With Spike Doing Well, Sophia Moon Walking, Email Scams, Father Mark From the Mountains

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the East Wing.

Thank you one and all for your concern for the Birthday Kitten, The Man Cat, Spike. Spike is doing well and is currently holding court in the East Wing. Now having joined the inside pets completing his special elective surgery, he’s truly one of the gang. They still look at his rear end hair cut and laugh, but oh well, things are like that in the East Wing. We some have hair and some don’t

While Spike has settled into his new role as house cat, Sophia on the other hand is yet to come down from the clouds of euphoria. Wow! Talk ‘bout a cat high, ya wouldn’t believe a cat could get so high till ya see Sophia walk on air. Remember Michael Jackson’s Moon Walk? She can. I’m telling ya, Sophia can Moon Walk with the best of ‘em. On her back legs, standing tall, Moon Walking Cat. And I thought she looked good doing the back flips, till I saw the Moon Walking.

Sophia says she’s glad the President is out of the country. ‘Cause every time he leaves the country his approval rating goes up. She thinks it’s ‘cause people want him to get as far away as possible. Damn Republican Cat.

Was last week’s weather great or what? How many thought for sure that’s Indiana Summer? Wrong! Indian Summer don’t start till St. Martin’s Day. November 11, is considered the beginning of Indian summer, a period of warm weather following a cold spell or hard frost.

An old saying is “If All Saints’ (November 1) brings out winter, St. Martin’s brings out Indian summer.” Indian summer can occur between St. Martin’s Day and November 20. And if ya remember, last Thursday sure felt like summer, being 70° and all. But for the rest of the Indian Summer, it kinda cooled down, down toward winter, but that’s ok too, ‘cause winter’s kinda cool. At least two summer like days fall within the St. Martin to November 20th time frame this year. Some times it just don’t happen at all, so were blessed this year with a short Indian Summer. Sometimes it’s quality not quantity that counts.

Seems I remember hearing somewhere the origin of the term, Indian Summer, some say that it comes from the early Native Americans, who believed that the condition was caused by a warm wind sent from the court of their southwestern God, Cautantowwit. I wonder what those old Indians were smoking when they thought that one up. Pot’s old, and been ‘round a long time ya know.

Some times I think my email is like a pop quiz, ya never know what’s coming next. A fellow asked if I knew the name of the full moon of November. HELLO ! I’m a stargazer, have been so forever. Not really forever, but for a long time. Did ya ever wonder ‘bout things like how long is forever. I think it’s as long as it needs to be and then it’s some more.

Talking ‘bout forever, I had some people want to talk a while back ‘bout the “end of time”, did I think it was near, did I think it was far. I told ‘em right up, “if ya die today, then your end of time is near. I hope mine’s far”.

The answer is yes, I know. The Full Beaver Moon of November. I should’ve answered back and said do ya know why it’s called the Beaver Moon. I didn’t, but almost did. That would’ve been the wrong thing to say to a person who may not know. But I almost did. Smarty pants from guy Montana, trying to get me to sin by talking mean to a person I don’t even know, but I almost did.

Oh, and that Full Beaver Moon, well they called it that ‘cause that’s the time of the year to make sure ya set all the beaver traps before the creeks and rivers and everything freeze. That way you’re assured a goodly supply of warm Beaver Furs for the winter. And we all know how important that is today.

We don’t do much beaver trapping from the East Wing. I just rely on the hunting skills of the 2girldogs to keep me supplied with warm animal furs for the winter. It turns out that my warm furs pretty much amount to Pup Baby laying at the foot of my bed while I sleep. Oh well, at least it’s warm fur for the winter. Along with Sophia and Spike, I sometimes have more warm furs than I need, even in the winter.

Sometimes think the worst thing I could have ever done in my lifetime is to register with National Diabetic Association after being diagnosed with diabetes back in the spring. I now get lots of email related to diabetes. Today I received the ultimate email on diabetes.

It was from a law firm, that email letter on diabetes, they didn’t identify their location. Them folks wanted to know if I had ever taken ad drug called AVANDIA. I have not. They told me ‘bout lots of people having taken Avandia for their diabetes and having such bad things happen to them medically. They even went on and on ‘bout the Federal Government investigating the makers of Avandia.

Told me there was going to be a large sum of money set aside for people who’d taken this drug and had experienced a bad medical outcome, those email lawyers. All I had to do was just fill in the blank spaces on the form and I’m going to get some money, lots of money. Now the fact I never took Avandia didn’t seem to matter at all, just fill in the blanks and wait for the money.

