From the EastWing, Changes, Groundhog Trolls, DUDE, The Gospel Of BobbyRay,

Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


Such fun changes in the EastWing world since we visited last.  February came and went. March came by. Then also  the “fast time”. But most of all, winter ended early. Yes winter ended early.


Looks like the ole Groundhog blew it this year. You may recall that during our last visit I made reference of a conversation I had with a fellow pumping gas into a 1989 Chevrolet the Friday morning before the Saturday before the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. He indicated that spring was “a coming”   Just around the corner  he said.


When I pointed out that this man may have some insight into weather prognostication skills  not possessed by the Groundhog, the Groundhog Trolls responded in mass. What made my position even more difficult to defend was the very next day the early morning temperature stood at -4° at the EastWing Weather Station. But defend it I did.


In two days the  temperature was mid 40’s. Valentine Day saw shoppers at Pioneer Florist in shirt sleeves. Not yet shorts just shirt sleeve weather. By the next day all snow had gone the way of Frosty in the Sunshine. The fog came by as the snow went away. Fog so thick you could hardly see from here to there. The fog always comes by  as the  snow goes away, yet another sign of springtime. A week later it snowed 3” in 3 hours. The same snow disappeared in less than 24 hours, yet another sign of springtime. Snow and go all in less than one day cycle.


The attack of the Groundhog Trolls  were quick and dirty. When I opened the email that -4° morning  some of the comments were not printable here. For sure were not messages I would have read to my Mama. One of the things that struck me was how many of my EastWing friends continue to get their long range weather forecasting from a rodent in Pennsylvania.


Now we’ve all heard the phrase “A one horse town”. In Pennsylvania there is a one Groundhog town. Still don’t understand how that works with the Groundhog, but a big fan base for sure. Some of my best EastWing friends follow the Groundhog.


Examples of the Groundhog support emails were


groundhogs rule, not u.

Just wait yull be sorry.



It’s EastWing policy not to respond to profanity but this one was too ripe to let pass by, and so my response said:


“Two points to make on your email. One being I am not now, have never  been in the past or expect to be in the future a DUDE. The letters WHF were never intended to be strung together as you have done so. Would you  write that letter combination down and send it to your mother? Just to reiterate, Don’t call me A DUDE. DUDE!  Sometimes responding to those types email can be so much fun. I don’t even know what a dude is.


With the tax filing season in full swing, I’ve gotten emails enquiring about my health  and long term involvement in Robert Howard Company Inc.  Not to worry on both issues. To this day I enjoy what I do for a living as much as when I started this business, a while back.


A few days ago while thinking about where I’ve come from and where I’ve been and fully realizing that I will not pass this way again, the decision was made to try and capture the way I feel about life and my role in this grand experiment, this thing we call living.


And so I wrote the Gospel according to BobbyRay:


I’ve tried to master the art of living by making little distinction between my work and my play, my labor and my leisure, my mind and my body, my information and my recreation, my love and my religion.  I hardly know which is which. I simply pursue my vision of excellence at whatever I do, leaving others to decide whether I’m working or playing. To me I’m always doing both.


From the EastWing, Changes, Groundhog Trolls, DUDE, The Gospel Of BobbyRay,


I Wish You Well,