Week in Review for February 28th-March 4th, 2011

Here is just some of the news that made the news in the Kankakee Valley this week:

76 individuals were arrested last Saturday after police received an anonymous tip of an illegal cock fighting operation at a residence in North Judson. Eleven face felony charges of Animal Fighting Contest, while others face a misdemeanor charge of Attending an Animal Fight Contest. Four of those charged with felonies remain on hold in the Starke County Jail as they have been identified as illegal immigrants.

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San Pierre Man Arrested on Charges of Armed Robbery; Felony Intimidation

Johnathan Chambers

An 18-year-old San Pierre man was arrested Wednesday night on preliminary charges of Armed Robbery and Felony Intimidation.

North Judson Police Chief, Doug Vessely, said that just after 8:30 p.m. CT, Johnathan Chambers, wearing a rubber mask and a camouflage jacket, entered the Carpenter’s Marathon Oil Station in North Judson with a knife and demanded cash from the gas station clerk. After he was unsuccessful in getting cash, Chambers was scared off and fled the area on foot.

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Indiana’s Secretary of State Indicted on Seven Charges

Charlie White

Charlie White, who campaigned at a huge Republican rally last summer in Knox, and was subsequently elected as Secretary of State, was indicted on 7 felony counts yesterday. The felony counts include Voter Fraud, Perjury and Theft. He was released from the Hamilton County Jail after being booked and posting a $10,000 bond. If convicted of the felony charges, he would have to give up his office.

Ted Hayes interviewed White when he was here last summer.

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Knox Federation of Teachers President Discusses Collective Bargaining

Dick Wagner

The President of the Knox Federation of Teachers, Dick Wagner, has been with us this week, looking at school reform through the eyes of the teachers.

Today, Mr. Wagner looks at collective bargaining. Mr. Wagner do you think that the changes proposed in the state legislature that pertain to collective bargaining are a threat to teachers, and if so, why?

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Starke County Legacy of Women to Offer Grants

Starke County Legacy of Women Committee members

The Legacy of Women, a committee under the Starke County Community Foundation, is announcing some upcoming grants.

“After being in existence for three years, Starke County’s Legacy of Women Committee is able this year to give out money for grants and/or scholarships,” explained Sheri Bartoli, Chairperson of the organization. “We’re so excited to finally have the opportunity to help individuals and organizations fund an idea, project or education, to help women become leaders in our county.”

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Beulah Schoppel Dies at 86

Beulah Schoppel

Beulah Schoppel passed away this week at the age of 86.  Ted Hayes has this to say about Beulah:

“No one who knew Beulah will ever forget her.  he was one of those gals who you could meet and like immediately.  I attended church with Beulah for years.  What Beulah will probably be remember for the most was her involvement with the Starke County Crime Stoppers organization.”

“I’m sure when family and friends attend the visitation there will be many memorable stories surrounding the life of Beulah Schoppel.”

Knox Community School Board Discusses Softball Building Project

Gary Dulin, Jerry Fletcher, Harold Welter, Mary Lynn Ritchie, Kirk Bennett, Nathan Marcum, Mike Yankauskas, Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Board discussed the softball building project at its meeting this week.

Dana Wannemacher from the Fort Wayne architecture firm, Barton-Coe-Vilamaa, told the Board that eight bids were received and the lowest bidder was Hamstra Builders in Wheatfield for $272,000. He presented the Board with sketches of a softball concession building with adequate lighting, storage area, a player’s dressing room and a restroom for the players and the public. Water and sewer lines will be run to accommodate this project and lines will be extended for a possible baseball building project. If the Board approves the bid, the project would begin as soon as possible and it would take approximately 140 days to complete. The construction would not interfere with regular season games played at the field.

The Board is expected to discuss this project further at its meeting Monday, March 7th.

Knox Resident who Bowled Six Decades to Talk about Career in Feature Program Today

(L to R) Hanna Mlekodaj, June Cruse, Betty Collins, Celine Gurrado, Marcella Hauser

It’s Friday, and Ted Hayes will be in with another Ted Hayes Remembers (click to hear) program. For six decades, Hanna Mlekodaj has bowled on a women’s bowling team and some mixed teams too. She has bowled in 50 state tournaments and three national tournaments and has been honored for her secretary work by the State Bowling Association.

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Stephanie Balon Signs with Purdue Calumet

Stephanie Balon
Stephanie and her coaches.
Stephanie with her parents.
Stephanie and her teammates.

