Pulaski County Fair Reports 2019

Pulaski County Fair Results 2019

4-H Leaders Recognized  L-R
Scott and Joanna Thompson, Dana Field, Jenny Keller, Amy Nelson, James Conner, Lindsey Clark, James Fritz, Janice Conner, Liz Reinhold, Kevin DeWitt and Howard Conner (5o years!)
Junior Achievers 2019  L-R
Mercedes Kain, Brent Boardman, Eric Field, Adam Stimson, Reed Anderson, Talan Braun, Mason Owens, Corrin Combs, Lilly Button, Linzy Walters, and Collin Stalbaum
10 year members L-R
Last Year Member Molly McClure, 10 year members: Ethan Shannon, Karl Mullis, Danni-Jo Rausch, Ashlee Keller, Sam Griffeth, AJ Ruff, Dylan Fox, Emily Field, Koby Johnson, Breanna DeMarco, Lizzy Button, Michael Bathke, Samantha Burns and Jennifer Budd
Friend of Extension 2018
John Wheeler with MC Rachel Ploss presenting plaque and Samantha Williams announcing

Front Row – 2019 Royalty Ethan Shannon and Kirsten Calloway
Back Row – L to R  Valerie Field, McKenzie Mitchell, Emily Field, Taylor Clark

4-H Royalty are Ethan Shannon and Kirsten Calloway.Ethan is the son of Cary & Jill Shannon and a member of the Salem Super Stars 4-H Club. This is his 10th year in 4-H. He has just completed his senior year at West Central High School. He plans to attend Illinois Central College. Kirsten Calloway is the daughter of Don & Theresa Calloway and a member of the Van Buren 4-Leafers 4-H Club. This is her 7thyear in 4-H. She has just completed her freshman year at Winamac Community High School. Her future plans are to attend Purdue University and become an Extension Educator.
4-H Court are Emily Field, Valerie Field, Taylor Clark, and McKenzie Mitchell. Emily is the daughter of Darrin & Doug Field. She is a member of the Monroe 76er’s 4-H Club and is in her 10th year of 4-H. She just completed her senior year at Winamac Community High School. Valerie is the daughter of Darrin & Doug Field. She is a member of the Monroe 76er’s 4-H Club and is in her 8th year of 4-H. She just completed her sophomore year at Winamac Community High School. Taylor is the daughter of Dan & Lindsey Clark. She is a member of Franklin Farmers 4-H Club and is in her 9
th year of 4-H. She has just completed her junior year at Winamac Community High School. McKenzie Mitchell is the daughter of Josh & Sarah Mitchell. She is a member of Harrison Hustlers 4-H Club and is in her 7th year of 4-H. She has just completed her freshman year at Winamac Community High School.
Congratulations to these fine young people who are representing the 4-H program this year!
2019 Pork Shack Scholarship Winner – Emily Field
FARM Bureau Tenure Award Winner – Emily Field and Lizzy Button
L-R Shayla Ringen, Taylee Ringen, Alana Kasten, Destiny Hartmann, Luke Button
Horse & Pony:
L-R Marissa Perry, Lilly Button, Tyler Perry, and Cody Wheeler
Dairy, Beef and Sheep:
Back Row: Lucas Fagner, Shayla Ringen, Coy Field, Kirsten Calloway, Breanna DeMarco, Carter Keller, Chase Keller,Taylor Clark, Tori Culp
Front Row: Elizabeth Button, Ethan Shannon, Jocelyn Kain, Emma Nielsen
Dogs and Cats:
