THAT AUTIUM DAY, Death Spiral Of The Leaves, Watching The Frost, Slow Time Going To School

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

During the Autium time of the year it happens every time. Well after the EastWing has once  again been  set ablaze by the living Technicolor magic world of beautiful earth tone hues, it happens. As sure as evening comes and morning follows, it happens every year.

I’m talking about that one special day. The single  day we can always look back to and say “Yep, that was the day that ended Indian summer for this year. That day is always gonna happen.

If it’s not yet raining to start that day, it soon will be. If it’s not yet windy to start that day, it soon will be. If  the temperature is not going down, it soon will be. It’s that day when the changes come by.

This  year that day was November 5, 2017. Before daylight it was already warm, windy, wet and wild. A sure sign of things to come. The temperature started the day off at  61° 12:01 AM, closed the day out with a 30° swing by the end of the day at 11:59 PM, 31°. That was the day.

The beautiful leaves having put forth all the color they could muster this Autium, met their fate at the mercy of the winds of change. Long since having shut down their little chlorophyll factories, the leaves hung their arms  waiting for the right factors to come into play to make their decent to their final resting place on earth. There to be consumed by nature, or maybe raked and burned. Maybe, just maybe to be blown by the wind to the neighbor’s yard. One way or the other their time in the sunshine of summer had passed. Their time to die had  now come. The life cycle of the leaf would be complete.

That last little connection to the branch was just waiting for the right time. That day provided the factors coming together to make it all happen. The rain made the leaf heavy. The rain made the connection to the branch soft and pliable. The wind provided the force necessary to make the snap. And just like that the leaves of an EastWing Maple  started to freefall. In the  rain and wind, they fell until by the end of the day 99% of the pretty maple leaves lay on the grass.

Of the two front garden maple trees, one sheds its leaves pretty much all in one day. The other tree holds onto its leaves well into late November, or even early December. That tree is still retaining about 90% of its leaves as of right now. Its time is yet to come.

14 snowflakes were in the air last Friday Morning as I looked out into the early morning sky. Being an early riser, one gets to see things that are reserved for such times of the day. Although I don’t consider the 14 snowflakes the first snow of the season, it’s a hint of things to come.

One of the more interesting things I’ve observed of late while gawking into the early, early hours of a new day, I watched it frost. Yes I watched frost develop in real time. In order for frost to form on anything, the surface temperature of the object must be below the dew point and the air temperature at or near 32°. That’s when ice crystals will form on the surface and we call it frost. Many  time frost will occur right at or just before daylight.

An interesting thing about early morning temperature is there’s a slight drop in degrees just minutes after sunrise. In the summertime it’s not even a blink. In colder weather a 3° change is much more pronounced.

Have you adjusted back to slow time again?  I hate when this time change comes along. I like the fast time of summer. Wish it stayed year round.  Oh well, like so many things in life, we put up with  crap ‘cause we’re too lazy to make a real effort to change things. Slow time serves no purpose at all in our current society.

The most compelling argument for the time change is the danger of kids getting on the bus early in the morning. Two things come to mind when I hear that put forth. One is have you ever heard of an accident involving kids getting on the school bus early  in the morning? Ever? Me neither. And number two. How about starting school and hour later in the morning? DUH!

Several research papers have supported starting school as late as 9:00 AM  in place of 7:20 AM is some places. Seems to me that would address the “concern” of kids getting on the bus in the dark. The research into school starting times indicate that kids tend to do better in school when they start at a later time in the morning.

I propose the starting time for school is for the convenience of the adults involved, not for  the best interest of the students. Sad to say that, but can anyone prove me wrong?

From the EastWing, THAT AUTIUM DAY, Death Spiral Of The Leaves, Watching The Frost, Slow Time Going To School

I Wish You Well,