Sounded like a democrat scheme to me so I decided to get Sophia’s input. Now for you that may not know the inter working of the East Wing, Sophia spends most all her time lying on the back of my chair when I’m in the East Wing. And for those who don’t know ‘bout the East Wing at all, it’s a 24×20 room built onto the original east end of my house. Three sides are all glass walls, floor to ceiling, the 4th side is the original outside of the house, with just enough walls to support the roof. The East Wing, where me and the 2girldogs, Sophia, Spike and the She call home. Although the She don’t stay in the East Wing as much as the rest of us do.

Sophia stays on the back of my chair for a simple reason. That way she can read the screen as I type, also so she can whisper into my ear, only on problem, Sophia don’t do whisper. Sophia knows I’m deaf without my hearing aids, so with her laying on the back of the chair, she can yell into my right ear with ease. And believe me she does, both loud and often.

When asked ‘bout the Avandia, Sophia said “there’s a sucker born every minute, you grape or orange?” Very few people like smart ass cats. But ya gota love the Calico Cat when she smiles. The Moon Walking part, well that’s just like gravy on biscuits, it’s just been made extra special.

Remember this time ‘bout a year ago or so, I was talking ‘bout a Catholic Priest from Kentucky coming to my church in North Judson. Well guess what, today we had another Catholic Priest from Kentucky come to my church in North Judson.

Father Mark Dreves from the Diocese of Lexington. Now when most folks think ‘bout Lexington, they tend to think one of three things, Blue Grass, Race Horses, or the University of Kentucky Wildcats. The Catholic Church’s not widely associated with the State of Kentucky, yet the Catholic Church puts forth extensive efforts in Southeastern Kentucky, both spiritual and charitable. Most all of this work goes unnoticed by the rest of the world, noticed only by those who’s lives are touched by the efforts. That alone is the reward for the effort.

Father Mark currently serves in the capacity of Vicar General in the Diocese of Lexington. Now for you non Catholic folks, the Vicar General is kinda like the Vice President, in the sense he’s the number two guy in charge. That’s where the similarity ends. The main job of the Vice President is to wait around for the President to die so he can be President.

Not the case with the Vicar General, this is the go to position that makes any diocese work, and Father Mark appears, from my too short a visit with him, to be just the right man for the job. He probably don’t think so, but I’ll bet ya his Bishop does.

Talk ‘bout Devine Intervention, last Saturday I had a certain amount of work that just had to be completed in my office. A deadline I had established two weeks prior. I was aware the Father Mark was on his way to my office and my concern was I’d have to ask him to cool his heels while I finished my work for the day. It was with that thought in my mind that I continued to process the stuff that had to be done.

The work got finished, checked and rechecked for detail, it was acceptable, I pushed the button to both save and print. It was as the very last page of a long document exited the printer that Father Mark knocked on my office door. Some times things work out so good ya just say “Thank you Jesus” and go on ‘bout you life.

At mass this weekend in both North Judson and San Pierre, Father Mark brought the message of the need for assistance in Southeastern Kentucky. The difficulty of life in the mountains, the struggle to maintain a family relationship, the frustration of chronic unemployment. Lack of money, lack of clothing, lack of food, lack of education, and in many instances lack of hope. Life is hard in the mountains for many people who call those mountains home.

Kind and gentle people, both saints and sinners mixed together right there in the mountains, much the same mix as any other place in the world. There’s always charitable need throughout the world. It’s something ya can’t dwell upon forever or you’ll become so depressed you’ll join the hopeless.

But ya just do your part, and the Family of Howard’s part to assist the Diocese of Lexington in their charitable efforts in Appalachia is to provide clothing. We don’t know how much or how it’ll get delivered. But it will. Those are details which will fill in as we go forward with the program.

It’s one thing to hear of a human need, kick in ten bucks and forget about it. It’s another thing to hear of a need close to home and decide to try to do something about it. It’s kinda like calling ourselves Catholic and not responding, why would we not respond? Pray that our efforts to provide clothing for those in need in Magoffin and Floyd County Kentucky will be successful, better yet join me in the effort.

Now ‘bout that calling ourselves Catholic statement, think about it. Calling ourselves Catholic no more makes us Christian than standing in our garage one hour a week makes us a car. Did ya ever wonder ‘bout the number of cars at mass?

And they’ll know we are Christian by our deeds.

Stay safe in Afghanistan

From the East Wing, With Spike Doing Well, Sophia Moon Walking, Email Scams, Father Mark From the Mountains

I wish you well,