From The EastWing, A Sad Day, Memories of Friends, A New Big Boy Toy

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


As a nation we continue to share the sadness of that day, 9-11-01. Fifteen years seems like only yesterday. We remember where we were and what we were doing when we became aware. Memories that will never leave.


This September 11, 2016 brings extra sadness to the EastWing. Two dear and long time friends have passed.  Rest in peace my friend Jerry Sullivan. I’ve know Jerry longer than I’ve know the EastWing. A long time, a long long time, a dear friend. Jerry, a lifetime military man who served his country with distinction. I too will miss him.


Tom Berg was know to many. Tom’s life work was talking on the radio. His last job being on the local radio station, WKVI  at 99.3 on the FM dial.  (  I first met Tom shortly after he arrived in Starke County. He’s been a friend ever since. Not too long after Tom arrived he told me “I’ve found my spot in life. Here I’ll stay”. And so he did. Another friend gone, another sad memory.


As many of my old time friends know, I’ve always had special interests in weather and old time sayings for weather forecasting. From time to time there’s been different types of weather forecasting and recording systems to play with. Last week that all changed. High tech weather data collection and forecasting capability  has come to the EastWing. On Tuesday last, I installed a professional grade Personal Weather Station in the front garden of the EastWing, and registered the station at Wunderground. Com.


The  weather station is named “At The EastWing”  DUD! What else could it be called when the instruments stand just outside the south window, between the glass and the road. We got our unique identification name: KINNORTH19. We also were assigned a unique password to log onto the participation site. provides live weather information at over 320,000 stations world wide. At The EastWing is one of those.


Depending on what type device you connect to the internet, you can put an app on you smart phone, iPad or other table. The web site is  or from the app store search weather and select Weather underground.  Once installed just type in your zip code to pull up all stations within your zip code. To find station KINNORTH19 simply type 46366 for the zip code and At The EastWing will be among the list. At that point it’s click and go. And from there on you know when it’s raining on me.


The weather station is powered by the sun during the daylight  and rechargeable batteries at night. Automatically connected to my WIFI, EastWing weather is broadcast live and updated every 5 seconds. The rain volume is calculated by measuring raindrops passing a given point and converted to volume per hour, per day, per week, per month, per year. And to think I used to catch rain droops in a flat bottom tube and look at the meniscus matching the painted numbers on the glass. A step up.


Last Friday was the real test of the new toy. We watched the rain calculation in real time. Being able to switch back a forth between per hour and per day, we saw calculation as high as 6” per hour in the heaviest part of the storm. The final rain volume was 3.38”.


I’m also able to make short term forecasts  (3 days). And  like all good weather prognosticators, if I’m off on my forecasts, oh well, I’ve got another one coming at you tomorrow. Besides it always sunny somewhere.

From The EastWing,  A Sad Day, Memories of Friends, A New Big Boy Toy


I Wish You Well,