From The EastWing, When It’s Right It’s Right, A Legacy Fail, Hope & Change Really, Really

Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


One of the things we pride ourselves with here at the EastWing is facts. Should we at any time find that we’ve misrepresented facts then every effort is made to set the record straight. And so it is with my criticism of President Obama. It’s time I set the record straight.


From the time Obama came onto the national stage, I’ve been critical of his political philosophy. Knowing he came up thru a corrupt political system born in the dark back rooms of  Chicago politics, I’ve not  given this man the benefit of the doubt. That was a mistake on my part. I should have given the president the opportunity to prove me wrong.


This man campaigned for the job telling us all what he intended to do. His intent could not have been more plain when he said “This is the greatest country in the world”. “I will fundamentally transform the United States of America.” This is the only man who  had the audacity to offer us “Hope & Change”.  We elected him based on what he told us he would do.


President Obama then set about providing us with his concept of Hope & Change.  The first two years of  his presidency were supported by 100% control of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.  Whatever the newly elected Obama wanted, he had the votes to see his wished become the law of the land.

The Affordable Care Act became know as Obamacare. While not a single republican in congress voted in favor  of this social program, it became the only healthcare system besides Medicare available to the public. And so we all kept our doctors and all was well in healthcare


“Shovel Ready” became the buzz word for  passing out money  from Washington. A river of cash flowed into the economy with nary a effort to track where the money came or  went. Banks too big to fail received truck loads of money to insure such. Green energy absorbed federal money faster than solar cells turned light into electricity. Wind Mill Farms became liken to garbage dumps. Got to have ‘em but not in my back yard.


The President toured the world explaining how this nation had been overstating it’s importance in the grand scheme of things. He informed the world that we needed to be more closer to the nations of the middle east, then all could get along.


The  more President Obama tried to bring us change, the more we resisted such change. When it turned out that  a majority of his White House Staff were of the Muslin faith, we were overly  critical and racist.  When the president injected his opinion of reasons for crimes well before any investigation was complete, we wondered if that was the right  thing to do.


Self proclaimed Reverend Al Sharpton, who in the eyes and minds of many, is considered a race baiting crook, con man, and tax cheat, rose to the level of importance to set at the left hand of the President at a  meeting on race relations.


When the Space Exploration Program was reduced to hitching a ride on someone else’s rocket we let it slid. When NASA was instructed to incorporate more of the Arabic Community into the NASA programs we didn’t object. Our silence was conformity.


We were told that we must pay our fair share. That millionaires and billionaires were not paying their fair share. We were told that we had to use a level playing field. We were told that was not who we are.


Even the president’s wife got into the act when she became the self appointed savior of the hot lunch program in public schools. Destined to forever change the eating habits of young people by force feeding them “healthy meals” at schools. When the fact that over 65% of such food was not being eaten and thrown into the garbage  by those ungrateful students unwilling to eat healthy became public knowledge, force feeding in public education  became a much less frequent topic of news.


It’s been said that for the last two years President Obama has been concerned about his legacy. All president have concern about how their time in office will be viewed by future generations.  And so they all try to do everything possible to leave the nation in good hands.

During the past year we’ve all seen President Obama do  what we thought was everything he could possibly do to  insure the election of Hillary Clinton. President Obama campaigned far and wide for what we thought was his party. What we thought was his efforts to leave the country in good hands. To insure his legacy would be remembered for ever and ever.


And this is where the brilliant mind of the president had us all fooled. He knew all the time what he intended when he coined the best ever slogan “Hope & Change” He  knew it would take a full eight years to get his plan in place. But persevere he did, and now it is truly  clear what the  Obama Legacy really is.

Obama vacates the office of President of The United States leaving the following in place:


A Republican President

A Republican Vice President

A Republican controlled U.S. Senate

A Republican  controlled House of Representatives

A Republican Governors in 33 of 50 states

A Republican control in 67 of 98 state legislative chambers

A Republican control in the majority of 3,144 county  governments

A Republican control in the majority 19,144  local and city  governments


For all the complaining  we’ve put forth during the last 8 years, only a master politician possessing President Obama’s political skills could have pulled off such a feat as to change the political landscape of the nation on such a grand scale. It’s time the EastWing recognize the efforts of President Obama to accomplish such a goal. I too was fooled at the start of his presidency, but with this most brilliant ending, I stand in admiration for such a great president.


With all of these accomplishments on record the presidents’ legacy is  now sealed. I’ve still got this nagging question I’d love to ask President Obama in person, should I have the change.


How’s that Hope & Change thing working out for ya?

From The EastWing, When It’s Right It’s Right, A Legacy Fail, Hope & Change Really, Really

I Wish You Well,