From the East Wing, Lake Snow, Come December, Mountain Magic Memories, Season For Turduckens

Greeting to all and welcome my new friends to the East Wing.

Hark, how all the welkin rings, ‘Glory to the King of kings’; Peace on Earth, and mercy mild,

God and sinners reconciled.  –Charles Wesley (1707–88)  Some things ya just don’t even have to comment about, just remember ‘em, even stuff over 300 years old, wow!

 Seems I read somewhere you’re never really dead until there’s no one alive who remembers anything ya said or done while you were alive. Charles Wesley’s still remembered today in the East Wing.

Saturday Morning and the snow came by, 5” at the East Wing, 3” in town. Lake effect snow in northern Indiana all thanks to Lake Michigan, one of the five great lakes.  Did ya know that the Great Lakes hold most of the worlds fresh water supply. Ya, right there up by Michigan City IN.

And that was the place I needed to go last Saturday Morning, Michigan City.  We were hosting the Madrigal Dinner at Grand Central over the weekend and I needed to get supplies. Could have gone Friday, but didn’t, could have gone Thursday, but didn’t. Saved the trip for Saturday Morning and now it’s 5” of snow and still snowing.

 Oh well, that’s life when living south of one of the Great Lakes. Lake effect snow, ya just never know when it’s gona snow. It has to do with the wind direction, the water temperature, the air temperature and all that stuff, but the bottom line was  it’s Saturday Morning and I gota go to Michigan City to get stuff.

Now we all know that Michigan City, setting on the shore line of Lake Michigan,  gets lots more snow than North Judson, forty miles south of the lake, so if I’ve got 5”, they’ve  got lots more.  So I wait a couple hours for the roads to get plowed out before starting to Michigan City. And as I drive north, I’m most surprised the closer I get to Michigan City the less snow I see.  When I get to where I need to be, no snow.  Just when ya think ya know it all, ya don’t

Good thing December has a lot going for it besides being the darkest month of the year. As long as anybody can remember people have created special events and festivals of light along with

special ceremonies of renewal to brighten up this darkness of December.

From time to time I’ve talked ‘bout the old Romans, those Cesar boys and that band of democrats who just laid ‘round and partied all the time, drinking wine and eating pizza  and grapes while wearing bed sheets. Ya know ,those guys.

Their calendar, If ya remember was all jerked ’round and December lost its original meaning of ten (decem) for tenth month and now is more  synonymous with decorate, as in  Yule log, evergreens, colored glass ornaments, the wassail bowl.  These all  have backgrounds lost in time but are designed to make December bright, and they do. My most fond memory of a December decorations occurred one night while driving in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky.

The most beautiful site I’ve experienced in the mountains was a night drive from Prestonsburg to Paintsville on a 4 lane high speed super highway carved through rock mountains. With the Full Moon of December overhead, and an inch of fresh snow on the mountains, the whole world appeared as if you’d stepped  inside a white neon light. Ya could drive at midnight without the lights. Few things in nature can compare to the beauty of snow on the mountains in full moon light. It’s beyond sparkle. A magnificent site to behold. A unique treasurer to those who are blessed to see how God decorates his mountains for Christmas.  We decorate a tree, he decorates the mountains. I’m forever grateful to have seen it in my lifetime.  Did ya ever notice that how ever once in a while ya run across something that just grabs your memory and writes itself there forever. On those back roads of your memory, that little special part of your memory, that ya keep for just such stuff, and ye never forget,  ya just never forget. Magic in the moon light is  one of mine.

Starting out the month is Chanukah on December 2. This 8-day Jewish festival begins at sundown on December 1. This 8 day Jewish party is nothing compared to the Cesar boys parties that used to go on for the whole season and then change themes just like ya can change themes on your windows operating system.  

The start of winter comes  round the 20th or so every year.  As the start of winter approaches ya can really see the short days. It’s as if the days end ‘bout 3 o’clock or so.  But then just as winter really kicks in and it gets really cold, the days start of lengthen.  

Then comes Christmas, December 25th .   A Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is second only to Easter as a Christian holiday. Yes it is second only to Easter, Christmas is not the most important holiday in Christianity, it’s just not.  If nothing else, ya just gota go with me on this one, ‘cause I’m telling ya, second only to Easter.

Did ya ever hear of a Turducken?  Well it’s an authentic Louisiana Cajun thing, and we all know ‘bout those authentic Louisiana Cajuns. Just imagine some ole boy setting ‘round down there on the bayou somewhere waiting for alligator season  to open up, and having some time on his hands, starts messing ‘round with a chicken, a turkey and a duck.

Without getting into too much detail as to how all that fowl got intertwined into a Turducken, well it just did. It’s a Cajun thing and well worth hunting up come a special holiday.  Here at the East Wing, we consider Christmas to be that special holiday. And so we pay tribute to that unknown Cajun down there on the bayou, waiting for alligator season to open up, who blended the turkey, duck and chicken into the Turducken.  The Turducken comes frozen in dry ice, delivered by the UPS Truck straight from the bayou to the East Wing.

Cooked just like the turkey, stuffed with cornbread between each fowl, the Turducken makes  the East Wing Christmas special. One time years back, we tried one with a different stuffing, I think it was rice & shrimp or something like that, either way, we didn’t like that one.  After that little deal, we never strayed away from the cornbread stuffing for the turducken.

For those who may like good  Cajun food, there’s a Cajun Grocer online who sales among other things; Boudin, Crawfish, King Cakes, Turducken, Gumbo, and Gulf Shrimp. Now I’ve not had any of their Gulf Shrimp in the last year, so I’m not sure if they’re oily or not.  Their emails assure me they’re not.

Got an email last week asking if I had a picture of my very early computer, that yellow and black one, with the delete button on the top. Told ’em no but I thought ya could still get one a Staples. They also asked ‘bout the graphite operating system. The question was “was the graphite operating system before windows or before DOS?”  My answer was it was used to created DOS. I’m pretty sure that’s the way it worked.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the East Wing,  Lake Snow, Come December, Mountain Magic Memories, Season For Turduckens

I wish you well