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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


Last Tuesday we the  people elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. A most important event in American History.


Last week another most important event occurred. I sat in the EastWing and watched the demise of the Democrat Party as had been know in the past. The Democrat Party did not go quietly  into the night. It’s still kicking and wailing and gnashing it’s  teeth. Yet nevertheless this is the demise of the Democrat Party as we know it.  In the minds of many conservatives, not a minute too soon.


Now the question becomes who and what caused such a disaster. It’s important to remember that failure of anything, other than mechanical devices, must be viewed as failure of the people involved. When viewing the failures of people one must  look to the top. Failure at the bottom does not cause a political system to collapse.


President Obama failed in 2008, when having total control of congress, he insisted the  Affordable Health Care Act be pushed through congress without a single Republican supporting the bill. Obama Care became the law of the land. The President lied to the American People when trying to convince us the Affordable Health Care Bill was good for America. The President was told he was wrong when he said “You will save $2,400.00 per year on health care costs. If you like your doctor, you can keep you doctor”. After being told, he continued to preach the same gospel. He lied to the American People  about the Affordable Health Care Bill. He failed on that issue.


Nancy Pelosi failed when she most famously said “We have to pass it to find out what’s inside” when speaking of the Affordable Care Act. It became law. We found out  what’s inside. It infuriated much of the nation. As the years went on, the discontent for  Obama Care grew. Nancy Pelosi also failed on that issue.


Hillary Clinton failed when she set out to circumvent the laws and rules of operation for the Secretary of State of the United States. Had all the rules of communications been followed while in this position, a much different outcome may well have occurred last week. She failed on the email issue.


The Democratic Party failed when it lost touch with the 60 million plus voters that voted in opposition and elected the 45th President of the United States. As the Democrat Party became more and more ultra liberal thereby attracting the fringe elements of our society, main stream America shared a more conservative view of things political. When the Democrat Party went ultra liberal they created an opposition revolution. The Democratic Party failed to recognize they’d turned away from the people who had kept them in the majority to begin with. The Democrat Party failed on that issue.


Another failure in this election is the conventional Republican Party. They too, much like the Democrats lost touch with those who chose to go a different way this time around.  I’m sure  we’ll talk about the failure of the Republican Party some day in the future. It was Trump and only Trump who could rally the troops and truly create a peaceful revolution.


The basis of this Trump Revolution are many. The Progressives confused women’s rights with feminism. The Progressives attacked our Christian beliefs. The Progressives constantly referred to us as racists. The Progressives constantly called us xenophobic. The Progressives told us to get on board or get in the back. The Progressives attacked our flag. The Progressives began to emasculate men. The Progressives decided to make our children soft. The Progressives attacked our freedom of speech. The Progressives attacked our right to bear arms. The Progressives allowed our jobs to continue to leave our country. The Progressives decided to vote for extreme progressive ideals. The Progressives forced us to buy health care and then financially penalized us for not participating. The Progressives attacked our way of life. The Progressives decided to let our government get out of control. The Progressives lost touch with we the people, the silent majority. We became fed up, and we pushed back and spoke up. We did it with ballots, not bullets, ballots. All the while not destroying other people’s property.


The Democrat voters failed when they would not  recognize the results of the election. An example from my  email inbox truly illustrates the good faith at least one democrat has in  the system when their choice does not win an election. I reprint these emails, not to gross anybody out,  but to illustrate a point of what I’m talking about:


Email received on 11-7-2016  2:17 PM From an EastWing friend in the state of Washington. “Regardless of the outcome, we are clearly a deeply divided and broken country.  So much work ahead to mend, heal, and restore the U back in the USA”.


Email received on 11-9-2016 at 11:34 PM  from the same person. “We are now under total Republican rule.  Textbook fascism. F*&k you, white America.  F%$k you, you racist, misogynist pieces os sh#t. G’night”.


For these types of outbursts you can thank 50 years of piss-poor education in American civics. Thank the devolution of our constitutional order in the face of a Progressive onslaught against its institutions.  The hyperventilating, lying, unscrupulous press (and their willing accomplices in the Never Trump Republicans like the Bush folks in Texas, low energy Jeb and family).  Plus a handful of other factors I’m probably forgetting right now but all contributing to this result. When significant numbers of people hysterically believe the country just elected Hitler, what more do you expect? Protesters who were never taught how to lose. They were only given trophies for their participation.  A tag line of low information voter may be too kind.


I would propose that if you still believe 60 million plus of your fellow Americans are bigots, then perhaps you’re the bigot.


In the wake of two Obama victories, I don’t recall the political/media/entertainment/education complex having any abiding concern for the “disappointed half” of the country. There were not psychologists on the morning news programs offering solutions for dealing with depression and anxiety. There were no grief counselors brought into the schools to deal with weepy students, or safe-spaces created for them at the colleges and universities. Professors did not cancel classes and take their students to the LGBT center to make “glitter jars” and “decompress.”


Further, I don’t recall sympathetic coverage of the Tea Party rallies (where no violence or vandalism occurred) from those now seeking to “understand” the violence, disruption, and vandalism happening in our streets right now. I do recall mocking and derision of the Tea Party.


While I generally oppose and reject the notion that Americans are made of jelly there is, as demonstrated by the protests being orchestrated by the DNC and the Clinton Organization, a sizable group who fit the Jell-O mold. I find strained pleas for civility in the face of things that do not deserve a civil response off-putting by the President. I do have a proposal that could have the desired effect without being a smarmy attempt to paper over our differences.


In election years, the baseball folks should move the World Series to begin after the election. Watching the Cubs play baseball again would be good about right now.


From The EastWing, Historical Times, Saying One Thing & Doing Another, The EastWing Calls  ’Em Out, Jell-O Molds & Cubs Baseball


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