Pulaski County Fair Reports 2018

Pulaski County Fair Results 2018

Photography, Heritage, Creative Writing and Misc. Champion Winners: Sitting:  Jenna Cords, Valerie Field, Keegen Reinhold, Standing: Chloe Felda, Andriana Smith, Samantha DePoy, Adam Stimson, Lacie Wheeler, Anna Lucy, Hutch Martin

Crops, Garden Floriculture, Strawberry Winners: Sitting: Nathan Thompson, Adam Reinhold, Standing:  Emily Field, Andriana Smith, Aidan Smith, Makayla Libey, Elizabeth Button, Kirsten Calloway, Lucas Fagner

Foods, Advanced Foods, Microwave Cooking, Baking with a Box, Food Preservation Winners:  Front Row: Brooklyn Mellon, Makylah Holle, Hutch Martin, 2nd Row: Adam Stimson, Dannie-Jo Rausch, Blake Bailey, Emma Hoover, Megan Stimson, McKenzie Mitchell, Alison Grothaus

Basic Crafts, Needle Crafts, Fine Arts, Model Crafts, Christmas Ornaments, Miniatures Winners:  1st Row: Makylah Holle, Sydney Mellon, Brooke Rausch, 2nd Row: Miranda Thompson, Nathan Thompson, Jasmine Felda, Kirsten Calloway,   Rachel Ploss

Sports, Sportfishing, Shooting Sports, RC Cars, Pet Pals Winners: L-R: John Hileman, Andriana Smith, Megan Stimson, Adam Stimson, Aidan Smith

Home Environment, Personality, Scrapbooking, Giftwrapping, Cake Decorating, Cupcake Winners:  Sitting: Ronni Garbison, Megan Stimson, Brooke Rausch, Brea Conley, Standing: Taylor Perry, Danni-Jo Rausch, Taylor Jennings

Sewing, Fashion Revue, Consumer Clothing Winners: Sitting: Sydney Mellon, Scarlett Browning, Taylor Jennings, Kirsten Calloway, Standing: Corrin Combs, Alison Grothaus, Valerie Field, Blake Bailey, Kassi Dahn, Emily Field, MaKayla Libey

Tractor, Farm Toy Scene, Lego, Do Your Own Thing, Woodworking, Small Engines Winners: Kneeling: John Hileman, Lucas Fagner, Westin Kelsey, Eric Field, Adam Stimson, Keegen Reinhold, Carter Keller, Kasey Johnson, Standing: Brea Conley, Kirsten Calloway, Alison Grothaus, Elizabeth Button, Valerie Field, Sawyer DePoy, Chase Keller

Veterinary Science, Weather, Forestry, Geology, Wildlife, Recycling, Soil & Water Conservation, Entomology, BeeKeeping Winners:  First Row: Sammantha DePoy, Kirsten Calloway, Lucas Fagner,2nd Row:  Adam Stimson, Andriana Smith, Brendan Day, Jenny Budd, Aidan Smith

Electric, Computer, Computer Arts, Aerospace, Bicycle Winners: Sitting: Andriana Smith, Miranda Thompson, Standing: John Hileman, Austin Bolen, Kassi Dahn, Adam Stimson, Aidan Smith

Child Development, Books, Genealogy, Collections, Health, Public Speaking Winners:1st Row: Evelyn Libey, Scarlett Browning, Sydney Mellon, Corrin Combs, Shania Howard, 2ndRow: Adam Stimson, Eric Field, Andriana Smith, Jasmine Felda, Megan Stimson, Shelby Allen, Rachel Ploss

Swine Winners: 1st Row: Kasey Johnson, Parker Zeider, Lucas Fagner, 2nd Row: Rachel Ploss, Jenna Zeider, Tori Culp, AJ Ruff, Emma Nielsen, 3rd Row: Cooper Kopka, Baylor Fritz, Taylor Perry, Hayden Clark, Chase Keller, Kirsten Calloway

Goat Winners:  1st Row: Jaden Cords, Jocelyn Kain,  2nd Row: Elizabeth Button, Breanna DeMarco, Jenna Cords, Kassi Dahn, Emma Nielsen, 3rd Row:  John Hileman, Alison Grothaus, Reed Anderson, Peyton Newman, Shania Howard, Kyle Gibson, Lucas Budka


 Cat Winners: L-R  Miranda Thompson, Marissa Perry, Lauren Powers, Jaden Cords, Karl Mullis, and Andriana Smith

 Dog Winners: L-R Megan Stimson, Andriana Smith, Hailey Sanders, McKenzie Mitchell, Aidan Smith

Dairy Winners:  L-R Emma Nielsen, Peyton Newman, Sarah Keller, Chase Keller, Carter Keller, Lucas Fagner


Beef Winners:  1st Row: Keegen Reinhold, Lucas Fagner,2ndRow:  Elizabeth Button, Taylor Clark, Tori Culp, Kirsten Calloway, 3rd Row: Allison Keller, Taylor Perry, Ashlee Keller, Andriana Smith, Baylor Fritz, and Coy Field

   Poultry, Horse & Pony, and Horseman Without a Horse Winners:  L-R  Jaden Cords, Tyler Perry, Marissa Perry, Kassi Dahn and Sydney Anderson



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, Cupcake Decorating, Cake Decorating,

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Friend of Extension for 2017 Marcia Link – she was given her award at our Annual Meeting earlier this year but was publicly recognized today..

All 4-H Volunteers were recognized with the work they give to the 4-H program.  The volunteers who have helped for twenty or more years also received plaques.  In the picture (L to R) are:

Kneeling L-R:  Stacy Gudas, Baleigh Dickson, Elaine Zeider and Kathy Leman

Back Row L-R: Karen Good, Joshua Hileman, Brandon Dickson, Jamie Callahan, David Budd, James Conner, Mashell Roudebush, Darla Yaggie and Mike Young


Several 4-H Junior Leaders were honored with awards and scholarships.  They are (L to R)  – Andriana Smith, Rachel Ploss, Peyton Newman, and Emma Hoover.  All four were awarded Honor Certificates for being at least 4 year Junior Leaders,  Andriana, Rachel and Peyton all received Junior Leader scholarships and Peyton also received the 4-H Council’s Pork Shack Scholarship.

 2018 4-H Royalty and Court

   Seated in middle the 4-H Royalty is Rachel Ploss, daughter of Tony and Patti Ploss.  She is a member of the Monroe 76’ers 4-H Club and this is her 10th year of 4-H.

      4-H Court is (on left) Valerie Field, daughter of Darrin and Dana Field.  She is also a member of the Monroe 76’ers 4-H Club and is in her 7th year of 4-H.

      The other 4-H Court member is Emily Field, daughter of Darrin and Dana Field, a member of Monroe 76’ers 4-H Club and in her 9th year of 4-H.

Ten Year Members were recognized at the fair yesterday – they are L to R:

Andriana Smith, Rachel Ploss, Peyton Newman, Allison Keller, Emma Hoover, Chance Holliday, Haley fox and Kennan Day. (not pictured – Bryce Reynolds)