Knox JPW Cheer Squad to compete at Nationals

This fundraiser is for Knox JPW Cheer Squad to compete at Nationals at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida .

The girls are ages 8-11years of age who compete in the JPW division.

In October 2016 our girls competed for their first year at District in Indiana and took home a 1st Place Championship Trophy & also HIGHEST score of the day put of all squads, all ages.

In November 2016 next they then went on to compete at Regionals in Illinois and took home a 1st place Championship trophy.  We are now headed to NATIONALS!!!!

There are 16 team members that we need to get to nationals. Expenses will be airfare, hotel, tickets, food, etc  help us get these girls there so we can bring home the NATIONAL CHAMPION title.

These girls work HARD!  They practice anywhere from 2-4 days per week for 1 1/2-3 hours at a time.  They also cheer at their teams games each weekend leaving very little free time after school or on weekends.  They toss into the air several feet up, flip, front and back walkovers, tumble, back flip, jump, cartwheel etc.  It’s a very hard sport to be in. Numerous cheerleaders also attend gymnastics to help better their squad which is even more time, money, & energy for these girls to participate in.  These girls are BEYOND talented and deserve their chance at Disney!  We believe they will be first place Champions!!!!  Let’s get Knox on the map and featured on ESPN as having the #1 JPW Cheer Squad out there!  DONATE & SHARE our link DAILY if possible 🙂  Thank you in advance from all the Cheerleaders, Coaches, & Parents for supporting our squad and helping them make their dreams come true.

ALL $$$$$$ received will be split EQUALLY among the girls that attend the 2016 trip to Nationals to compete.  So  feel free to share, tag, tweet, copy & paste the link etc. and lets get these girls to Disney!!!!

In the event we do not qualify for Disney in 2016 the funds will continue to be saved for the squad for the following year.

The Cheer & Dance Championships feature over 300 cheer and dance teams who compete at a five-day long event. Competitions take place at the HP Field House at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex ™. Cheer & Dance Squads compete in 4 different age ranges (Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Jr. JV & Varsity). The Cheer teams also compete in sizes (Small, Medium & Large) and four competition categories (YCADA PW1, PW2, PW3 & PW4). The Dance teams compete in two competition categories (YCADA Pom Performance and Theme Dance).Each year, Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. hosts the Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Cheer and Dance Championships.

For the past eleven years, the event has taken place at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex ™ in Lake Buena Vista, FL during the first full week of December.

The 26TH Pop Warner Cheer and Dance Championships is a 6 day long event beginning on Saturday, Dec. 6th with a Mitey Mite Cheer Event and national finals taking place Monday Dec.5th through Friday, Dec. 9th, at the HP Field House Arena at ESPN’s WWOS, just upstairs from the football fields. Our Advanced Division

PW4 squads across all age ranges will perform live on ESPN3. Over 450 cheer and dance squads participate in small, medium and large squads in four divisions at novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Competition begins with the youngest age divisions performing on Monday and the eldest cheerleaders on Friday, and is broken into morning and afternoon sessions each wrapping up with a festive parade of champions and awards ceremonies.

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