Pioneer Cemetery – TTAAFTMC

Phase 1 of the project involves the restoration of the stone terrace at the north end of Pioneer Cemetery
TTAAFTMC is looking much better than it was when this photo was taken a few short months ago.

Dr. Dennis Dalphond’s work to rehabilitate Pioneer Cemetery in North Judson is continuing, and WKVI is pleased to share his weekly progress reports.

So things are going well down at the terraced area across from the Methodist Church. Don’t know about you but I am getting tired of typing (with one finger) “the terraced area across from the Methodist Church” every time I have to say something about the terraced area across from the Methodist Church. So I have shortened it to TTAAFTMC which, obviously stands for the terraced area across from the Methodist Church.

Sooo much easier to type “TTAAFTMC” than to type “the terraced area across from the Methodist Church.” How many more times, in this article am I going to type “the terraced area across from the Methodist Church” which, as we know, has been shortened to TTAAFTMC? I am not sure how many more times but, as M knows, I am one for chokin’ a dead horse far longer than is generally required to still the heart of a horse. Them things are big!!! Horses I mean. Huge they are and I think you would best be careful when chokin’ one cause if you stop chokin’ too soon and horsey is still alive-well he will not be very happy with you and might want to exact revenge in the form of sarcasm which they are very good at. Neighhhheh. Horses ROCK. As we all know having many times seen rocking horses. Wait a second…M is sayin’ somethin 2 me-what’s that Hon-in the USA people say “beating” a dead horse?..and not “choking” it…really. Hmmm. Well all I know is that in Canadia we are into chokin’ the pony-to make double sure it ceases to exist-to choke it until it is no more. Such strange customs.

It would appear that this article is much ‘ado about nothing but I want to make 3 or more points

#1. The terraced area across from the Methodist Church has been shortened to TTAAFTMC

#2. I will be at the TAAFTMC (so much easier) every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. if anyone wants to help out-1-2 hours of work and play. I will always be there at that time. Unless I am not. There at that time is what I mean-but will put notice in THE MARKET and/or on Facebook if plans change.

#3. Marshall (dillon??) the North Judson Town Superintendant has checked out the plumbing to the spigots on the hill, and it ain’t pretty. Old pipe leaks bad-the older the pipe the badder the leak and them babies is old (the pipes I mean). So we will have to continue with the Methodist Water-so refreshing!-and my garden hose and Mr. Tyler Lee and that is a good lead in for

#4. the 80 plants that we planted 4 weeks ago have found salvation in the name of Mr. Tyler Lee-you know him-he is of Helen and Steve fame. He has been diligently getting water to them babies (the plants I mean) and they are looking great. Looking great in the middle of a drought, no less. Tyler you da man! Thanks Bud-one less thing for me to fret about.

Pulaski County 4-H Fair Results

This afternoon the following 4-H’ers were crowned 4-H Royally and Court at the Pulaski County Fair:

Pulaski County 4-H Royalty:

Regan Culp who is the daughter of Dan and Melissa Culp and is a member of the Salem Super Stars 4-H Club and Peyton Newman who is the daughter of Art and Melissa Newman and is a member of Indian Creek Indians 4-H Club.

Their court is:

Jacob Conner who is the son of Jim and Mary Conner and is a member of the Indian Creek Indians 4-H Club

Kassi Dahn who is the daughter of Brian and Rosa Dahn and is a member of the Busy Beavers 4-H Club.

Rachel Ploss who is the daughter of Tony and Patti Ploss and is a member of the Monroe 76’ers 4-H Club

Andriana Smith  who is the daughter of Doug and Amy Smith and is a member of Indian Creek and Paw Prints 4-H Clubs.

Swine Results 2016

Horse Show Results – 2016

Fair Results 7-5-2016

2016 Entry Results For Media from 6.25.16 check in (5)

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Knox Middle School Student Honored with Rollin Harold Whiting Award

Rollin Award 1Thursday, June 23 at Knox Middle School, Pat Zobrist presented the Rollin Harold Whiting Award to KMS student Clinton Stacy. He’s the son of Rockey and Amy Stacy.

The Rollin Harold Whiting Award is awarded to an 8th grade boy who is active in the basketball program.  Knox High School Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Rob Krueger was present for the presentation. Rollin 2

Tri Kappa Supports Project Lead the Way

DSC05088 - c June 2016 Laurie Simmons science
Laurie Simmons, KHS Science Teacher (left) accepts a check from Shirley Fosler, Vice President of Tri Kappa, for support for the “Project Lead The Way” , Biomedical Science course at Knox High School.

