Three Starke County Community Corrections Employees Honored at Annual Conference

Community Corrections staff
Robert Hinojosa, Robert Shawn Mattraw and Kimberly Kennedy

Three Starke County government employees were recently honored at the Indiana Association of Community Corrections Annual Conference for outstanding achievement in community corrections for 2010. The Conference was held in Indianapolis.

Kimberly Kennedy was selected as the Program Supervisor for 2010 for her exceptional work in overseeing the Starke County Community Corrections Community Service Component and Robert Shawn Mattraw was selected as the Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Employee of the Year. Director, Robert Hinojosa, also received recognition for his 25 years of service to the Association.

Love Inc. Helps Meet the Needs of Starke County

Wendy Medborn
Wendy Medborn

The Love Inc. organization is fulfilling many needs of people experiencing crisis situations in Starke County. The Executive Director of Love Inc. is Wendy Medborn.  She’s been “on the job” since August and is already realizing what a big job it is.

Ted Hayes talked with Wendy Medborn Wednesday and asked if needs have increased since so many people are out of work.

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Knox City Police Department Statistics for November

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem
Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem

Knox City Police Chief, Clint Norem, has released the Department’s statistics for the month of November.

The Department had 443 calls, 11 accident reports and 44 incident reports. There were 5 Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Reports, 18 people arrested on 21 traffic charges, 36 people arrested on 58 criminal charges, 8 juveniles arrested on various charges and 4 people cited for 4 ordinance violations. 5 battery arrests and 4 warrant arrests were made and 17 drug charges were filed.

Newly Elected Starke County Officials to go through Orientation

Starke County Courthouse

Orientation for newly elected officials in Starke County will be held Tuesday, December 21st, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. A tentative agenda will be emailed to all existing department heads who are invited to attend.

New Council members are David Pearman, Mitchell Semans, Anthony Radkiewicz, and Marvin McLaughlin.  They will be going into office after January 1st.  Also invited to attend is newly elected Prosecutor, Nicholas Bourff.

Christmas Lights Brighten up Pulaski, Indiana

It’s always worth the drive. The folks in Pulaski, Indiana go all out for Christmas and again this year the lights are up for viewing.

Don’t miss the Gilsinger-Hialeah race track at Brenda and Paul Gilsinger’s house.

Gilsinger Implement has always been one of the proud sponsors of Reindeer Racing on WKVI and he sets up the racetrack, with the reindeer on the lawn.

Former Plymouth Resident Releases Christmas Album

Amy Ward
Amy Ward's album cover

It’s December and it’s the time of year when Ted Hayes’ favorite music is played. He loves Christmas music and for that reason, he placed a call to former Plymouth resident, Amy Ward, to find out about her newest Christmas album.

“There’s a couple of Christmas classics that I put my little spin on like ‘Let it Snow’. It’s kind of a singer-songwriter accoustic laid-back version,” she said. “Then I did kind of an African arrangement for ‘Little Drummer Boy’. At the end is another classic, ‘Jingle Bells’, where I did a shortened jazz rendition of the song. It’s a very Marilyn Monroe type of style.”

If you go to Amy’s website, you’ll be able to contact her and find out how you can own a copy of the release. Amy is the daughter of WKVI Account Executive, Patty Norwick, and the granddaughter of the late Doris Norman.

Starke County Election Board to Hold Post Election Meeting

voting booth

The Starke County Election Board has scheduled a post election meeting for Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. in the 2nd floor meeting room in the Starke County Courthouse.

The Board, consisting of President Pat Mitchell, Vice President Jim Henriott and Clerk Evelyn Skronski, will review the 2010 election, make plans for the 2011 City Election and approve election workers. The public is invited to attend the meeting.

Joe Donnelly’s Representative to Hear Public Concerns Today at the Starke County Courthouse

Joe Donnelly
Congressman Joe Donnelly

A representative of Congressman Joe Donnelly’s office will hold office hours in Starke County on Wednesday, December 8th from 12:30-1:30 p.m. CT.

All members of the public are invited to attend and present questions and concerns to Congressman Donnelly.  Office hours will be held in the 2nd floor meeting room in the Starke County Courthouse

Federal Unemployment Extensions to Expire

Indiana Workforce Development

November 30th marked the expiration of the five federally funded extensions of unemployment (EEUC and EB). Approximately 90,000 Hoosiers are currently receiving federally funded extended benefits.

Eligible individuals will receive benefits for the weeks they have remaining on their regular state Unemployment (UI) and the four federal extensions (EEUC), but will not begin the next tier of benefits after November 30th, 2010. DWD estimates about 4,000 Hoosiers per week will exhaust their benefits and thus not have a voucher to file beginning Sunday, December 5th, 2010.

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LaPorte County Jail Staff Treating Scabies Infestation

LaPorte County Sheriff's Department
LaPorte County Sheriff's Department

The staff at the LaPorte County Jail are in the process of treating an infestation of scabies within the Jail.

