CNA Classes Upcoming at Ancilla College

Ancilla College NEWA new semester at area schools is bringing another opportunity to meet qualifications to become a Certified Nursing Assistant at Ancilla College.

Ancilla is offering the CNA courses beginning February 2nd, but spots are still available for those interested. CNA’s have opportunities to work in long-term care, in home, hospitals, and doctors’ office facilities in the workforce.
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Winamac Community High School Students Raise Money for Charity


Students from several organizations at Winamac Community High School took time to volunteer for the Salvation Army during the holiday season. Principal Rick DeFries says they raised a significant amount of money for the organization during their annual bell ringing campaign. Of the $5,600 raised, the students brought in $2,500. DeFries told the Eastern Pulaski School Board an estimated 10 groups raised that amount of money in 20 hours.

Volunteer for Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service at State Parks


State park patrons are encouraged to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service on Monday by signing up to volunteer at an Indiana State Park in 2015. Opportunities include maintaining trails, assistance with clerical work and helping out at nature centers. More information about volunteering can be found online at Continue reading

Veterans Service Officer Clarifies ID Card Guidelines


One of the most frequent questions Starke County Veterans Service Officer Terry Turner gets is how one who has been honorably discharged from the service obtains an identification card. He says the only ID cards issued by the VA are for medical purposes. However, Turner says veterans can take their discharge papers to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch and have a “v” put on the back of their license or state identification card. Continue reading

Mathew Swanson Remembered

Mat Swanson
Mat Swanson

The community is mourning the loss of a friend.

Mathew Swanson passed away this week.

That’s “Mathew” with just one “t”. He was 87.

Mat had been actively involved in many local organizations that continue to provide benefits to young and old alike. His interest in area youth is exemplified by his support of 4-H activities and of the Starke County Development Foundation because he said, he saw students leaving the community due of a lack of jobs, and was hopeful that the exodus could be stopped. His involvement in the Starke County Community Foundation and its many scholarships for area youth in another example. And, as a member of the Board at Ancilla College, yet another.

His service and expertise benefited almost every not-for-profit organization at one time or another. He served as treasurer of most and president of many.

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Starke County Veterans Service Officer Provides Range of Services

 Veterans who are having issues with Medicare, Social Security, VA or other types of federal programs can enlist help from Starke County Veterans Service Officer Terry Turner.

“If they come talk to me, I can help them fix that. It’s been several times where they’ve had hospital bills that run up to about $6,000, and I’ve been able to get them hardships,” Turner said. “I got one call that the bill was $700 and they cut it to $20. If you’ve got problems with the hospital or doctors as far as money, give me a call. I might be able to help you.” Continue reading

Starke County Highway Department Restocks Salt, Regroups

 The Starke County Highway Department has a fresh supply of salt for the next winter weather event. Superintendent Rik Ritzler says 400 additional tons of have been added to the pile. So far this season 447 tons have been used. Last year the county had already gone through more than 1,200 tons of salt by mid-January. The garage foreman has also replenished the sand/salt mixture in anticipation of the next snow. Continue reading