Culver School Board Members Hold Work Session to Discuss Strategic Plan

Culver School Board members held a 2-hour work session prior to their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday night.

Superintendent Karen Shuman stated that the work session was to go over policies and to discuss a strategic plan for the school corporation. “We’ve just started looking at creating the goals and objectives and then creating action steps.” Continue reading

Knox Planning Commission to Hold Public Hearing Over Zoning Request

Knox Planning Commission members voted to hold a public hearing over a requested zoning change when they met Tuesday night.

When discussing potential zoning changes, Tim Miller, the owner of Royal Star Builders, addressed the board members. He said he’s interested in having a property that he purchased at 409 Pacific Avenue rezoned from residential to commercial. Continue reading

Indiana State Police Investigate Death of Starke County Jail Inmate

Around 3 a.m. on Saturday, February 2nd, the Indiana State Police was called to Starke Hospital in Knox to conduct an investigation into the death of an inmate.

According to the initial investigation by ISP Detective Brian Kubiak, during processing into the Starke County Jail, 41-year-old Steven Richie, of North Judson, reportedly removed a clear plastic baggie from his pants pocket, containing an unknown white chalky substance, and allegedly put it into his mouth. Continue reading

Knox Board of Public Works Approves Recommendation for New Patrolman

Knox Board of Works members approved a recommendation from Police Chief Harold Smith during a special meeting Monday morning.

Chief Smith’s recommendation pertained to hiring Seth Johnson as a patrolman for the police department. He explained that out the 30 applications that were issued, 9 were returned. Out of the 9 that came back, the list was narrowed down to 4 finalists. However, none of the final 4 passed background checks.

Since none of the applicants were suitable, Chief Smith suggested adding former Starke County Sheriff’s Department officer Seth Johnson to the force. Continue reading

North Judson Residents Wish Officer Beishuizen and K9 Gunner a Happy Retirement

Scott Beishuizen and Gunner
Photo Credit: NJ Town Photographer Peggy Bohac

At Monday night’s North Judson Town Council meeting, members of the community and the council wished Reserve Officer Scott Beishuizen and his K-9 Gunner farewell.

Town Marshal Kelly Fisher presented the team with a plaque and thanked them both for their service with the department and their commitment to the community. The town council shook hands with Officer Beishuizen and he issued a statement expressing his gratitude. Continue reading

Today is Safer Internet Day in the USA

Nowadays, internet usage is so common and some may not realize the dangers that could be lurking behind the screen. Today is recognized as Safer Internet Day.

According to organization representatives, the initiative aims to create an internet environment that empowers everyone to use technology responsibly, respectfully critically and creatively. It is geared toward children and young people as well as parents, caregivers and educators to make the most of out the internet’s potential to bring people together.

On Safer Internet Day, consider some of these tips from Indiana’s Attorney General’s Office.  Continue reading

Stellar Communities Designation Program Widens Scope to Encourage Regional Collaboration

Once geared toward individual towns and cities, the Stellar Community Designation Program will now be asking communities to come together to propose regional development plans.

The Stellar Community program, which is offered through the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, will now focus on encouraging towns, cities and counties to form partnerships to develop comprehensive solutions to regional and local challenges throughout rural Indiana.

“We believe that it is extremely important that communities work together and that we utilize and combine resources.” Continue reading

North Judson Town Council to Hold Public Hearing Tonight

North Judson Town Council members will hold a public hearing regarding the KIRPC water project during their regularly scheduled meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m.

In a past meeting, Town Superintendent Marshal Horstmann stated that needed improvements include rehabilitating four wells and bringing both water towers back up to OSHA standards with internal and external painting, repairs and sandblasting. Continue reading

Indiana State Police Report That Multiple Car Pileups on I-85/94 Were a Result of White-Out Conditions

On Sunday, whiteout conditions contributed to numerous crashes, including a 17 car pileup at the 7.2-mile marker and a 13 car pileup at the 6.2-mile marker of eastbound I-80/94.

Indiana State Police report that the road closure at the 7.2-mile marker involved 4 separate crashes with 17 vehicles. Many vehicles were relocated to a truck stop on Burr Street where the crash reports were taken in order to get the roadway open sooner.

