From the EastWing, Going 1 and 15, Berkley Now, Berkley Then, Free Counseling, A Battle Remembered

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My athletic ability has never obtained the skill level of “Highly Renowned, Widely Acclaimed”. In fact if only two words were used to describe these talents, marginal and minimum would come into mind.


But I did play football for two years. Our team compiled a record which still stands to this day. Over two season span we went 1 and 15. Like I said a record that to this day is  still on the books. There’s no doubt that  my athletic  capability played a part in setting that long standing record.


Back then they didn’t hand out  Participation Trophies. You won or lost, then sucked it up and got ready for the next game. But as time went on and our record continued to grow a different kind of public awareness started to come our way. It was called “The Laughing Stock”. When you go 1 and 15 lots of people take notice.


They didn’t  bring in consolers to help a bunch of little  boys cope with such life changing events as 1 and 15 playing football. Nope, those little boys didn’t need consolers, they had Red Rider BB Guns to shoot, marbles to roll, ropes to skip, bikes to ride, wagons to pull and pop  bottles to pickup when the money got tight. And the Lord knows money was always tight.


This Friday past, I saw on the news that the University of California at Berkley spent $600,000.00 in security costs to protect a conservative individual speaking on campus. Berkley of all places, the home of the original free speech movement in this country back in the 1960’s.  The place where you could stand in complete freedom and say anything your little heart desired and no one objected was the University at Berkley. The Mecca of free speech in America has now turned into “My thoughts and words only. You remain silent or I will shut up. WOW!


The same news report also stated that the university would make consolers available for any student traumatized from the activities associated with the conservative speech on campus. This statement truly shows how far our nation has sunk into the depths of socialism in the last seventy five years. We provide consolers to assist in coping  with free speech. Unbelievable,  but true, sad but true.


It was seventy three years ago this coming December when some of America’s finest young men, the same age as those protesting free speech in Berkley and receiving consoling, willingly put their lives in mortal danger and faced the most devastating battle of WWII. Between mid December 1944 and January 25, 1945 The US Army suffered some 89,000 casualties of which over 8,500 young soldiers died in those frozen mud fields of Belgium.  They were repelling the Nazi Forces in what was to become known as The Battle of The Bulge. It was the single most deadliest battle of the whole war, fought by young men half a world away from home.


So now we give consoling to this age group for hearing spoken words for which you disagree. Guess trauma comes in different forms once you get to the University at Berkley.


We’ve become a nation full of  ill educated willing fools ready to follow anyone offering “free stuff”. These are, among others,  the folks who felt “The Bern” in the last general election. An educational system reeking with a socialistic point of view impregnating young minds to a single though mindset is where we’ve gone in the last 75 years. My way on no way is everywhere one cares to look.


Alt-Left,  Black Lives Matter, The Resistance Movement, started by Hillary Clinton, are things that add to the spiraling worm hole we find ourselves in today.


Now if you don’t like what  I say, then I’m called a racist, a white supremacist, a Nazi, or a fascist. When in fact, I may simply have a different point of view.  Such hate viewed daily in everything we see, hear or read. Social Media is both a blessing and a curse. Instant communication worldwide brings all the hate worldwide into our lives as it happens, in living color.


As illustrated again last Friday I became aware of a bomb exploding in the London Subway while the bucket containing the bomb was still burning. Even before the authorities arrived on site, social media had live video of the event.  American smart phones were able to view burn victims before physicians on site touched the patients. Technology at its worst. Blood before the bandages were applied.


As the young men of Berkley seek counseling for being exposed to ear hurting conservative words being spoken on campus, they don’t even know who to think for the service. A suggestion  could be to start with those young men  who willing defended American Freedom those many years ago. Those who died in the frozen mud of Belgium, that winter 1944


Can’t help but wonder how many of the protesters in our society are willing to defend this nation at a time of need. I suspect few, very few if any.


From the EastWing, Going 1 and 15, Berkley Now, Berkley Then, Free Counseling, A Battle Remembered


I Wish You Well,