Pioneer Cemetery – TTAAFTMC

Phase 1 of the project involves the restoration of the stone terrace at the north end of Pioneer Cemetery
TTAAFTMC is looking much better than it was when this photo was taken a few short months ago.

Dr. Dennis Dalphond’s work to rehabilitate Pioneer Cemetery in North Judson is continuing, and WKVI is pleased to share his weekly progress reports.

So things are going well down at the terraced area across from the Methodist Church. Don’t know about you but I am getting tired of typing (with one finger) “the terraced area across from the Methodist Church” every time I have to say something about the terraced area across from the Methodist Church. So I have shortened it to TTAAFTMC which, obviously stands for the terraced area across from the Methodist Church.

Sooo much easier to type “TTAAFTMC” than to type “the terraced area across from the Methodist Church.” How many more times, in this article am I going to type “the terraced area across from the Methodist Church” which, as we know, has been shortened to TTAAFTMC? I am not sure how many more times but, as M knows, I am one for chokin’ a dead horse far longer than is generally required to still the heart of a horse. Them things are big!!! Horses I mean. Huge they are and I think you would best be careful when chokin’ one cause if you stop chokin’ too soon and horsey is still alive-well he will not be very happy with you and might want to exact revenge in the form of sarcasm which they are very good at. Neighhhheh. Horses ROCK. As we all know having many times seen rocking horses. Wait a second…M is sayin’ somethin 2 me-what’s that Hon-in the USA people say “beating” a dead horse?..and not “choking” it…really. Hmmm. Well all I know is that in Canadia we are into chokin’ the pony-to make double sure it ceases to exist-to choke it until it is no more. Such strange customs.

It would appear that this article is much ‘ado about nothing but I want to make 3 or more points

#1. The terraced area across from the Methodist Church has been shortened to TTAAFTMC

#2. I will be at the TAAFTMC (so much easier) every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. if anyone wants to help out-1-2 hours of work and play. I will always be there at that time. Unless I am not. There at that time is what I mean-but will put notice in THE MARKET and/or on Facebook if plans change.

#3. Marshall (dillon??) the North Judson Town Superintendant has checked out the plumbing to the spigots on the hill, and it ain’t pretty. Old pipe leaks bad-the older the pipe the badder the leak and them babies is old (the pipes I mean). So we will have to continue with the Methodist Water-so refreshing!-and my garden hose and Mr. Tyler Lee and that is a good lead in for

#4. the 80 plants that we planted 4 weeks ago have found salvation in the name of Mr. Tyler Lee-you know him-he is of Helen and Steve fame. He has been diligently getting water to them babies (the plants I mean) and they are looking great. Looking great in the middle of a drought, no less. Tyler you da man! Thanks Bud-one less thing for me to fret about.