Whoa — what is velocipede? Generally it was an old term for a bicycle or a vehicle on wheels propelled by a human being. It also describes a vehicle used by the railroad industry for rail inspectors – see attachment.  It was a light enough vehicle that the operator could easily pull it off the tracks if a train approached him.

In his book, McCormick’s Guide to Starke County (1902), Chester McCormick talks about the different factories in Starke County. North Judson had two pickle factories, an artificial stone factory, a wholesale frog and turtle industry, a cigar manufacturer. Knox also had two pickle factories, a handle factory, a lumber mill, two grain elevators, a tomb stone factory and a velocipede factory. His little book is online and you can read about some of these items on pages 18. The attachment can be found here.

A velocipede factory ????? You know factories and other businesses come and go. One sees this all of the time on the Radio, TV or in the newspaper. Well, apparently, Marion McCormick’s Velocipede factory came and went, also. I can’t find any reference to a velocipede factory in any of the the other history books. So, what does one do when looking for a velocipede factory in Starke County? You Google it, of course. And finally, there it was – the U.S. Government patent for Mr. McCormick’s Velocipede. What he was making was a kit that you could put on your bicycle to be able to travel the railroads. Think about this. Some of the towns in the county had stone roads – some may have had brick streets in the downtown area. But most of the county didn’t have solid roads – most country roads were still sand roads. Did you ever try to peddle a bicycle through loose sand? So, if you had Mr. McCormick’s bicycle attachment and wanted to go from North Judson to Knox, you could hop on the railroad track and start peddling. Ah, a nice, smooth ride. But, watch out for trains!

In finding his patent, we also now have all of the other government patents in our files for Starke County. See attachment for the velocipede patent’s front page.

Jim Shilling
Starke County Historical Society

Knox City Police Arrest Three after Harassment, Stabbing Incident

Shayna Howard
Geoffry Madison
Edward Diersen

Three people were arrested after an alleged harassment and stabbing incident.

On Friday, July 22nd, Knox City Police officers were called to a residence on Bender Street in reference to a harassment and battery. Kayla Thompson reportedly told police that she and Jeff Gibson were being harassed by Shayna Howard, Geoffrey Madison and Ed Diersen who were driving by the property. Thompson said that Shayna Howard allegedly came up to her and hit her. When Thompson was screaming for help, Jeff Gibson came from a bedroom inside the home and was walking toward the back door when Geoffrey Madison allegedly walked into his house and hit him when he was coming around the corner. Gibson then reportedly grabbed his pocket knife and stabbed Madison in the stomach.

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Plymouth Fire Department Responds to Fire at Garden Courts Apartments

The Plymouth Fire Department was called to an apartment fire at Garden Court apartments at 5:04 a.m. ET this morning.

Fire Chief Andy Metzger told WKVI that a 3rd floor apartment started on fire and the entire building was evacuated. The fire was caused by an electrical issue with the refrigerator. Marshall County Emergency Management Agency officials and the Red Cross are currently providing temporary housing for the residents living in the apartments on the entire third floor due to heavy smoke damage in the apartment building. Metzger said that no one was injured in the incident.

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Pulaski County Commissioners Agree to Provide Learning Center with Free Room

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

The Adult Learning Program of Pulaski County has been assured office space by the commissioners after being approached by Miche Grant, vice president of the Center of Workforce Innovation in Valparaiso, and Robert Hronum, teacher at the adult learning center.

The county currently provides office space at no cost to the center, allowing them to put more revenue into teacher resources and material instead of paying rent. Grant said the commissioners have been supportive of the program since the beginning, and that support has really paid off: since September, nine individuals have earned their GED, and two people left the program because they gained employment.

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Starke County Commissioners Approve New Boundaries for State Senate, House

Proposed Senate Redistricting map
Proposed Indiana House redistricting map

The Starke County Election Board appeared before the County Commissioners last week to get approval of the new boundaries for the State Senate Districts and the State House Districts as a result of the State’s redistricting process. County Clerk, Evelyn Skronski, said that two districts will represent Starke County for the House.

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Starke United Aids Starke County Food Pantry

Starke United

Starke United Executive Director, Julie Dessauer, announced yesterday that emergency funding has been approved for the Community Services of Starke County Food Pantry. A check was sent to the food pantry in the amount of $1,500.

The Food Pantry has expressed the need for donations during the summer to help the 220 families it serves each month. The food pantry has received much needed donations from the public and can use more. For more information on how you can donate, call Cecilia Torres at 772-7070.

Starke County Community Foundation Scholarship Opportunites Nearing Deadline

The Starke County Community Foundation is offering three unique scholarships this summer.

The Back Home Again in Indiana scholarship is for non-traditional students including those who want to advance in their current field or re-enter the job market. Applicants must live in Starke County.

The Legacy of Women Scholarship is also for non-traditional students and is exclusively for Starke County women who are invested in their communities as well as working towards a college degree.

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WKVI to go to Branson in October!

Ed Hasnerl

Ed Hasnerl is inviting you to go on another fun-filled adventure with him to Branson. Ed says you will be leaving on October 17th for Branson.

