From the EastWing, A Starfish Saved, PPR Not Coming To Town, Surgery On The Girl Dogs, Humpty Dumpty& Super Glue

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

An old man was walking south along the beach, to his left, the ocean, even farther to his left, across the water was another world. A world he’d never seen. To his right was the rest of he knew.  As he walked he was looking at the white sand and of the things brought up from the sea by  the tides that wash the sands of the beach every twelve hours.

Walking along he came upon a young boy gathering up starfish, carrying them down to the water’s edge, and throwing them out into the ocean. Then the boy repeated the process over and over again.

The old man said “Young man what are you doing?” The boy replied “ I’m saving the starfish”. “What do you mean, saving the starfish?” the old man asked. The boy said, “These starfish got washed up on the beach and can’t get back to the water. If I don’t save them, they’ll surely die”.

The old man laughed and said “Son, you can’t save the starfish, this beach runs for thousands of miles, and there are millions of starfish washed up on the sand. You can’t possibly save the starfish.” The child stood and looked at the old man with the bright eyes of youth as he was being told of the impossibility of even trying to save the starfish. He listened with the ears of innocence as he was being told of the impossibility of even trying to save the starfish.

When the old man finished speaking the boy smiled, turned, picked up a starfish, ran to the water’s edge and threw the starfish with all his mite back into the ocean. The old man said “Son, didn’t you hear a single word of what I just said? You can’t save the starfish”.

Wearing a  smile you could see a mile, with blue eyes gleaming in the sunshine, the child said “ I saved that one.”

In Nashville, a couple weeks ago, just before we set the Guinness Book of World Records for meal packaging in one hour. We didn’t solve all the world hunger. We solved one. The starfish, just think about it when you life’s troubles seem overwhelming. Just solve one and then you’re on your way to solving  ‘em all.

From time to time the email gets loaded down with the same question and it’s easier to answer at  Sunday Night in the EastWing than one on one. And so the time has come. The Italics pose the question.

Did anyone come and protest at your office in North Judson?  No and I’m disappointed. After all the BS threats and innuendoes. I did get an email demanding an official letter of apology for the harsh words spoken against Rainbow Push and the Rev. Jessie Jackson. So I send an email apology of sorts. On official RHCO Letter Head Paper, I apologized for not including  Louis Farrakhan in that group I called “People Pushing Racism, Bastards”. Haven’t heard back from that email yet. We’ll see.

October was barely two days old and it was the  scheduled date for Beagle Surgery. Boy, does time fly when you’re having fun with Baby Beagle Girls. Upon their arrival at the EastWing, Sharolette  was 2 lb 8 oz and  Barbara weighed 3 lb 6 oz. almost a full pound difference between the girl dogs.

That one pound difference in the Girl Dogs has stretched to almost two pounds. But the tide has turned for the heaviest Beagle at the EastWing. On surgery morning, Barbara Beagle weighed in at 20.00 pounds and Sister Sharolette Beagle came in at 21.80 pounds, thank you very much.   And so the Beagles were checked into the facility and I was given instructions to call after 3:00 PM to check on their progress.

3:01 in the PM found me on the phone with the Vets office to check on the Beagle Girls. The first thing the lady who answered the phone said when I identified myself was, as she laughed “why didn’t you tell me that we can’t separate Sharolette and Barbara”. She then told me that upon arrival, they had placed the girls in separate cages where they could not see each other.   Both girls howled nonstop. This is a place accustom to having animals not used to their surroundings . As time went by, the Beagles, rather than becoming accustom to the new place, intensified their displeasure of being separated. It’s a Beagle thing with Sharolette and Barbara.

A staff member thought maybe they should be placed together to see if they would stop howling. So they moved them into a two animal holding chamber. And just like that, the Kouts Animal Clinic once again became Tranquility Base.   It remained so until time for the first surgery.

Barbara’s surgery was scheduled first. Within seconds of Barbara being removed from the cage. Sharolette started to let her displeasure of being along know to all within ear shot. The whole Kouts Animal Clinic was within ear shot.   It was during the surgery, with the howling of Sharolette making it hard to carry on conversations at the operating table that Dr. Bob said “go get Sharolette and hold her at the foot of the table.” When Sharolette arrived at the foot of the operating table, and smelled Sister Barbara. The sound of silence.

Under normal procedures, the patient animal is returned to the holding cage and the other is taken to the surgery table. The howling Beagles were not normal procedures.  As Dr. Bob finished the surgical procedure on Barbara, he instructed the staff to simply swap places with Barbara and Sharolette. So Barbara, still under the influence of general anesthetic, lay at the  foot of the operating table while Sharolette, also went to sleep.

What needed to be done to Sharolette and Barbara was done to Sharolette and Barbara. Then when it was time to put the Beagles back together again, it was done with internal absorbing sutures on the inside, and on the outside, Super Glue.

Just think where the world would be today, should Humpty Dumpty have had Super Glue available back in the day.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, A Starfish Saved, PPR Not Coming To Town, Surgery On The Girl Dogs, Humpty Dumpty& Super Glue

I Wish You Well,