Jackie Walorski Announces Her Candidacy for Congress in 2012

Jackie Walorski

Jackie Walorski, who narrowly lost the 2nd District Congressional race to Joe Donnelly in November, has announced her intentions to run in the 2012 race.

“I couldn’t wait to get down here to talk to you and your listeners about it because I think the economy needs to get back on track and the country needs to get back on track,” Walorski told Ted Hayes. “All we’ve heard since January, since this last race, is more spending and more taxing and borrowing. The American people said no. I know we’re the early bird, but I think when you’re talking about an economy that’s heading for a wall I think there is no time to waste.”

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Jerry Johnson to Talk Basketball on ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’

1969 Purdue Basketball Team. Jerry Johnson is the third person in the second row

How many people live next door to a person who started in an NCAA Final Basketball game? Ted Hayes does.

Jerry Johnson will be Ted’s guest this Friday on “Ted Hayes Remembers”.

Back in 1969, the Purdue Boilermakers, winners of the Big 10 Conference, were seeded into the NCAA tournament. Although they were not expected to win, the Boilers ended up in the final game against John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins.

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Three Plymouth Men Arrested after Police Find Mobile Meth Lab in Vehicle

Duwayne Amor
Jacob Belcher
David Gonzalez

Three Plymouth men, all from Plymouth, Indiana were arrested after the discovery of a mobile methamphetamine lab in the community of Fish Lake on Saturday, March 19th, 2011.

LaPorte County Police arrested 47-year-old Duwayne Amore who was charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Possession of Methamphetamine; 30-year-old Jacob Belcher was charged with Maintaining a Common Nuisance and 40-year-old David Gonzalez was charged with Visiting a Common Nuisance. A methamphetamine lab was located in the trunk of the vehicle.

Cause Determined in Death of LaPorte County Jail Inmate

LaPorte County Sheriff's Department
LaPorte County Sheriff's Department

LaPorte County Sheriff Michael Mollenhauer has released further information regarding the death of an in-custody inmate at the La Porte County Security Complex. Dead is Roy E. Young, 37, of Michigan City, Indiana. He was pronounced dead at 7:42 AM on Saturday March 19th, 2011 at Indiana University Health LaPorte Hospital.

An autopsy was performed on Monday March 21st, 2011. The official cause of death is cardiac arrhythmia induced by a drug overdose. The death is being termed “accidental.” During the autopsy, a plastic “tie off” baggie was found in the decedent’s intestinal track. Evidence is consistent with the statement given to police by Mr. Young’s cellmate that Mr. Young told him he had “swallowed cocaine” during the LaPorte Police traffic stop in an attempt to prevent being arrested for being in possession of the drug. Toxicology results are pending.

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Koontz Lake Regional Sewer District Project in Progress and on Schedule

Paul Warnke

A project that began in 2002 is in the construction phase and should be completed by the summer of 2012. The Koontz Lake Sewer project is making headway and Paul Warnke of the Koontz Lake Regional Sewer District is in to talk to us about it today.

“We started initial construction of the collection system about a month ago and they’re working out there everyday, five days a week, and so far, I’d have to say we’re pretty much on target,” said Warnke.

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Pulaski County Airport to Extend Runway

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

The Pulaski County Airport Association Board approached the Commissioners Monday to inform them of their need to extend their runway an additional 800 ft. The runway, which is currently 4200 ft long, is required to be at least 5000 ft in order for corporate aircraft to land without jeopardizing their insurance. This is a huge issue for corporations, such as the Braun Corporation, because they are forced to lower the amount of weight on their aircraft in order to land on a shorter runway. This adds up to a substantial amount of difference in cost of operation, because the fewer trips an aircraft has to make, the better; Each time an aircraft has to shut off and then start up again, cycling the fuel through the system, it costs about $2000!

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Representative Robert Behning Weighs in on Democrat Walk-Out

Representative Robert Behning

“The future of the Democratic process is at stake.” Those words were pronounced by Indiana’s House Majority Leader, Brian Bosma, last week in reference to the continued walk-out of 39 Democrats from their state legislative seats.

The Democrats have managed to shut down the House for a month and win concessions from Republicans on labor and education bills. As long as they hang together, the legislature is at an impasse.

Ted Hayes talked with Representative Robert Behning (R-District 91) to find out the attitude of a ranking Republican on the walkout. Behning is the Republican steering the education bill through the House. Ted asked him his general view of the walk-out.

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Ryan Hovarter Named Probationary Trooper within the Indiana State Police-Lowell District

Ryan Hovarter

Indiana has 43 new probationary troopers assigned to state police districts throughout the State. Members of the 70th Indiana State Police Recruit Academy took their oath of office on March 4th at the Zionsville Performing Arts Center.