“A number of the folks who are going on this trip with me have been to Branson with me before,” said Ed. “This is our ninth trip.”

Ed said each trip to Branson is a little different.

“There are 100 different shows in Branson and we try to give a variety. Some we do go back to and see – some of the favorites. We are going to a repeat program this year. We’re going to see the Oak Ridge Boys, but we haven’t seen them in nine years.”

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Four Arrested on Meth Related Charges in Knox

Nathan Vermilyer
Joshua Givens
Elizabeth Boyd
Gabriel French

Four people were arrested Saturday after officers from the Starke County Sheriff’s Department served an arrest warrant on a Knox man.

Officers arrived at 0655 S. State Road 23 in Knox to serve an arrest warrant on Gabriel French. Officers found an active methamphetamine lab at the residence. While officers were waiting for the search warrant, several other subjects arrived at the residence and were detained. While executing the search warrant, officers found several methamphetamine labs, precursors, drug paraphernalia and several hand written notes on how to manufacture methamphetamine.

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Kristopher Rogers Arrested after Home Search

Kristopher Rogers

A Knox man was arrested Friday after a home search found the suspect in possession of legend drugs.

Starke County Sheriff’s Department officers and a probation officer went to the home of Kristopher Rogers and reportedly found ammunition, paraphernalia and a pill bottle with several pills, according to police. Rogers told police that he had prescriptions for the pills and that it was from three or four years ago.

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Bass Lake Resident Injured after Storm

Brian Ball of Bass Lake experienced a very scary event Friday afternoon at his home. While erecting a tent in his yard, he was struck by a falling tree. Because of the force, he apparently suffered a concussion, but was not killed.

Fortunately a neighbor, Jim O’Hara, was nearby and rushed to his aid. O’Hara told WKVI News that he administered CPR twice when he didn’t detect a pulse.

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Deadline to File for Candidacy is August 1st for Town Offices

North Judson and Hamlet residents wishing to file for candidacy for the position of Town Clerk-Treasurer or Town Board have until Monday, August 1st at Noon to file in the Starke County Clerk’s Office. Clerk Evelyn Skronski talks about the current filings.

“North Judson has a Clerk-Treasurer race going for the General Election right now and they also have their three Council seats. The incumbents are all signed up for that and there’s nobody running against them. Hamlet has got some races coming up for a caucus in August. The Clerk-Treasurer and the Council seats all have opposition so they’ll have to eliminate a candidate in that particular party so that they can have a ballot for the November General Election,” said Skronski.

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Golf Carts Not Allowed on the Streets in North Judson

The North Judson Police Department has been receiving complaints of residents driving golf carts in town and not abiding by the traffic laws. Town Marshal, Doug Vessely, wants to remind you that the operation of golf carts within town limits is against the law. Anyone who is found driving a golf cart will be given an ordinance ticket. Officers will uphold state law that prohibits golf carts.

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Knox Community School Board Approves Agreement with Porter/Starke Services

Gary Dulin, Jerry Fletcher, Harold Welter, Mary Lynn Ritchie, Kirk Bennett, Nathan Marcum, Mike Yankauskas, Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Board members approved a memorandum of understanding with Porter/Starke Services at their meeting last week. Superintendent A.J. Gappa says the memorandum was possible due to the work of High School Assistant Principal, Mike Bendicsen, who sits on the Board of Porter/Starke Services.

“If they have a student who is receiving services from Porter/Starke and if the parents agree that they can, they would like to have permission to meet that student on school property,” said Mr. Gappa. “What that would do for our students is save travel time from possibly going to Valparaiso or meeting out of school time. We’re just trying to make it as easy as possible for our students to meet with their counselors.”

Bass Lake Summer Splash Begins Friday

The Bass Lake Summer Splash begins Friday with the Fishing Derby at 8:00 a.m. and Bass Lake Idol Contest at 7:00 p.m. at the Bass Lake Property Owners Association Building.

Some other highlights of this year’s event include the 5K Run/Walk, Shriner’s and Lions Club breakfast events, the Business Expo, Cover Your Bass Contest, Car Show, Decorated Boat Parade, the main parade, and the fireworks show on the lake. We’ll have more details on those events later this week.

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Indiana Unemployment Up in June

Indiana Workforce Development

The State’s unemployment rate increased slightly in June. It inched up from 8.2% to 8.3%. Indiana, though, is still below the national average of 9.2%.

Starke County moved into the number five unemployment slot with the June report. Starke has an unemployment rate of 10.3%. That’s up slightly from the May report.

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Nunsense-The Mega Musical Takes to the Stage

Taylor Sears, Becky Lichty and Kathy Overmyer visited the WKVI Studios yesterday to talk about Nunsense-The Mega Musical

The second performance of Nunsense-The Mega Musical will be held tomorrow afternoon at the Argos High School Auditorium. This is the first year the performances will move around. The first five will be at Argos, then there will be two performances in Bremen, two in North Judson, and the final two in the newly remodeled Culver High School Auditorium.

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