Talking German, Winter Weather, Blackberry Winter, Talking ‘Bout Lou

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

In my wildest dreams would I have ever guessed the number of German friends at the EastWing. As you recall last week I published a poem in German relating to the German custom of pouring the lead at the start of New Years.

Speaking fluent Hillbilly and a smidgen of proper English, from time to time, I had no idea whether  the poem contained any foul language or not. The reaction of my EastWing friends to the question I posed was amazingly fast. Within a matter of minutes I received email assurances that the poem was family friendly.

By Monday morning my email contained many more assurances attesting to the family friendly contents of the poem. Offers to convert the poem into English were made. Then one friend sent a link that displayed the poem line by line first German then English. I then read the poem for myself. Yes, if Mama was alive today, I’d read the poem to Mama. The ultimate test of the quality of the language, I’d read the poem to my Mama. Mama would have approved.

No matter what the weather someone will complain. With the start of the tax filing season underway, I now see several people a day. It was last week one client wanted to spend their time complaining about what a bad winter we were having. I just listened and nodded. Before the day was done another client could not  get over what a fine  winter  season we were having. I learned a long time ago, in the office, smile and say little, nod and smile as if in agreement. It’s at the EastWing when whatever I have to say gets said.

And the things people say. The person complaining about the bad winter asked if I knew about Blackberry Winter.  I was hesitant to say you came to the right place, so I just said yes I knew about Blackberry Winter. Wonder of wonders the one complaining about the current winter had no knowledge of Blackberry Winter. And so I said, “Blackberry Winter is simply a cold snap when the Blackberries are in bloom. This usually occurs during the first half of May. An interesting fact in the lifecycle of the Blackberry plant, if Blackberry Winter does not occur, there will be no Blackberries that year.”

Blackberries are my favorite of all berries. Have always loved to pick Blackberries. As a little hillbilly boy  I picked Blackberries with Lou on mountain side on  South Fork during the summer time.

My grandmother was a vain ole girl. She hated getting old, loved being forever young at heart. Lou  shared my smiles. She had upwards of several dozen grandchildren. They all called her Grandma. I called her Lou. No one ever knew why I called her Lou when everyone else called her Grandma. But I did. I suspect Lou told me to.

Lou and I, we just got along. To this very day I still miss Lou.

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I Wish You Well,