The Knox Chapter of Tri Kappa supported the “Project Lead The Way” class at Knox High School recently by funding some of the supplies.

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Biomedical Science is a program that offers students the opportunity to learn hands on and research skills to become career ready in a biomedical field. Students take a series of courses starting with Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Biological Systems, and Medical Interventions to learn biotech skills. There are currently six students who have completed the first two years of the program and will take the Medical Interventions course this fall. Laurie Simmons and Kori Hamm are the science teachers in charge of the


Pioneer Cemetery Project Spotlight

Phase 1 of the project involves the restoration of the stone terrace at the north end of Pioneer Cemetery
Phase 1 of the project involves the restoration of the stone terrace at the north end of Pioneer Cemetery

Editor’s note: WKVI is pleased to share articles submitted by Dr. Dennis Dalphond regarding the progress of his restoration efforts at Pioneer Cemetery.

Met with the North JudsonTown Board Monday evening to give an update as to our progress on the cemetery deal. They were VERY receptive and appreciative of our efforts thus far. Promised to see if those water spigots can be turned on so that I can bring my garden hose back home. I do not have a sprinkler system in our back yard so M and I have been watering our stuff with water buckets. Oh my aching back but so far my back surgery is holding out. Continue reading

Dr. Dalphond Updates Pioneer Cemetery Progress

Group photoEditor’s note: Dr. Dennis Dalphond is spearheading restoration efforts at Pioneer Cemetery in North Judson. For the past few months he has written a weekly update on the progress of the project for “The Market.” We’re now going to share it on our site as well.


Pioneer Cemetery Update

Iris Elm Members Attend National Garden Club Convention

Iris Elm GCThe Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. (TGCI) held its 85th Annual State Convention hosted by Central West District on April 11-13 at the Canyon Inn, McCormick’s Creek State Park, Spencer, IN. Over 135 federated garden club members and guests from across the state of Indiana gathered to learn about “Nature’s Palate.” Darlene Fritz, President, Wanda Zahrt Vice-President, Sybil Sutton, and David Zahrt from The Iris-Elm Garden Club of Winamac attended this conference.
Highlights of the programming was a presentation by Betty Trusty on “Indiana State Flag,” enhancing the kicking off of the TGCI “Blue and Gold Floral Tribute to Indiana’s Flag” during this year of the Indiana Bicentennial Celebration. TGCI is encouraging everyone to plant blue and gold flowers.
Local federated garden clubs promote interest and education in Horticulture, Landscaping, Floral Design and Environmental Concerns. Local clubs are affiliated with District, State, Region and National Garden Clubs, all together, growing our world and green in our communities.

A National Garden Club program is the Blue Star Memorials. TGCI will dedicate a Blue Star Memorial on the Veterans Hospital in Indianapolis in June and Iris-Elm will be dedicating a Blue Star By-Way marker in Winamac in August. Members create a powerful voice and expansive network for advancing common interest.

National Garden Club is one of the most recognized non-profits in the United States and the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world with nearly 6,000 federated garden clubs and about 200,000 members. For information about joining a garden club contact Darlene Fritz at 574-946-3572 or go to email

Knox High School Winter Guard Competition

Winter Guard
Front Row left to right: Tess Van Vleet, Sidney Baciewic, Kate Redelja Back Row left to right: Olivia Parker, Madison McDougal, Roxxy Littleton, Brittney Tharpe, Maya Ward, Ariel Gott.

The Knox High School Winterguard performed their winter program, “Elastic” in competition this past Saturday at Anderson High School.  The guard was among 36 guards and brought home a Gold Division rating and tied for First Place honors with Monroe Central High School.  Knox will be in State Division Finals competition on Saturday March 19, 2016 at Center Grove.

Knox High School All Conference Athletics

Drew Dan, Aerielle McIntire, Noelle Heise, Thomas Shaw, Tonya Conley and Hannah Coad

KHS is happy to announce our students recognized –   All Conference Academics

Hoosier North Athletic Conference All Conference Academics Winter 2015-2016


Tri Kappa Zeta Chapter Prepares for Easter Fundraiser

IMG_0676 c 800
Back, left to right: Nathan Gagnon (KHS National Honor Society), Terrill Hahn, Jenny Landrum, Kim Gingher, Robin Banks, Noelle Heise KHS National Honor Society), Liz Griffith (KHS National Honor Society), Jacky Magdia (KHS National Honor Society), Summer Skibbe (KHS National Honor Society), Megan Johnson, Kathy Kukula Front: Rhonda Cavinder, president of the chapter

