From the EastWing, Snowing In April, Freezing Just The Same, Bells A Ringing

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

For many of us the Spring of 2018 is arriving on the backs of snails as the world slowly turns green. The last thing in the world anyone wanted to see in the first week of April was snow. It snowed on April 2nd. The last thing anyone wanted to see the second week of April was snow. It snowed April 9th. The last thing anyone wanted to see the third week of April was snow. Sure enough, yeah you got that right, April 15th the green green grass of home was white to start the day.

The second to last thing anyone wanted to see the first week of April was temperatures below freezing. April 2nd early morning at the EastWing read  14° at the weather station. The second to last thing anyone wanted to see the second week in April was below freezing temperatures. April 9th  an early morning  reading  of 20° confirmed my suspicion that the Snails of Spring had not yet arrived in the valley.

But oh what a day makes!   Today it’s sunny and 67°. It’s days like  today  that makes a lot of winter woes seem so far away. And what’s really cool, I’ve already started thinking about what  I’m gonna say about how hot it is. Just joking on that one. If anyone complains to me this upcoming summer about too hot, I’m gonna remind them of the slow walking Springtime and all the whining in April.

The Bells of Springtime are back even if the weather is not as warm as some would like. The little Bells of Springtime find the weather just fine as frog hair so to speak. For those who may not know the Bells of Springtime. These little frogs are one of the most amazing animals in nature. Not only can they freeze their entire body, but they also stop their heart beat for days and weeks at a time!

In the late fall, the little fellers  bury themselves under dead leaves and prepare for  the winter ahead. The frog moves water from the vital internal organs and into open spaces of the body where it freezes. The rest of its body survives by having a natural sugar-based anti-freeze pumped into the cells. Yeah, the little frog can make its own anti-freeze. Pretty good trick for a little frog only about ½ inch long.

The end of winter the little  frog is more dead than alive. But come the Springtime, it takes the frog less than a day to completely defrost, come alive and go looking for the girlfriends who may be out looking for the Bells of Springtime.

That noise you hear just after dark this time of the year, it’s those little boys tuning up to ring the Bells of Springtime.

Like most all God’s creatures, someone gave them a rather long, many times hard to pronounce, scientific name identifying both genus  and species. I do know the genus and species of these little frogs. When I hear the sound after dark, I never think Pseudacris crucifer, I just hear the Bells of Springtime.

For those of us who survived the winter past, YEAH!!! For the Snow Birds who came back from Florida and complained about the cold here in Indiana. DUH! Your choice  to travel, not mine.

Now for one and all looking forward to warmer weather here in the valley, enjoy the Bells of Springtime.

From the EastWing, Snowing In April, Freezing Just The Same, Bells A Ringing

I Wish You Well,