A Morning Routine, Attack of The Killer Spider, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Smiling Spider

Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


One of the invisible threads that bind us together as humans in common is our morning routine. We all have ‘em. As diverse as snowflakes while at the same time as common as the sands of time.  When the morning routine get messed up, a messed up day will surly follow.


One part of my morning routine is taking a shower at about  7:15 AM every day.  A few days ago as I was enjoying the warm water and thinking on what needed done in the office that day. Then it happened, I realized I was not alone in the shower.  A giant spider had interrupted my morning routine.


I do know a few things about spiders. I know about the genus and species, that  kinda scientific stuff about spiders. I know there are over 45,700 species of spiders in about 120 families. I also know that the world contains about 25 million tons of spiders and they kill about 600 million tons of prey  each year.  I also know that spider in the shower looked very hungry.


Now spiders don’t eat like most other creatures because their stomach is too small. There is no room for solid food in their stomach. So spiders inject their digestive enzymes into their victim and that liquefies their whole insides and the spider kinda has a milkshake of sorts. I had no intension of becoming liquefied in my own skin, inside my own  shower by a spider messing up my morning routine. I was determined to save myself.


Knowing the best defense is a strong offense, I looked for a weapon in the shower to defend myself from the deadly spider attach  that I knew surely to be just seconds away. Now I don’t know about your shower, but my shower has limited, very limited weapons suitable for  spider combat. I don’t use bar soap so I had no soap bar to throw as a “rock” at the spider. I don’t shower with a washcloth so that  possible weapon did not exist in the shower. My  sponge and liquid Dawn seemed no match for what I knew had to be maybe the most deadly spider ever to walk the earth.


The thought was maybe I could  drown the spider. And so the water rolled. Well, who would have known, the damn spider can swim. As the spider swam upstream another plan came to mind. If I could get him to swim downstream he would go down the drain and I could wash him out.


Then I remembered. How many times had I sang the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song  to my granddaughter  Fiona? That being one Fiona song always wants to hear.   Thinking about the Itsy Bitsy Spider changed my attitude toward the intruder into my morning routine.  All of a sudden that spider became kinda like we’d met before.


Right then and  there a truce was struck with the spider. The agreement was if he didn’t try to kill me, then I wouldn’t try to kill him. We didn’t shake hands but we did make eye contact. It sure seemed to me that spider nodded his head when I explained the deal.  Part of the agreement was the spider would stay on his side of the shower  and I’d stay on my side of the shower. Then I would set him free. After I got dressed then went back to the shower to complete the last part of the spider accords. Kneeling down and extending my hand the spider walked onto the back of my hand. I carried that itsy bitsy spider outside, kneeled down onto the grass and the spider walked back into his comfort zone, his green green grass of home. Then out came the sun and dried off the spider. He once again nodded to me and right there me and the spider became friends. And I didn’t even catch his name.   WOW! He sure looked a lot bigger in the shower.


But have you ever seen a spider smile?


From the EastWing, A  Morning Routine, Attack of The Killer Spider, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Smiling Spider

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