Council members that her department was searching for a fourth full-time officer.

For the time being, the full-time positions are filled by Fisher and Officer Frank Thomas and Officer Rico Simpson. She stated that she was proud of the work done by everyone in the department, but the addition of another full-time officer would help everything fall into place. Continue reading

Amendments to Salary Ordinance Considered by Winamac Town Council

Amendments to the Winamac salary ordinance were considered on first reading when the Winamac Town Council met on Monday night.

Town Attorney Justin Schramm explained to council members that the first proposed change deals specifically with the salary of the parks and recreation department secretary.

He stated, “It changes the parks and recreation secretary from $30 a meeting to $1,000 payable the first pay period of December.” Continue reading

Knox Peppermint Parade Application Deadline Extended

The Knox Peppermint Parade is right around the corner and residents wanting to be a part of it have received a bit more time to sign up.

Originally, the deadline to register was set for Wednesday, November 22nd. However, in a Knox City Council meeting, Mayor Dennis Estok said so far they’ve only received a little over ten entries. He said he wants to provide some additional time for individuals who may be waiting to sign up until they know what the weather will be like the day of the parade. Continue reading

Winter Weather Preparedness Week Vehicle Tips

Today is the final day of Winter Weather Preparedness Week.

Readiness extends beyond being safe in your own home so the Indiana Department of Homeland Security has a few helpful vehicle tips to keep in mind as road conditions become more dangerous with incoming inclement weather.

First, be sure to have vehicles looked over by a mechanic before the cold weather hits. The mechanic should check the brakes, heater, defroster, tires, windshield wipers and any other parts they may be susceptible to issues in the winter-time. Continue reading