Pioneer Cemetery Project Spotlight

Phase 1 of the project involves the restoration of the stone terrace at the north end of Pioneer Cemetery
Phase 1 of the project involves the restoration of the stone terrace at the north end of Pioneer Cemetery

Editor’s note: WKVI is pleased to share articles submitted by Dr. Dennis Dalphond regarding the progress of his restoration efforts at Pioneer Cemetery.

Met with the North JudsonTown Board Monday evening to give an update as to our progress on the cemetery deal. They were VERY receptive and appreciative of our efforts thus far. Promised to see if those water spigots can be turned on so that I can bring my garden hose back home. I do not have a sprinkler system in our back yard so M and I have been watering our stuff with water buckets. Oh my aching back but so far my back surgery is holding out.

I know some, but not all, of the Town Board members and I must say that we are lucky to have them. They get some compensation but not enough to put up with knuckleheads like myself. Seriously, they are community minded and give of their time and passion to better our community. Put up or shut up I say and these folks put themselves and their reputations up for a good cause-that being North Judson and we are lucky to have them. It is a thankless job so we all need to take time to thank them. Or just shut up and attend a town meeting to view them in action. I personally thank them for their efforts.

The Lady of the house says that the above sounds as though I am sucking up to them. This is one of those rare occasions when her interpretation is wrong or not correct or not quite accurate- I have to be very careful with the words I use when describing her as I do not want to hurt her feelings. I also do not need another time-out.

Again-next meet is this Saturday at 8 am (before it gets too hot). I am NOT going to ask the Bluejays to participate as they already have (although if they show up they better be prepared for some pay-back ie. crushed fingers and Methodist water). Time to put up or shut-up folks-show up with wheelbarrows and hoes to mix the mortar to set the next course of stone-we’ll have 10 bags of mortar to mix and that should get us through the next layer of stone on the top retaining wall. Mr. Menis will be ordering more bags of mortar for our next effort. Unfortunately they do not come in less than 80 #’s. Oh my aching back! Bring masks as that mortar is fine and gets in the air and who needs mortar lung. Not me, that is for certain. I do not have as many facebook friends as M so, please spread the word and, I promise a good time will be had by all..