Services for Andy Howes to be Decided at the End of the Year

Andy Howes

We have an update on our Andy Howes story. Andy’s brother, Rob, has returned to India where he is employed as an Aeronautical Engineer. He will not return until Christmas of 2011 so no decision on services or burial site will be made until then. It’s felt the services will be held in 2012.

As earlier reported Andy’s great-nephew, Michael, is serving in Afghanistan and will accompany the remains home from Hawaii.

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Starke County Animal Control Officer Responds to Animal Cruelty Call

Tom Bazant

Ever feel like putting duct tape over a barking dog’s mouth or worse? In this monthly report, new Starke County Animal Control Officer, Tom Bazant, told of responding to a call that an individual duct taped his dog’s mouth shut.

After some discussion, the Starke County Commissioners decided that was not a call the Officer should be responding to. They decided this was inhumane treatment of the animal and should have been responded to by the Starke County Sheriff’s Department.

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Two Charged in Injuring Trooper



Porter County-Two men were charged today, by Porter County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Matthew Frost, in the hit and run of Trooper George Hornsby on the Indiana Toll Road on Monday, January 10, 2011. One of the men was charged with Attempted Murder.

At approximately 6:27 p.m. (Central Standard Time), January 10th, a driver called the State Police Toll Road and told them of a hit and run crash that had just occurred west bound on I-90 at the 51 mile marker (this is near the LaPorte State Road 39 exit).  The driver was able to give a description of the vehicle that fled the scene.  A trooper saw the vehicle west bound at the 42 mile marker (this is just east of the Michigan City U.S. 421 exit).  The vehicle started to pull over, and then took off.

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Devastating Fire Strikes Winamac Coil Spring In Kewanna

Several Fire Departments responded to a fire at Winamac Coil Spring at Kewanna
yesterday.  According to Plant Manager “Doc” Russell the fire was significant.
All of today’s shifts are cancelled because of the blaze.
Winamac Coil Spring employes 167 workers, and is a $25 million dollar a year concern.  The plant covers 125,000 square feet, with another 12,500 on the drawing board to be added to the complex.
The plant has as main customers John Deere, and Palaris a maker of snowmobiles.
Among the departments on hand to fight the fire were Winamac, Grass Creek, and Rochester.  


Tuesday Night Men’s League 01/11/11

Tuesday Night Men’s League 01/11/11
Team Standings:
1. Quarter’s 100.0-26.0
2. Konrad Cabinets 77.0-49.0
3. 1st Choice Pawn 71.0-55.0
4. Marks Body Shop 69.0-57.0
5. Hensleys 69.0-57.0
6. Sandbar 62.0-64.0
7. WKVI 62.0-64.0
8. Bowlaway Lanes 59.0-67.0
9. Time Out 50.0-76.0
10. Half Track 48.0-78.0
11. Fishers 45.0-81.0
12. Simonis 44.0-82.0
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Governor Mitch Daniels Highlights Education and Local Government Reform in State of the State Address

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Education and local government reform were the two main topics presented by Governor Mitch Daniels at his State of the State address Tuesday night. The points he stressed were the expansion of charter schools, merit pay for teachers, and the elimination of township government. He chastised those who favor longevity over talent.

“Today’s teachers make more money not because their students learn more, but just by living longer and putting another certificate on the wall,” Daniels said. “We have seen Teachers of the Year laid off, just because they weren’t old enough. This must change.”

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State Representative Nancy Dembowski Concerned about Governor’s Education Proposals, Job Creation

State Representative Nancy Denbowski

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels gave his State of the State Address Tuesday night and State Representative Nancy Dembowski was concerned that the Governor did not talk about job creation.

“The Governor, in my view, failed to speak about the one most important issue that faces our State right now because we have an unemployment rate that is still hovering around ten percent and I don’t believe I heard the Governor talk a great deal about jobs, other than to say that we were an ‘isle of prosperity’. I challenge him to come to District 17 and see whether or not it is such an ‘island of prosperity’.”

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Comments Show Residents not in Favor Lisa Owens’ Possible Early Prison Release

Lisa Owens

A deluge of posts came into the comment area on the WKVI Discussion Board about the story on Lisa Owens yesterday. Owens is the woman who is reportedly going to get an early release from prison after being convicted of Voluntary Manslaughter in the death of her husband in 2001. Owens was sentenced to 40 years by then Starke Circuit Court Judge David Matsey after being found guilty of shooting and killing her husband in the shower. Current Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall was the Prosecutor in the case.

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Congressman Donnelly has Extra Security While Visiting with Constituents

Joe Donnelly
Congressman Joe Donnelly

In the wake of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Saturday, government officials seem to be taking a second look at their safety. Congressman Joe Donnelly was in Elkhart on Tuesday to talk to a middle school class. Four uniformed policemen were on hand, too.

Donnelly said he was not particularly worried about his own safety, but wanted people coming out to events where he is to feel safe.

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Starke United Receives Grant from NIPSCO

Mike Charbonneau presents a $5,000 grant check to Edie Hall

Starke United announced this week of a $5,000 grant from NIPSCO to provide funds to cover 2012 campaign marketing expenses. Starke United Executive Director, Edie Hall, said this gift is “thrilling” and indicated that without the funds Starke United would have a much more difficult time paying for the advertising and marketing materials.

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Starke County Health Board to Meet Tonight

The Starke County Health Board will meet tonight in their first meeting of the new year. This will be the first meeting for new members Bev Fraine and Jennifer Davis. There will be election of officers for the year and a discussion of the retirement of Environmentalist David Singleton.

The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. in the Health Office in the Starke County Courthouse.

State Troopers Car Hit While Directing Traffic

Crawfordsville-January 11th, at approximately 7:29 p.m., a trooper with the Indiana State Police was assisting with traffic control on I-74 westbound near the 36 mile marker when a semi rear ended his patrol car.

Preliminary investigation by Trooper Kyle Wentland has revealed that Sergeant Randy Gritten was sitting in his fully marked patrol car with emergency lights and flares partially in the left hand lane.  Sergeant Gritten was attempting to move traffic into the right lane so a wrecker could pull out an ambulance.  The lights and flares were visible for over a mile.  A Maroon 2001 International semi pulling a trailer driven by John E. Brandle, 59 years old from Rock Island, IL was westbound following another semi running 52 miles an hour.  Brandle decided to pass the semi and pulled out into the left lane.  While passing the other semi, Brandle’s se Continue reading

Friday Night Mixed League 01/07/11

Friday Night Mixed League 01/07/11
Team Standings:
1. Alley Acres 50.0-26.0
2. 4-Alarm Fire 48.0-28.0
3. Dolezal Family 44.5-31.5
4. Mariah’s Hill 41.5-34.5
5. Good Friends 41.0-35.0
6. Hard Times 38.0-38.0
7. Rollin’ Thunder 37.0-39.0
8. Undecided 33.5-42.5
9. Raiders 33.0-43.0
10. Baugh Construction 31.5-44.5
11. Feel the Power 29.0-47.0
12. O’s Tap 29.0-47.0
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Knox Woman Sentenced to 40 Year Prison Term in 2001 Could be Released from Prison this May

Lisa Owens

A story that shocked the listening area almost 10 years ago is being updated this week. On May 21st, 2001, Lisa Owens shot and killed her husband Jeff, leaving his body in the shower for several days. In a trial, she was found guilty of an amended charge of Voluntary Manslaughter and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

WKVI News has found out this week that Lisa Owens could be released from the Rockville Correctional Facility as early as May 23rd of this year.

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