Dr. Walter Fritz Denies Asking for Starke County Health Board Members’ Removal

Walter Fritz
Dr. Walter Fritz

WKVI ran a story quoting Bob Howard, former Starke County Health Board President, that he suspected Dr. Walter Fritz had requested that the Commissioners not name him back on the Board for another term.

Dr. Fritz denied asking for his removal when questioned by WKVI. He did say that he kept in touch with the Commissioners during his many years as the County’s Health Officer, discussing many topics.

The new Health Officer is Dr. Theresa Alexander who began her duties January 1st.

Former Oregon Township Trustee Recuperating after Illness

WKVI News has received word that Warren Allen, who for many years served as the Oregon Township Trustee, is convalescing at the Catherine Kasper Home in Donaldson after an undiagnosed illness left him in critical condition.

Allen was rushed to the hospital after falling ill two weeks ago while going over procedures with his nephew Mark Allen who was elected in the fall election to the position.

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Hoosiers are Urged to Prepare for Coming Snow Storm

We could see giant piles of snow like this one in some areas in the Kankakee Valley

With accumulating amounts of snow predicted to begin falling this evening, Indiana Department of Homeland Security and Indiana State Police officials are encouraging Hoosiers to prepare by having a few supplies available and consulting the State Travel Advisory Map before venturing onto roadways.

“As with any severe weather event, it’s always a good idea to gather a few essential supplies in case utilities are disrupted,” says IDHS Executive Director Joe Wainscott. “Know where your flashlight and extra batteries are in case of a power outage, and have a 3 day supply of food and water available in case you are unable to leave home for a few days.”

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Second Ladies Car Care Session Scheduled

Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson

The SCILL Center has rescheduled the second session of the Ladies Car Care Clinic. The second class will be on Tuesday, January 18th, from 6:00-8:30 p.m. CT at the SCILL Center in Knox. The cost of the class is $5.00.

For the ladies who did not attend the first class, you are urged to attend the second class. A brief review from the first class will be conducted at the beginning of this session.

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Indiana Legislator Proposes Bill that Would Allow Pharmacies to Collect Expired Prescriptions

Representative Kevin Mahan (R-Hartford City) has introduced a bill in the state legislature that would make it possible for Indiana residents to discard expired prescriptions drugs as pharmacies. The pharmacies could accept the drugs and dispose of them safely.

Many times, outdated and unused drugs fall into the hands of youngsters who dangerously abuse them.

Hamlet Town Board Reorganizes

The Hamlet Town Board reorganized and made appointments at its recent meeting. Curt Simpkins was retained as the Hamlet Town Board President and as the KIRPC representative, John Goble, Sr. was retained as the Street Superintendent, and the Town Attorney is Martin Bedrock. Frank Lonigro Jr. was named the Street Building Code Enforcement Officer and the Jeremiah Patrick was retained as Town Marshal.

The Town Representative for the Starke Development Foundation is Bob Yung, the Water/Wastewater Operator is John Goble, Sr., and Bobby Goetz is the Hamlet Fire Chief. Mary Stone, John Jeffers, David Fretz and Carol Bracich were named to the Hamlet Park Board.

Sunday Morning Mixed League 01/09/11

Sunday Morning Mixed League 01/09/11
Team Standings:
1. The Unknown 83.0-29.0
2. WRJN 68.0-51.0
3. The Quest 65.0-54.0
4. The Smelly Cats 63.0-56.0
5. Split Heads 62.0-57.0
6. S*** Happens 55.0-64.0
7. Odd Balls 54.0-65.0
8. Lucky #7 52.0-67.0
9. Snowdon’s Lawncare 47.0-72.0
10. Strange Brew 46.0-73.0
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Starke Circuit Court Judge Approves Joint Trial Request for Kimberly Hitchens and John Brooke

Kimberly Hitchens

A special Prosecutor will be called in for the trial of Kimberly Hitchens and John Brooke. Hitchens appeared before Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall on Friday where the defense requested a special Prosecutor for the proceedings due to a conflict of interest. Judge Hall granted the request. The special Prosecutor has not yet been named.

Judge Hall also granted a request that would combine Hitchens’ trial with John Brooke. Hitchens trial was to begin this month. The combined trial will begin Monday, February 21st.

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State Representative Nancy Dembowski to Present Time Zone Bill

State Representative Nancy Denbowski

The Hoosier state going into one time zone! Well now that we have your attention, we might say the chances of that happening anytime soon are slim to none. Don’t think for a minute that Governor Mitch Daniels wants the legislature to spend any time on that issue again.

Because her District is split right down the middle, State Representative Nancy Dembowski (D-Knox) is going on a bill with Representative Hinkle of Indianapolis to bring up that proposal again.

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Starke County Prosecutor Faces Unique Situation

Nicholas Bourff

New Starke County Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff is facing a ticklish situation as he is getting his feet on the ground in the office. His Chief Deputy, Todd Wallsmith, cannot appear before Judge Kim Hall in Starke Circuit Court. That is because Judge Hall is Wallsmith’s uncle. So, how does the new Prosecutor plan to work around this obstacle?

“There are some issues there,” said Bourff. “It’s going to take some work and some creativity on my part to make that work, but there are a lot of cases that get handled in the City Court here in Knox and those are cases that are dealt with County-wide. Todd can handle any case that is dealt with there.”

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Knox Students to Make up Two Snow Days

A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Superintendent announced that the students will be making up two snow days so far this year.

“Unfortunately the weatherman did not cooperate in December of this year so we had to call off school twice,” explained Superintendent A.J. Gappa. “In our calendar for the year, we have three contingency days and the first two will have to be made up. The first one will be on President’s Day, which is Monday, February 21st, and the second contingency day would be on Friday, April 29th. We still have one day built in and hopefully we won’t have to use it.”

Valparaiso Student Wins Essay Contest and Trip to Washington D.C.

Daane DeBoer

What does patriotism mean to you? Well to Lindsey DeBoer of Valparaiso, it means more since she lost her brother, Daane, in Afghanistan seven months ago.  Lindsey recently won a VFW Speech Contest when she wrote about the day she and her family received the news that the 24 year old Marine Corps Corporal was killed in the line of duty.

An article in last Wednesday’s Post Tribune wrote of Lindsey’s essay in a way that described that terrible moment when two Marines in their dress blue uniforms pull up to the curb outside the family’s home.

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Knox High School to Participate in Homecoming Activities this Week

Homecoming candidates Front Row: Jennifer Dolezal, Brittny Humes, Kierstynn Combs, Elisabeth Caudill, Brittany Tetzloff and Nicole Scherer. Back Row: Keisten Childers, Joshua Risner, Grant Warren, Austin Edwards, Partick Ambrose, Quinn Biddle

Knox High School students and staff will be participating in Homecoming activities this week. Students will be dressing in ugly sweaters today, Tuesday is Nerd Day, Wednesday is ‘80s Throw Back Day, Thursday is Red and White Day and Friday is Class Color Day with a school pep rally. During the pep rally, students will be voting on their favorite shopping cart float. The floats will also be displayed at the boys basketball game. The Knox Redskins will be playing the LaVille Lancers at 7:00 p.m. CT in Weinberg gymnasium.

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State Representative Files Bill to Regulate Staging and Spreading of Manure

State Representative Tom Saunders

State Representative Tom Saunders (R-Lewisville) filed a bill a last week in the state legislature that would regulate the staging and spreading of manure. The manure comes from large confined feeding operations or manure brought into the state to act as fertilizer on farm land.

If passed, House Bill 1134 would impose requirements on all confined feeding operations including covering, preventing runoff and setting back the operation at least 400 feet from homes.

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