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A few days ago a person walked into the Office of RHCO Inc. for the expressed purpose of telling me how wrong I’ve been by supporting Donald Trump for President. All the while telling me how wrong the President had acted in firing the Director of the FBI. How he needed to resign before the democrats impeach him.


When asked why did all the democrats up until that same morning wanted the FBI Director fired, and when he was, they all dumped on the President for doing so. Her response was “that was before they all knew about Trump and the Russians and what the FBI was getting ready  to announce in two days”.


As  to how she knew about the Russians and Trump, she said all you have to do is listen to and watch CNN. They have the real news and information about Trump that the other news stations are trying to cover up because with Trump’s money he’s bought ‘em all off except CNN and they can’t be bought off for any amount of money.


Did you ever get the  feeling you’ve talked to a post? Now I’m not saying,,,,,, Yes I am saying sometimes folks with the intellect of a tree stump walk into my life.


Don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing this Trump Russian thing. After nine months of intense investigation by FBI, NSA, CIA, and two branches of the Congress, not a single  piece of evidence has emerged. This matter is driven by the news media leading the National Democratic Party around by the brass ring of the bull. All the while the leader of the National Democratic Committee makes every effort to  inject the “F” word into every conversation concerning conservatives. Maybe they will include that in the next official NDC Handbook.


All the official investigative branches of government have not produced a single strain of anything to support the claim. So it turns out the only real evidence of this Trump Russian collusion lies deep within the secret vaults of CNN. After all, they can’t be bought for any amount of money.


If you look a little deeper into the mindset of the democrats you will find total and complete detachment from reality. Their contention that the election was lost due to the FBI Director and the Russians stealing emails from the Clinton people and then publishing the emails. So the Russians had to be the cause of the election loss.


Not a single democrat will ever address the contents of those emails. The most damning, vial, mean spirited garbage bubbled up from the bowels of hell when John Podesta spoke thru his emails. These emails were bad enough then throw in the Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee trying her best to sabotage the Ole Bern by giving answers in advance of the questions  to the candidate of her choice  and you then have dumb and dumber on steroids.


Keep in mind that the only thing the democrats have to hold on to is the “Russians threw the election”. Without that they would have to admit to having put up a flawed candidate, a so very wrong candidate, a candidate who  simply felt entitled by gender, a candidate who felt it to be her turn. A candidate who could not even answer the simple question “Why do you want to be president?”


I’ve heard that old “I want to fight for women and children” so much I’m tired of it.  I looked into what she has actually done in this area of our society. Nothing. Nothing at all. Not a single thing to point to as an example to support the  contention of wanting to fight for women and children. An even worse track record emerged when she served as Secretary of State. I’m not even gonna talk about her actions with women when Bill Clinton was president.


A flawed candidate with nothing to show for accomplishments in thirty years of public life. A democrat party that has lost  touch with  the real people of these United States. An FBI news conference laying out crimes committed with no recommendation to prosecute. Knowing full well that nine out of ten federal prosecutors worth their salt would take such a case to a grand jury in a heartbeat, the FBI Director saved the day for the democrat candidate.


With that news conference the FBI Director over stepped his authority and demonstrated his investigative skills along the lines of Barney Fife more so than Sherlock Homes.   In lockstep, all good democrats fell in love with the Barney Fife of the FBI. That love fest  turned to hate eleven day prior to the election when Barney looked at additional emails from the candidate that turned up on the laptop of a suspected pedophile, who was also under investigation by the FBI.


So the only thing to hold on to is “The Russians did it”. “ The FBI Director did it.” An admission the candidate was the wrong choice is the other alternative.  And we all know that can’t be the case.


Have you noticed that Hillary is acting exactly the way she said Donald Trump was going to act when he lost the election. In her latest round of blame gaming, she’s identified no less than 25 different groups and individuals who are responsible for her losing the election. The FBI, the Russians, WikiLeaks, the National Democratic Party, Obama, Twitter, Google, Face Book a thousand Russian operatives and the country of Macedonia just to name a few. Yet says she takes full responsibility for her decisions. After all, the candidate still wants to fight for women and children.


Then a woman holds up a bloody mask in the shape of the president’s head. She says I’m sorry, and expects to world to forget. Two days later she says the president is a bully and his family is picking on her and they are not accepting her apology. Said they would not pick on her if she was a man. WOW!


My question on this is where is Chuck U Schumer? Where is Nancy Pelosi? Where is Hillary Clinton? Bill Clinton? Any elected democrat? Obama? Why is Chuck U Schumer not demanding the special counsel investigate this woman for possible connection with the Russians? After all, part of the picture was RED. The more liberals speak the more they demonstrate why they are not in charge of things political in our society.


The more I watch the liberals trying to tear down the president, the more they remind me of a “Self Licking Ice Cream Cone”. A bad idea at the time and gets worse as time goes on.


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