The incident at the 6.2 mile marker involved 13 cars that were involved in 7 individual crashes, according to police. Many of the crashes that Troopers responded to could have been avoided if drivers had reduced their following distances as well as their speeds. Police reported that the pileups occurred around 11:40 a.m. Continue reading

Police, Fire and Medical Units Respond to a Two-Vehicle Accident on U.S. 35 and 400 N

The Starke County Sheriff’s Department Dispatch Center confirmed that they received a call about a two-vehicle accident on U.S. 35 and 400 N at 6:17 p.m.

Officers from the Hamlet and Knox Police Departments also responded to the accident, along with members of the Knox and Hamlet Fire Departments. Dispatch reported that all medical units and two helicopters were also sent to the scene. Injuries were reported, however, the number of individuals involved and the severity of said injuries are not currently known.  Continue reading

Toxicology and Autopsy Results for Barbara McCurdy Pending with Pulaski County Coroner

Information about the cause of Barb McCurdy’s death is pending with the Pulaski County Coroner’s office.

Coroner John Behny reports that the only preliminary information available at this time is that she has been positively identified and the next of kin has been notified. The length of time she has been deceased and the cause of her death will be established from toxicology and autopsy results. Continue reading

Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch Visits AREM Lab at Knox Middle School

Instructor Bob Gregor, Lt. Gov Crouch, Students Explaining a Demonstration

Indiana’s Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch got a behind the scenes look at the newest program offered by the SCILL Center. Crouch had a chance to speak with instructors and students about the Automation, Robotics and Equipment Maintenance (AREM) classroom and lab.

Director Ron Gifford explained that this specific program is now in its second year. He mentioned that the program is not only available to high school students, it is also open to adults looking to improve their skills in order to obtain more meaningful employment.

Through OCRA and Department of Education grants as well as contributions from the city of Plymouth and city of Knox, SCILL was able to purchase all the necessary equipment for a total cost of approximately $450,000. Continue reading

Indiana’s Lieutenant Governor is Visiting the SCILL Lab at Knox Middle School Today

Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch will be making a stop in Starke County today.

This afternoon, Crouch will be visiting the SCILL Automation, Robotics and Equipment Maintenance Lab at Knox Middle School. Knox Mayor Dennis Estok will also be in attendance.

According to Communication Specialist Jessica Baker, the lab is the result of a grant received from The Office of Community and Rural Affairs, which is overseen by Lieutenant Governor Crouch. Baker explained that the OCRA grant was for $250,000 with a match of $118,277. Continue reading

Knox Habitat for Humanity Home Nearly Complete Thanks to Dedicated Volunteers

The Habitat for Humanity Home in Knox is nearing completion, according to organization representative Carolla Heilstedt.

“We’ve got flooring and cabinetry in, paint is done. So our next phase is going to be light fixtures, which they’ve started on, the rest of the plumbing fixtures, the vanities and interior doors.”

Volunteers have been working on the home at 301 E Delaware Street since September. They meet from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Members Address Leftover Financial Matters of 2017

North Judson Town Council members took care of some final financial business from 2017 when they met in a special session earlier this week.

Monday night, members approved a resolution to transfer appropriated funds from various motor vehicle highway accounts. Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe explained that while meeting with Umbaugh representatives, he was alerted there were a few adjustments that needed to be made to keep everything in the black. Continue reading

That’s Not The Secretary of State Emailing You, It’s an Imposter

There are many scammers who pose as government officials in order to swindle unsuspecting individuals out of money.

In the past, we’ve warned about IRS, FTC and Social Security imposters, but in the latest reported scam, people say they are receiving emails from someone claiming to be Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

In the email, the fake Secretary of State alerts the recipient that they are owed a payment and claims that this was discovered during an FBI and CIA investigation. Continue reading

NJ Town Council Members Invited to Attend K9 Pick-Up at Vohne Liche Kennels

On Monday night, North Judson Town Marshal Kelly Fisher invited council members to tag along with NPJD as they venture to Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana on Tuesday, February 20th.

Marshal Fisher mentioned that Officer Rico Simpson will have over 300 dogs to choose from. The chosen animal will then go home with Officer Simpson for a week in order for them to bond and get familiarized.

After the week is complete, Simpson will attend six weeks worth of training, five days a week at the Vohne Liche facility. Continue reading