-16°, An Extra Day, Winter Things To Say, A Mole Hunting Bird Dog, A White Mud Poodle

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

It’s January 2, 2018 at 7:00 in the AM and it’s -16°at the EastWing. Too cold to even think about going out today. A Lazy Day coming on.  Just gonna stay home and continue the Christmas / New Year Holiday one more day then wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Setting at the EastWing computer thinking of many things this coldest day in a long while, I start to marvel all over again at the  beauty of the snow. There has to be many things that can be said about the snow to make it more people friendly to those who hate winter.  And so right now I’m setting about finding such things to say about the winter time, the short day, the lone nights, the cold and the snow.

December is past, even at the worst case you can think of, it’s only two months till March, and February’s a short month.

Winter is the time of the year when we all try to keep our house as warm as it was in the summer, when we complained about the heat.

Kind words can melt both ice and snow. They can also make sunshine in the rain.

Anyone who says only sunny weather brings happiness has never done three things in their life, danced in the rain, made mud pies, or snow angles.

Snowflakes are kisses blown directly from the hand of God.

Snowmen fall from heaven one piece at a time. They come unassembled and without instructions.

When it snows, you have three choices; complain, shovel,  or make snow angels.

On a bright sunny day, the snow  sparkles like a millions of little light bulbs. No heat, just sparkle. Kinda like some people I know. All show and no go.

Whether the weather is fine, Whether the weather is not, Whether the weather is cold, Whether the weather is hot, We’ll weather the weather, Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not, Whenever the weather is whatever.

Not sure the things I’ve said above  make any sense to anybody except me, but it sure has been fun just setting here in the warm EastWing on this coldest day in a long long time, and thinking of nice things to say about  the winter, about the cold, about  the snow, about the weather being whatever.

One of the things we’ve never had is a big hang up on is a picture perfect lawn. Here at the EastWing, we live in the summertime gardens. My dogs and cat also live in the gardens.  The beautiful She plants lots of flowers in the gardens. From their efforts, you would think The Bird Dog LucyBrown and the Poodle Mr. Boo have a contract to plow the lawns at will. And so they do.

This past spring summer and fall we had an unusual number of ground moles. I made no effort to get rid of the moles. The dogs tried, oh Lord how they tried. The plowing of the sod continued until the  ground froze and the mole decided to migrate south with the birds.

LucyBrown is built for digging. Strong long legs, long nose and a built in system of smell that exceeds me and you by about 100 to 1. With such an ability to smell, it’s no wonder LucyBrown enjoys digging the moles. She can smell ‘em before she digs. The way LucyBrown smells  is kinda interesting. A key factor in  LucyBrown’s ability to smell is humidity. The drier the air, the less scent is carried in the air. With a smellability of 100 to 1 in favor of the Bird Dog, LucyBrown doesn’t mind low humidity.

 Now this may gross you out a little bit to think that you are doing this, but you are. We all are. All living things constantly shed dead cells. We, the people shed dead body cells  at the rate of 50 million per second. As they fall they are enveloped by a microscopic vapor cloud.  In the presence of warmth and water, bacteria act on these tissue cells as a nutrient source, multiplying their odor. Bound to water vapor in the air, they are carried to a dog’s nose. That’s why every day LucyBrown gives me a full body smell. When I change clothes, she smells everything I take off. Everything that goes in the dirty clothes hamper, The Bird God LucyBrown checks it out.

 Mr. Boo on the other hand, he don’t have a clue. He just digs and don’t know why.  Mr. Boo being a little tiny feller, can dig himself a hole deeper than his body in nothing flat. He enjoys digging after a rain when the soil is soft. Mr. Boo’s fur is white After a mole digging day he comes home, a dark shade of mud. But all is not lost, Mr. Boo is  small enough that a quick trip to the kitchen sink, warm water, doggy shampoo, a complete rinse with the  sprayer, and a big fluffy towel drying brings back the white Mr. Boo.

I’ll  say one last thing for the magic of winter. With the snow on my gardens, our lawns look as good as the neighbors. Maybe better, with the Snow Angels in place.

From The EastWing, -16°, An Extra Day, Winter Things To Say, A Mole Hunting Bird Dog, A White Mud Poodle

I Wish You Well, ☺♥☻