From The EastWing, It’s Going Around, Everyone’s Getting It

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


It’s going around, they said. Everyone’s getting it, they said. So there was little surprise when it came to the EastWing. After all, it’s going  around, everyone’s getting it. So it was just my turn.


And what a turn it was. Late Christmas Day, after all the kids and family had departed the EastWing, it came around. At first just not feeling quite right. You know what I’m talking about, not yet sick, just feeling that something is happening inside your  body.


The stomach ache came first. Then the first of an endless number of sprints toward the bathroom. You’ve heard of a race against the clock. Well guess I could say that’s what I was doing, after all, time was my enemy in those sprints against the clock.  Being diagnosed with COPD, my sprinting ability is limited. Yet there were times the limits of short term endurance were pushed to the  edge.


After what seemed to settle into a 15 minute sprint cycle, the chills came by. Of all the different types of issues one must endure from the thing that going around, the chills are the one I hate most. Actually chilling is the human body’s effort to expel too much internal heat.


Even knowing the physiology  behind chilling, I like everyone else, want to cover up with extra blankets. A heavy blanket and an equally heavy Ohio State Throw did little to control the chills. What needed to be done was step into a cold shower. Very few ever have the nerve to try such drastic measure, nor did I. Just huddled under the blankets and BuckEye Gear and shivered.


With the unrelenting 15 minute stop watch still running, and me under cover so to speak,  it was an effort to make sure I was ready to start the sprint on time. Removing the blankets at an escalated pace presented a challenge I’d not encountered in the past. One learns to plan ahead in times like these.


About three hours into the sprint / chill process, the runny nose kicked in. Unannounced and Lord knows, uninvited my nose began to assert its self into the mix. Or maybe I should have said into the leak of things. Most all the time one has some advance awareness of when it’s necessary to attend to your nose. Not this time. At the same speed as turning a water facet Kleenex becomes vital to my overall well being.


And then  the cough came by. With my COPD coughing is a part of the process. This cough was not from the COP. This cough came by because it’s going around, and everybody’s got it. The cough proceeded to the forefront of issues to deal with that late Christmas Night.


As the clock struck midnight and Christmas became Christmas Past, the 15 sprint minute clock reset to a 10 minute cycle. The chills gained momentum, the nose asserted itself,  and the cough, that dreaded cough began to rattle deep within my chest. At that point the only thing I had going my way was the chills were such that I didn’t feel the pain from the deep coughs.


There are times when sleep is not a option. This night was one such time. My fear of sleep manifested itself in the 10 minute sprint cycle. Being late for just one cycle and that’s when good times go bad, or in my case, bad times get worse. Sleep was not an option.


Pepto-Bismol was one of the drugs pressed into service to combat the 10 minute sprint cycle. It was well into the 8th hour that some results were noticeable. The sprint time stretched out to 30 minutes. Within another 2 hours, I’d won that battle.


The chills followed the sprint cycle and the finish line on that little ditty came not with a bang, rather an awareness of too much covers. Was glad to see that one gone.


By daylight, hell night had dissolved into a runaway nose and a cough that shook the very chair I sat in. Having vanquished two of the four major issues, and it being a short work week, there were payrolls to run. And so it was “HiHo HiHo it’s off to work we go”.


What I didn’t know at that point was “It’s  going around, everyone’s getting it” would come back in two weeks for round two at the EastWing. But that’s another story for another day.


From The EastWing, It’s Going Around, Everybody’s Getting It.


I Wish You Well,