Back Row: Marissa Perry, Karl Mullis, Aidan Smith, Megan Stimson, McKenzie Mitchell Front Row: Leah Mitchell, Sarah Vukobratovich, Hailey Sanders
Back Row: Jaden Cords, Lucas Budka, Ethan Shannon, Lucas Fagner, Jenna Cords Front Row: Eli Shannon, Sydney Anderson, Travis Dixon, Emma Nielsen, Breanna DeMarco
Back Row: Leah Mitchell, Kyle Gibson, Lilly Button, Jacob Sanders, Taylee Ringen, Destiny Hartmann, John Hileman Front Row: Luke Button, Alana Kasten
Child Development, Books, Genealogy, Collections, Health, Public Speaking
Back Row: Shaylynn Pogue, Sadie Pogue, Eric Field, Ethan Shannon, Alek Gutwein, Claire Conner, Makylah Holle, Sydney Mellon Front Row: Jenna Bolen, Kelsey Conner, Corrin Combs, Evelyn Libey
Electric, Computer Arts, Aerospace, Bicycle
: Eric Field, Aidan Smith, Lucas Fagner, John Hileman
Veterinary Science, Weather, Forestry, Geology, Wildlife, Recycling, Soil & Water Conservation, Entomology, Beekeeping
: Brooke Rausch, Kirsten Calloway, Chloe Felda, Samantha DePoy, Sawyer DePoy, Brendan Day, Kelsey Conner, Jayden Beckner
Tractor, Farm Toy Scene, Lego, Do Your Own Thing, Woodworking, Small Engines
: Back Row: Valerie Field, Ali Grothaus, Maddox Bucinski, Jasmine Felda, , Westin Kelsey, Kirsten Calloway, Eric Field, Elizabeth Button, Lilly Button Front Row: Trey Moss, Claire Conner, Aidan Smith, Lucas Fagner, Joshua Sanders
Sewing, Fashion Review, Consumer Clothing:
Back Row: Sydney Mellon, MaKayla Libey, Alison Grothaus, Valerie Field Front Row: Corrin Combs, Kelsey Conner, McKenzie Mitchell
Home Environment, Personality, Giftwrapping, Cake Decorating, Cupcakes
Back Row: Megan Stimson, Kelsey Conner Front Row: Brooke Rausch, Taylor Perry, Ruth Gutwein
Sports, Sportfishing, Shooting Sports, RC Cars, Pet Pals:
Back Row: Alana Kasten, Wyatt Wheeler, Aidan Smith Front Row: Isaac Combs, AJ Ruff, Jayden Beckner
Basic Crafts, Needle Craft, Fine Arts, Model Craft, Christmas Ornaments:
Back Row: Sydney Mellon, Nathan Thompson, Maddox Bucinski, Leah Mitchell Front Row: Miranda Thompson, Chloe Rausch, Brooke Rausch
Foods, Advanced Foods, Microwave Cooking, Baking with a Box, Food Preservation:
Back Row: Shaylyn Pogue, Sadie Pogue, Austin Bolen, Kyle Gibson, Claire Conner, Sydney Mellon, Destiny Hartmann, Leah Mitchell Front Row: Jonathan Carpenter, Taylor Perry, Kelsey Conner, Jenna Bolen, Megan Stimson, McKenzie Mitchell
Crops, Garden, Floriculture, Strawberries:
Back Row: Jocelyn Kain, Kelsey Conner, Aidan Smith, Nathan Thompson, Audrey Kroft, Mercedes Kain, Claire Conner Front Row: Madi Westerhouse, Emily Field, Kirsten Calloway, Elizabeth Button, Taylor Perry
Back Row: Mercedes Kain, Austin Bolen Front Row: Jocelyn Kain, Shayla Ringen, Jasmine Felda, Jenna Cords, Elizabeth Button
Back Row: Paul Bauman, Travis Dixon, Kirsten Calloway Front Row: Mercedes Kain, Tori Culp, Cameron Hilton
Creative Writing and Non-Livestock Misc. Pictures
Back Row: Noah Kreamer(Aerospace), Evelyn Libey(Creative Writing) Front Row: Alison Grothaus(Foods), Jenna Bolen(Creative Writing)
Misc. Livestock Pictures
Alison Grothaus(Goats), Ashlee Keller(Beef), Sarah Keller(Dairy Beef), Sydney Anderson(Beef and Horse and Pony)