Hillary Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving, A Book Review, An Electoral College Lesson

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As most everyone in the whole world knows by now Hillary Clinton wrote a book explaining why she lost the election.
The biggest critic of the Hillary book is not the republicans, it’s her own party, the democrats. I’ve not seen or read a single democrat say anything good about the book titled “What Happened”. In fact any democrat who will even talk about the book is wanting it to just go away.
Of all the books I’ve read in my lifetime, this one stands right there as the single most bizarre collection of false and misrepresentations of events I’ve even encountered. Seems every other page is identifying yet another person and reason why she lost the election.
The Hillary book tour is scheduled to go well into late autumn, crisscrossing the county telling everyone within ear shot of why the world done her dirty. Hillary has an uncanny ability to say one thing and at the same time leave a lasting impression of something different.
An example being, “I was the candidate, I take full, responsibility”. “James Comey cost me the election”. Those blamed include a who’s who of the political process, both republican, democrat and all those in between. Hillary’s latest group to blame for her loss, and I love this one, white people, more specific white women. Yes Hillary blamed white women for her election loss.
This book contains nary a word about her disaster as the Secretary of State during the Obama Administration. Oh, by the way, she has also blamed Obama for her loss. Likewise, there is no discussion as to her involvement with the Clinton Foundation as Secretary of State. And yes she does believe the conversation between her husband, Bill Clinton and the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch only discussed grandchildren and the weather. Guess Bill told her that, and we all know Bill Clinton won’t tell any lies.
I can’t help but wonder if the thought that maybe, just maybe she lost the election simply because people don’t like her, and never wanted her as president has ever crossed her mind. I don’t think so. At every opportunity Hillary reminds one and all, “I won the popular vote”.
Now before someone wants to get on my case about this popular vote thing again, don’t even go there unless you have knowledge of the way the election process was setup during the founding of the nation, many years ago. If you have such knowledge then you know why the process was established the way it was to begin with, and have no problem with the process. If you don’t have such knowledge, then shut the hell up! You don’t know what you are even talking about.
I’ve had an ongoing conversation with a Clinton die hard supporter who is convinced that when a candidate wins the popular vote in of presidential election, they are to be the president even at the expense of violating the Constitution of the United States. I believe the statement was “ After all, the constitution is outdated anyways”. WOW!
Yet another example of what I’ve said for quite some time on the failure of our education system in the nation at this time. This person could never recall ever having any type conversation or reference to the United States Constitution in their education. A high school graduate, who has had a smart phone since the 7th grade .
After much research I’ve finally come up with the perfect example of the importance of, and the reason for the electoral college being the way it is in our country. Enjoy the facts…….
The United States has a total 3,141 counties. In the presidential election Donald Trump won 3,084 counties. Hillary Clinton won 57 counties. In New York State there are 62 counties. Trump won 46, Clinton won 16.
Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by some 1.5 million in the five counties that compass NYC, that being, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens. Clinton received two million more votes than Trump. Clinton only one four of these counties. Trump won Richmond. These five counties in New York State alone more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote for the entire United States.
These 5 counties embrace 319 square miles. The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles. When you’ve got a nation that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be even more than ludicrous to ever suggest that the vote of those that include a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.
Yet we still have those who walk among us that can’t see the logic of this set of numbers.
But I bet they have smart phones.
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