The recruits received approximately 917 hours of structured training since September 9th, 2010. Their curriculum included administrative subjects, general police subjects, investigations/criminal subjects, criminal and traffic law subjects.

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Jerry Johnson to be Featured on ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ This Friday

It was on this date in 1969 that UCLA beat Purdue in the final game of the NCAA Basketball Tournament at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jerry Johnson of Knox started in that game going up against Lew Alcinder, who eventually became Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Jerry Johnson will be Ted Hayes’ guest on “Ted Hayes Remembers” this Friday at 12:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. CT.

Too bad Jerry won’t be able to cheer, cheer, for old Purdue during the program as the Boilermakers stumbled against VCU Sunday evening.

Marshall County Police Ask For Assistance in Locating Missing Woman

Marshall County police are reporting that 21-year-old Kristan Kye Wright hasn’t been seen since she left her grandmother’s house around noon on Friday, March 11.

Wright’s grandmother stated that she said she was going to work, but she never showed up at the Plymouth restaurant where she works as a waitress. No contact has been made with relatives or known friends since then.

Police said there is no indication of foul play and they believe Wright might have left on her own free will. However, they say want the public’s assistance in finding her.

Wright has been known to have acquaintances on South Bend’s west side, possibly in the Western Avenue and Indiana Avenue areas, say police. At the time of her disappearance she was driving a green 1999 Buick Regal 4-door with Indiana registration MG3847.

If you have any information, call (574) 936-3187 or 1-800-800-6999.

Friday Night Mixed League 03/18/11

Friday Night Mixed League 03/18/11
Team Standings:
1. 4-Alarm Fire 74.0-42.0
2. Alley Aces 73.5-42.5
3. Rollin’ Thunder 67.0-49.0
4. Good Friends 62.0-54.0
5. Mariah’s Hill 60.5-55.5
6. Dolezal Family 57.5-58.5
7. Raiders 57.0-59.0
8. Undecided 56.5-59.5
9. Hard Times 53.0-63.0
10. Baugh Construction 52.5-63.5
11. Feel the Power 49.5-66.5
12. O’s Tap 33.0-83.0
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LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department Investigates Inmate Death

LaPorte County Sheriff's Department
LaPorte County Sheriff's Department

LaPorte County Sheriff’ Michael Mollenhauer has announced the death of an in-custody inmate at the LaPorte County Security Complex. The death occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 19th, 2011.

No details are being released pending further investigation of the incident by the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office and the LaPorte County Coroner’s Office and until notification is made to the individual’s next of kin.

Starke County Prosecutor to Promote Bench Trials to Save County Money

Nicholas Bourff

Starke County Prosecutor, Nicholas Bourff, is in his third month on the job and has already made a suggestion to help speed up C and D Felony proceedings.

“One of the proposals I’ve made is to try, even if it’s with the C and D Felonies, to see if a case is going ahead to trial, and we know it will, to see if we could get a bench trial set, which just involves the Judge, instead of a jury trial,” said Bourff. “The one major drawback there is that if a defendant wants a jury trial, he or she has that right. If the defendant agrees to a bench trial, then it would save thousands of dollars and it would shave off quite a bit of time as far as eliminating the need for jury selection. In my experience as a defense attorney, the majority of my clients would not have had a problem with going to a bench trial.”

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Funding Could Soon be an Issue for the Starke County Health Board

When WKVI asked Starke County Health Board member, Brenda Stanojevic, about funding, she said that Health Officer Dr. Theresa Alexander told the Board that funding will be a problem, but they should make it through.

The question was raised because the fee for a septic permit has decreased from $200 to $60. Dr. Alexander said she going to a meeting to find out ways to keep the office solvent.

Dr. Alexander said, “At some point, funding is going to raise its ugly head and we’re going to have to keep on top of it.”

Sam Frain Named Second District Acting Republican Party Chairman

Sam Frain

Sam Frain, of Winamac, has been named the 2nd District Acting Republican Party Chairman, upon the death of GOP Chairwoman, Joyce Smith. Frain has been fulfilling many of Smith’s duties over the past two years because of her illness.

A caucus will be called in April to permanently fill the vacancy. Frain has announced that he will be a candidate for the position.

Eastern Pulaski School Board Discusses Eliminating Driver’s Training from Curriculum

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

The Eastern Pulaski School Board members discussed the possibility of eliminating Driver’s Training at their most recent meeting.

“Funding is being cut and in turn, we have to make some very hard decisions,” explained Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman. “Driver’s Training is an elective class and the maximum class size for that program is nine students. That’s a luxury that I’m not sure we can afford anymore. I have surveyed, so far, 22 of the area school corporations and at this point in time, Eastern Pulaski is the only school that offers Driver’s Training during the school year. Everyone else either offers it in the summer, or a private contractor offers it. At this point, all I’m doing is gathering data and information to bring back to the Board and discuss this and see where it’s going to go.”