Scabies is caused by an infestation of the skin by the human itch mite and common symptoms are intense itching and a pimple-like skin rash. Scabies can spread rapidly under crowded conditions where close body contact is frequent. Institutions such as nursing homes, extended-care facilities and prisons are often sites of scabies outbreaks.

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Indiana State Prison to Celebrate Sesquicentennial

Indiana State Prison
Indiana State Prison

The Indiana State Prison in Michigan City is having a Sesquicentennial Celebration on Thursday, December 9th in the facility’s Religious Services Center at 9:00 a.m. CT.

Indiana State Prison 1904
Indiana State Prison 1904

The Indiana State Prison is home to nearly 1,800 maximum security adult males and 300 minimum security males. The State Prison was established in 1860 as the second state prison in Indiana. The Prison Board purchased 100 acres of land from Chauncey Blair for $4,500 in 1860 and the first 100 inmates from Jeffersonville, Indiana were housed in a temporary brick building surrounded by a wooden fence.

October Statistics from the Indiana State Police, Lowell District

ISP Logo

Indiana State Police, at the Lowell District, recently released statistics for the month of October.

Troopers issued 1,410 traffic citations and wrote 3,071 traffic warnings. Troopers also arrested 50 drunk drivers and made 93 criminal arrests. Lowell District includes Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton, Jasper, Pulaski and Starke Counties.

The Indiana State Police offers these safety tips for the holiday shopping season: Stay alert and be aware of what’s going on around you. Park in a well-lighted area and be sure to lock your car. Use extra caution when walking to and from your car, preferably with a friend and avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Pay with a check or credit card whenever possible. If you notice suspicious activity when you are shopping, contact the store’s security department or the nearest police agency.

Sunday Morning Mixed League 11/28/10

Team Standings

1.) The Unknown 59.0-25.0

2.) WRJN  54.0-37.0

3.) The Quest   52.0- 39.0

4.) The Smelly Cats  51.0-40.0

5.) Split Heads  46.0-45.0

6.) S**t Happens 44.0-47.0

7.) Odd Balls 41.0-50.0

8.) Lucky #7 38.0-53.0

9.) Strange Brew 37.0-54.0

10.) Snowdon’s Lawncare  33.0-58.0

High Individual Scratch Game-Women:  Jane Howard 222 & 214, Donna Konrad 196, Carol Zachary 185

High Individual Scratch Series- Women: Jane Howard 598, Carol Zachary 509, Donna Konrad 500

High Individual Scratch Game-Men: Joshua Budka 279, Carl Thomas 232, Jim Felchuk 223

High Individual Scratch Series-Men: Joshua Budka 665, Jim Felchuk 619, Neal Brown 586

High Individual HDCP Game-Women: Jane Howard 250 & 242, Donna Konrad 229, Connie Smith 223

High Individual HDCP Series-Women: Jane Howard 682, Tyra Evers 605, Donna Konrad 599

High Individual HDCP Game-Men: Joshua Budka 298, Jason Konrad 269, Josh Berryman 257, Carl Thomas 257

High Individual HDCP Series-Men: Joshua Budka 722, Jason Konrad 665, Josh Berryman 654

Top Five Averages-Women: Carol Zachary 172.87, Jane Howard 168.36, Donna Konrad 159.61, Karen Budka 157.60, Peggy Gregg 154.23

Top Five Averages-Men: Jim Felchuk 194.23, Drew Williams 184.86, Dennis Konrad 183.33, Josh Budka 181.03, Jack Kral 174.74

Two Knox Residents Arrested on Methamphetamine Charges

Carl Daughtery
Carl Daughtery

Knox City Police officers arrested two Knox residents on methamphetamine related charges.

On Friday, November 26th, Knox City Police were notified of possible methamphetamine activity at 424 W. Maple Drive in Knox. Police arrived at that location and asked the homeowner, Robert James, if they could search the residence. Police then asked a resident in the home, Carl Daughtery, if they could search the residence. Both consented to a search. Knox City Police Officers reportedly found items in Daughtery’s room that are commonly used with the manufacture of methamphetamine and remnants of the finished product. Receipts for the items were also found in Daughtery’s room.

Stephanie Daughtery
Stephanie Daughtery

Carl Daughtery was arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of an Illegal drug Lab and Possession of Methamphetamine. Daughtery’s wife, Stephanie Daughtery, was also arrested and has preliminary charges of Possession of Illegal Drug Lab, Possession of Methamphetamine and Resisting Law Enforcement. Stephanie had gone to another location after police arrived at the home.

North Judson-San Pierre Decathlon Team Participates in Local Competition

North Judson-San Pierre Decathlon
Back row: Jacob Kieszkowski, Steven Miller, Lucas Howard and Sarah Green. Middle Row: Allyssa Thompson, Melissa Spears and Jennifer Atkinson. Front Row: Rhiannon Millard and Hope Harlamert

Answering questions about The Great Depression, the North Judson-San Pierre Academic Decathlon Team finished in fifth place in the Northwest Hoosier Academic Conference Decathlon competition at Kankakee Valley High School on Saturday, November 20th. The team finished first in the Oral Super Quiz, Team Super Quiz and Music.

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