Culver’s Croy Places 3rd at World Auctioneering Contest

Editor’s note: Information published as submitted by Justin Croy

The National Auctioneers Association held its 67th Annual Conference & Show on July 18th thru the 23rd in Grand Rapids Michigan. Auctioneers from across the world gather at De Vos Place Convention Center to network and discuss industry business. The conference wrapped up with the 29th annual International Auctioneers Championship. 95 Auctioneers from throughout the United States and parts of Ireland competed to be the International Auctioneer Champion (IAC).

Among these contestants was Marshall County native Justin Croy. At just 21 years old, Croy finished 2nd runner up in the contest. Croy, a Culver Community High School grad is no stranger to competitive auctioneering. In 2014 Croy won the International Jr. Auctioneering Championship. He is also the first ever winner of the Indiana Jr. Auctioneering Championship. In last year’s competition Croy placed in the top 15 auctioneers in the world.

The contest is divided into three different parts. Preliminary bid calling, Interview skills and Finals bid calling. Both the preliminary and final bid calling portions are scored in three different categories; Introduction, (appearance, item description, etc.) Chant/Voice, (auction chant, speed, rhythm, clarity) and effective Auctioneering, (saying “sold” at the conclusion of the bidding, salesmanship etc.) the interview portion is judged on content and presentation.  After the conclusion of the contest, both a Men’s and Women’s champion is named.

“I am very humbled to be awarded with this honor. It’s a great sense of validation for me both personally and professionally.” Croy stated.

Croy will be a junior in college while working full time in the auction business at Oak Crest Auctions in Plymouth, IN.

Croy’s next competition will be held November 4th at Swan Lake Resort in Plymouth, IN, where Croy hopes to win the Indiana Auctioneers Championship Senior Division. From there he will travel to Columbus, Ohio to compete for next year’s world title. “I’m very excited for the upcoming contest schedule; having a contest in our own back yard makes it easier to focus on the task at hand. I have a love for the auction industry that grows daily. Auctions are Fun, Fast, and Transparent and I hope to continue to make the auction the preferred method used in the market place.”  He states, “The National Auctioneer Association gives auctioneers the tools needed to succeed and I hope to continue to do just that.”

Croy ended his interview by saying “Auctions Work!”

You can watch Croy in action at some of his upcoming auctions that are held throughout the area. For a complete scheduled of auctions visit For any questions or information you can contact Justin at 574-952-2711.