The Zeta Eta chapter of Tri Kappa (Knox), held a work day for one of the major projects of the year — Chocolate covered Easter Eggs.  With the help of some of the KHS National Honor Society students on Friday and Saturday, approximately 2200 eggs were made.  Continue reading

Knox High School Choir Students Compete ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest

Row 1- Faith Rowe, Emily Tolson, Kayla Loughry, Emmy Stephenson, Allison Marshall, Elise Mick Row 2- Samantha Kretchmer, Dawn Comeno, Allison Minix, Jenny Enger, Maria Hasnerl, Tess VanVleet, Faith VanVleet Row 3- Tyler McCarty, Hilton Brown, Malachi Adcock, Samuel Kuric, Andrew VanAsdall
Row 1- Faith Rowe, Emily Tolson, Kayla Loughry, Emmy Stephenson, Allison Marshall, Elise Mick
Row 2- Samantha Kretchmer, Dawn Comeno, Allison Minix, Jenny Enger, Maria Hasnerl, Tess VanVleet, Faith VanVleet
Row 3- Tyler McCarty, Hilton Brown, Malachi Adcock, Samuel Kuric, Andrew VanAsdall

On Saturday, January 29th, members of the Knox High School Choir traveled to Kankakee Valley High School to participate in ISSMA District Solo and Ensemble Contest. The students did an outstanding job representing Knox High School. Continue reading

Iris Elm Garden Club Installs Blue Star Byway Marker

Iris Elm Garden Club
Wanda Zahrt, Darlene Fritz, Gretchen Bleicher, Jacquie Lawson, Reese Shider and Blake Caston in the Bobcat.

If you pass by the Freight Depot at the intersection of Main and Logan streets in Winamac, you may notice a new addition to the home of the Iris Elm Garden Club in the form of a large stone. In partnership with the Garden Clubs of Indiana’s State President Jodi Meyer, the Iris Elm Garden Club has committed to installing a Blue Star Byway Marker to honor the nation’s Armed Forces, as part of the Garden Clubs of Indiana’s 2016-2017 initiatives.
The Blue Star Memorial program was named for the blue star in the service flag, which hung in windows of homes and businesses to honor service men and women during World War II. The program originated with the National Council of State Garden Clubs in 1945, and for over 65 years, the program has grown across all 50 states, honoring those who serve our nation in the past, present and future. Continue reading

Leadership Starke County Class Visits Justice Center

Starke County Justice CenterOn February 5 the Leadership Starke County class met at the County Justice Center to discuss and learn about local government and the criminal justice system.  Sheriff Bill Dulin and his staff hosted the event.  This was the 6th class in a series of 9 sessions that provides information on the county, networking with local leaders, discussions about the issues, and community leadership skills.  This year the class consists of 8 adults and 3 high school juniors from the county.  Debbie Mix, Starke County Chamber Executive Director, and Jim Jessup facilitate the training. Continue reading

Winterguard & Winter Drumline

The Knox High School Winterguard performed in competition this past weekend in spectacular style bringing home a Gold rating and placing Second among a class of 21 schools at the Zionsville HS Invitational.  The Guard won the Design Analysis  and General Effect 2 captions.  The Guard will be back in competition on Feb. 27 at Northview High School.

The Knox High School Winter Drumline brought home Second place honors this past weekend from the Carrol High School Invitational.  The drumline won the Visual caption with the highest score among ALL classes.  They will be in action this weekend at Pendleton Heights HS on Saturday.
Congratulations to both groups and good luck as you continue your seasons.

Starke County Historical Society’s benefit drawing Winners

A lucky man from North Judson and another from Culver were the winners of firearms in the Starke County Historical Society’s benefit drawing Saturday.
Winner of the Mossberg 4×4 300 Win Mag, beautifully engraved NRA Indiana Hunting Tradition Rifle, with a lined case, was Jud Rouch of Culver.
Winning the Indiana 200th Statehood Shotgun was Eldon Jackson of North Judson.
Ticket sales will help the Museum Building Fund in renovations of a Museum building at a new location on South Heaton Street in Knox.
Mark Rippy, chairman of the firearms raffle, far left;
Jud Rouch of Culver, winner of the rifle, center; Deb Mix, Secretary of the Society,right, who drew the winning tickets.
Eldon Jackson, who won the shotgun, arrived after the picture was taken.