South Central senior basketball member Stephanie Balon has chosen to attend Purdue Calumet to continue her basketball career. Balon was the leading scorer for the Satellites this season and will look to continue her successful career at the collegiate level.

Friday Night Mixed League 02/25/11

Friday Night Mixed League 02/25/11
Team Standings:
1. 4-Alarm Fire 65.0-39.0
2. Alley Aces 63.5-40.5
3. Rollin’ Thunder 60.0-44.0
4. Dolezal Family 54.5-49.5
5. Mariah’s Hill 54.5-49.5
6. Good Friends 54.0-50.0
7. Raiders 52.0-52.0
8. Undecided 51.5-52.5
9. Hard Times 48.0-56.0
10. Feel the Power 45.5-58.5
11. Baugh Construction 43.5-60.5
12. O’s Tap 32.0-70.0
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Four Arrested in Cock Fighting Ring Appear for Initial Hearing in Starke Circuit Court

Prisoners are escorted from Starke Circuit Court

Four individuals allegedly involved with the cock fighting ring in Starke County underwent their initial hearing Wednesday at the Starke Circuit Court. Benjamin Villicana, 32; Francisco Reyes, 37; Juan Gonzales, 33; and Francisco Fernando Reyes, 41 all entered preliminary not guilty pleas for their charges of one count Animal Fighting Contest, a class D felony after having their rights read and explained to them in Spanish by a DVD played in the courtroom because of their lack of fluency with English. The rest of the court session was translated by an interpreter over the phone.

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State Representative Nancy Dembowski Gives Update from Illinois

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

WKVI radio checked in yesterday with Representative Nancy Dembowski, who has been holed up in the Comfort Inn in Urbana, Illinois.

The Representative, along with others in the Democrat House, have been in Urbana since last Tuesday, February 22nd. Their action has closed down work at the House on bills the Democrats oppose.

Dembowski was quick to refute an off-the-cuff comment attributed to Governor Mitch Daniels that while the Republicans were working, the Democrats were enjoying sessions in a “hot tub.”

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State Representative Robert Behning Discusses Standoff Situation

Indiana Statehouse

While the Democrats are in Urbana, Illinois, Ted Hayes took the opportunity to talk with Representative Robert Behning at the Statehouse Wednesday afternoon. Behning has been a Republican member of the House since the mid 1990’s representing an Indianapolis District.

Ted led off with a question about what the representatives left behind have been doing.

“Obviously we’ve been coming in everyday, just like we hoped our Democrat colleagues would and we’ve been trying to get a quorum established and we haven’t been successful in doing that. We have been doing a number of things behind the scenes, trying to educate ourselves better on some of the bills that are in front of us and some of the bills that are coming over from the Senate.”

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State Senator Ed Charbonneu Discusses Issues to be Faced in the Second Half of Legislative Session

State Senator Ed Charbonneau

Fifth District State Senator Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso) make mote of the completion of the first half of the legislative session Wednesday.

We asked Charbonneau what issues they hope to face in the second half.

“Senate lawmakers are tackling tough issues this session,” he explained. “We’ll continue working hard in the weeks and months ahead as we focus on passing a fiscally sound budget for the State and a fair redistricting plan, as well as other important issues that Hoosiers are passionate about. One of those issues might include debating a state-wide smoking ban.”

Dr. Sukhija Encourages Heart Cart Exams for Heart Health

Dr. Rishi Sukhija

Heart diseases are at an epidemic stage in the United States and I.U. Health-LaPorte and Starke Hospitals are providing early screenings for a number of related ailments.

Cardiologist, Dr. Rishi Sukhija, talked with Ted Hayes recently about Heart disease at I.U. Health-Starke Hospital and in the course of the conversation, discussed the importance of arranging for a Heart Cart exam. The Heart Cart will be at I.U. Health-Starke on Saturday, March 19th from 8:00-11:00 a.m. CT.

“We’ll do several tests for cardiovascular risk assessment and diagnosis where we can detect heart and vascular disease early and by doing so, we can slow down the progression of same at an earlier stage.”

Dr. Sukhija said that we need to watch our diets.

“To prevent cardiovascular disease, we have to cut down saturated fats in our diet and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.”

A Heart Cart exam is by appointment only. Call (219) 326-2626 to schedule an exam. The cost is only $100 for the testing. It would cost over $1000 if you had the tests done individually.